Interlude II – Rebellion

Title: Interlude II – Rebellion
Author: Ladyholder
Series Order: 5
Banner Art: None
Pairings: None
Word Count: 650
Rating: G
Betas: none
Warnings: Off Screen Mass Murder
Summary: “Laugh it up, bitch. We will get you yet.”



4. Fate is a Fickle Thing

Ian Edgerton stared out over the burning valley that had been the greater Los Ageless are and mourned the millions who had died in the fires.


“Charlie, Dad, Larry, Amita and Megan got beamed up and out hours ago. I’m just glad that we decided to move out of the office,” Don Epps said somberly as he also watched the fires burn.


“Good.,” Ian agree. “Do we have enough supplies to live rough for as long as we need to?”


“Yup. And with you and Colby, we should be able to survive for quite a while,” Don confirmed as he turned away from the view and started moving back to the trucks.


“Do we have any firm idea what in the hell these guys are about and how to kill them?” Ian asked as he walked with the FBI agent.


“O’Neill gave me an information packet and a DVD with video files,” Don said. “Once we get settled for the night, we can start looking for ways to make life uncomfortable to them.”


“Sounds like a plan,” Ian agreed. Turning his back on the devastation, the sniper took a deep breath. Time to go to war.




President of the United States.


The term really meant nothing to anyone right then. The Ori had invaded, conquered and were doing their level best to show earth that they were not in charge. Hayes was grimly certain that once the shock wore off, that would be changing. But he had no true knowledge and for that he was thankful. What he didn’t know, he could not betray.


And due to his close and constant contact with the Orici, he was deeply certain that Adara was constantly scanning him. But he had nothing. Nothing but his horror, pity, loathing and hatred for her and what she stood for.


From the smiles that crossed the face of the ‘woman’ who tortured him, she was enjoying the surges of emotion he had every time he was put on display. World leaders were brought to heel, religious figures were pressured into agreeing to forced conversion and Generals were ground down under superior technology. The list of offenses against his planet were legion and growing longer on a daily basis.


When he had time to himself, Henry Hayes prayed, prayed to a god he wasn’t sure was there, but really hoped was. That O’Neill and his merry band of characters made it through and would be able to effect a rescue. And that Earth would hold out. Because if this went on too long, it would be too late.






Adara, Orici to the Ori stood on the balcony of her new palace and she looked over her new domain and smiled. It was a measure of her success that she had managed to bring the mother world , the first world, to heel. It wasn’t broken to rein yes, but she would see to that.


And when she did, the rush of power coming from 7 billion souls would fill her in ways that she could only dream of. The first grudging prayers were staring to come in and the feeling of them was better than drinking new wine. Rough, fierce and full of bitter life, the prayers exploded through her connection to the Ori in uneven batches.


It was glorious.


Throwing her head back, Adara laughed. Conquest was the best fun.




Eye trained on the sight of the leader of the invasion, Seeley looked down the rifle and contemplated taking the shot. His rifle was well able to reach the mile and a bit distance, but there was a shimmer at the edges of the White House balcony that told him there was a shield up.


He would wait. His squints were safe, his family was with Bones and he could wait. “Laugh it up, bitch. We will get you yet,” He vowed.


6. Picking Up the Pieces


  1. Oh my God… the way you are pulling everything together… and it all works! This is going to be – no, IS – an amazing story!

  2. We buried Mum today. It was nice to have this and ch3 to distract me me for a while. Thank you.

  3. Ooo, Adara, you have no idea what fresh hell is coming your way. You may have temporarily subdued Earth, but it won’t last *hopes so, at least* I absolutely LOVE the cameos you’re putting in this – NCIS, all Stargates, Numb3rs – good times, good times. Though I’m sad Don Epps and his family didn’t get to go, but someone must say behind and fight for our world.

    This is all just so asdj;kfa FANTASTIC.

  4. Please don’t stop writing this! Wonderful story and can’t wait to read more! Love the number of directions it could go.

  5. Thank you for the update. Rodney, love Rodney. Giving the morons to Daniel, genius. They will not know what hits them. Hopefully Rush didn’t take the people to the Destiny. Don’t want all that drama on top of everything else considering that group can’t be saved if they got to the Destiny.

    • Uhm… There are there because I don’t want to deal with them? And, yeah, I am lazy. Right now, they are on Destiny & having a hellish time.

      Daniel Jackson can be a complete and utter asshole. He has proved it many, many times. So, siccing him on the poor bastards before he has coffee and becomes human & not deprived? Yeah, totally worth it. Rodney is big enough to let all that happen. And it is cheap entertainment.


  6. OMGosh! You added Bones! I love you; glad to see you writing in this ‘verse again.

  7. I love this story. Can’t wait to see what will happen in the Pegasus without awaken Wraith. As for characters, can’t wait to see interaction with inevitable snarky comments between Rodney&Daniel, John&Sumner, Elizabeth&Jack… to name a few.
    In a word, wow!
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Loving this story. Great job.

  9. This chapter may be even more chilling, because you have characters I know & love (Ian, Don, Colby, Seeley) staying behind. Of course that is balanced by my considering the characters I wish had been left behind. 😀

    Okay, so Adria was the Orici in the show, is this a different one since this is AU or is Adara her predecessor? I missed some later season episodes of SG1.

  10. Please, more soon. This is a great story.

  11. Am loving the story and can’t wait for more; though I am devastated that you destroyed the Daedalus and Steve Caldwell, I liked him.

  12. Really enjoying your stories, I can’t believe I haven’t read any of your stuff before but it’s a genuine treat to find mcshep that’s all shiny and new. Please keep writing.

  13. Am hoping that you will continue with this story and others you have written. Hope you have updates coming soon.

  14. The joy to discover or rediscover this fic.
    The question is, you will write more ? Because Lady H this is awesome.

  15. I LOVE this glimpse of those who stayed behind.

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