Snapshots of Future Works

Here reside some of the little snapshots that I write. These are the bits that are going to end up in a story, but I am not there yet. Or just lazy and haven’t added it in.

So enjoy.

1. Sex Isn’t Always Bonding

Sometimes, sex is sex. In every way possible.

2. Oh, Dear

Unlabeled Ancient tech is not your friend, no matter what it looks like. Really.

3. Bondings Aren’t Always Sex

While it may seem that every time a Sentinel and Guide get together to Bond that sex is on the menu, that is often not the case. Not to say that sex doesn’t come out of these sessions, but it is not the ultimate goal of a formalized Bond session. The goal of those is to reaffirm the mental, physical and mystical health of both partners.

And if they enjoy it, well… That’s just a bonus that makes it all worthwhile.

Private email from Dr. Blair Sandburg to Dr. Kate Heightmeyer, PhD.

4. Approaching Parenthood.

I wrote this a long time ago for something and while going through my files, I found it again. I will be adding it into the chapter where it fits, but I thought I would share it.



5. Light a Single Candle and Remember Me

It happened every year in Atlantis. The date changed slightly from year to year, but on the shortest day of the year, as day changed to night, her population gathered in the Gateroom and the PuddleJumper Bay.

6. Wishes

Jeannie McKay-Miller walked into the darkest corner of her backyard and stared up at the stars.


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