Evil Author Day 2013

So Evil Author Day is here again….

Keira was nice enough to allow us to play in her sandbox and I decided to jump in.

1. Evil Author Day: Complicated Choices

Life, like anything else, is complicated

2. Evil Author Day: How to Make It Work

What’s next?

3. Evil Author Day: The Fire Burning Within

Wildfires are never without damage

4. Evil Author Day: Elements

Everyone is attuned to something.

5. Evil Author Day: Family Trees and How They Branch

It’s not so much a tree as a knot. One of the really gnarly ones.

6. Evil Author Day: Terror

Terror should not be a weapon. Not when it was wielded against yourself


  1. ‘plucking petals’ I love Ladyholder – I hate Ladyholder – I love Ladyholder – I hate Ladyholder …
    As usual, I love your stories, even as a just a tease. My favorites: Elements and How to Make It Work. I’m hoping there’ll be more of them soon.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the presents. You made my day. They are all good but I think I would agree that Elements is the most interesting probably because it starts a whole new story line. It is totally different from any others I’ve read.

  3. Greywolf the Wanderer

    Elements! =)

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