The Big Moxie

March 2022

Title: Self-Respect
Author: Ladyholder
Challenge: Big Moxie 2022: Canon Divergence
Fandom(s): NCIS, brief mention of Criminal Minds
Relationship(s): None
Warnings: canon-typical
Word Count: 6,157
Summary: A small change can have some large ripples.
Author’s Note: So, this is a subtle divergence. The major change is Tony, his attitude and what he’s willing to accept. From there, the ripples should move out in broadening waves.


September 2022

Title: Puzzle Pieces
Challenge: Big Moxie 2022: Shifter
Fandom: NCIS, James Bond
Relationship: Tony DiNozzo/Alec Trevelyan
Warnings: None
Word Count: 5530
Summary: A semi-immortal being and a werewolf start dating.
Author’s Note: This goes with a RT story that I wrote a few years ago. I’m trying to finish it, but here’s a bit in that universe.

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