Young Sentinels and Guides

Until I can come up with a better title, this is what I have.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to get together. Really. Just, not this way. And yet. It might just work. If they could get their families to agree to it.

This is currently a PG level of fic, but will go up as the story unfolds. I will mark each chapter accordingly. As for what is what? It is slash (with some het as I cross that line), and the pairings are John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair and whomever else shows up.

1. First Meeting

All he wanted was someplace to meditate before his dissertation defense. Was that too much to ask? PG

2. Rescues and Dissertations.

Ask and ye shall receive. Even if it isn’t quite what you had in mind. PG-13

3. Reality and Reflections

Not everything was skittles and beer now that the first hurdle had been conquered. Matter of fact, it was more like being hit with a 2×4. Not fun at all.

4. In the Fullness of Time

They said it would be a year before they could Bond… Looks like they were about as right as usual. Which meant not right at all.

5. Growing Up is Hard to Do

Finally, after five sweaty minutes, Beau broke. “What are you?”

Rodney stood up and leaned across the table before smiling slowly. “The bigger predator.” he said softly before pushing the report on the kid’s behavior over to him. “And you have pissed me off enough that I am going to rearrange your whole world.”

So I was only able to put up the stuff I got from fanarts_series on the pages, I wasn’t able to post the art all by itself. Here is what she gave me. Isn’t it wonderful?

Young Sentinels and Guides Artwork

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