All About Me

Or at least as much as I wanna say on the Web.

So I started writing fanfic because I fell in love with an author’s work, and after many, many conversations on LJ & IM, she told me to write my own damn stories. So here I am. Writing my own damn stories.

I think I need to do something for her. This is all her fault. Miriel who was in the SGA fandom & has moved on to new and various fandoms now.

Then I got involved with another writer and she dared me to get my own site. And then, when she moved, brought me along for the ride. She’s been a hell of an inspiration ever since.

So here it is. I love fandom. I read a lot. To the point where fanfic has to be 90% of what I read since the professionals are too slow due to having to actually print books. I read in (Starts ticking fingers) Stargate SG1 & Atlantis, NCIS, CSI, CM, The Sentinel, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Sylum (which is it’s own fandom, I swear!), Smallville, anything Voracity writes, anything Jilly James and Keira Marcos write too!…

So there is a brief idea of me. I will add to this as I can.

Enjoy the site!

On an official note:

I do not own any of the characters I borrow from the Stargate Franchise, the Sentinel Franchise, the NCIS guys and any other fandom I am dipping into. I am doing this for fun, not profit and the story ideas are my own. If you wanna play with them, let me know.


    • Sylum?

      Okay. Sylum is what you get when a writer’s favorite character on a show gets killed off. And instead of letting him die, she has him rise off an autopsy table becuase “You can’t kill someone already dead.” You guessed it, Vampire fic. Well the character was Speed from CSI: Miami and it has bloomed from there. There is a Yahoo group that you have to join to get the site’s password, but the stories are internally consistent to a large degree & a whole lotta fun.

      Also Bev, the person who started this, has yet to meet a fandom that she can’t blend in. I mean, there are all three CSI’s, Stargate, NCIS, The Mummy, King Arthur (the movie), The Sentinel, Due South, Serenity, Magnificent Seven, Young Guns, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, House, SVU, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, Gladiator, you name it, it will show up.

      But they are fun as all hell. So yeah. Sylum.


  1. I would like to thank-you for all of the lovely stories that you have written.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one that I have read. You have an enviable ability to write with such… I can not find the correct words. Your stories make me feel like I am flying. The words capture my imagination, making my heart speed up and jump into my throat, have me on the edge of my seat with excitement, at times crying with heartache at the trial that the characters are experiencing or alternatively laughing my head off with amusement and excitement. The crash of realization that the story is over, that there is no more to read has at times made me slow down how fast I am reading because I don’t want the story to end. I have finished reading and been exhausted and exhilarated by what I have read and all I could do was to go and start reading from the start again.
    I absolutely adore the new Young Sentinels thing that you have started and “Home is What you Make it” Series makes me giddy every time.

  2. I’m new to your blog, and would like to really get the most of your stories. Mainly because I’m a fanfic junkie, and you are about to become my newest crack. I already follow Keira Marcos faithfully, and re-read her stuff often. And she recommends you. So, I ask, where should I start? Where would you suggest starting your fanfic? I do so hate to start in the middle of something.

    • If you want to start at the begining, try the series ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’, there is also the Sentinel fics under the series tag ‘The Unlikely & The Unwilling’. There is also the ‘Young Sentinels and Guides’ verse.

      All of this can be found in the navigation bar under the main picture. Thank you for writing me & enjoy!


  3. I read the Unlikely&Unwilling on Wraithbait, and absolutely loved it. You have quite a way with Rodney and John, who are my second fave pair. Jack and Daniel will always be the first in my heart.

    • Thank you!

      I have several mentions of Jack & Daniel in both The Slow Slide of Indifference and An Uncomplicated Choice. The original gentlemen are in both as are the clones.

      They also show up in Young Sentinels and Guides



  4. Do you have all of your work here or do you have another ‘home’ where you post? If just here, where do I find a listing of all your work and not just ‘What I Have Just Done’? I enjoy your work. Thanks.

  5. I really, really, really hope that you are writting and will post the story you started for NANO(????) Please say that you are working on the story, I really liked it, and would like to read where you are with the story. I can just see Steve wailing on a wraith, Danny ranting at one for messing with him. Are you going to post chapters or wait for the complete story????? Thanks for writting a wonderful story.

  6. I love this series, because not many Sentinel fusions focus on the characters when they’re young. John and Rodney are so pretty when they’re young, too, which makes it even more interesting to read. (Especially the sex scenes, which were hot). Poor Rodney, having to deal with a sociopath. Luckily he was found now, before he could seriously injure someone. I’m sure John will cheer Rodney up when he gets home 🙂

    • One of the tenants of the whole idea of Sentinels and Guides is that they protect the Tribe. Both from threats on the outside, but they also protect from the threats that grow from within.

      Beau would have killed a lot of people before he was stopped if not for Hannah speaking up & Rodney taking care of him.

      And yes, John will be there to pick up the pieces.


  7. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

  8. I love your stories, and am glad I followed the link at Jilly James’s website to here.