Evil Author Day 2016

3So we are on the fourth year of my participation in Evil Author Day. And I went alll out this time. I hope ya’ll enjoy it.

1.A Garden For Gondor

The time has come to plan a garden. 

2.A Good Days Work

It was the time of year to re-up their qualifications.

3.Bilbo Takes Charge

You know, a Hobbit can only stand stuff for so long. 


You know that there has to be something that comes after the bullshit

5.Filius’s Greatest Trick

Never, ever let it be said that a Ravenclaw can’t be devious. 

6.Not a House cat, More Like a Panther

James Bond was no one’s idea of a pampered, spoiled and lazy house cat. 

7.Visiting and Discovery

Feeling kinship from a total stranger was very disconcerting.

8.The Ethics of Being a Sentinel

Ethics are something that he believed in. He wasn’t going to let someone else make him violate them.

Banner art by Jilly James

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