Puzzle Pieces

“Right. I’m going to blow up the don’t ask thing,” Alec said. He walked up behind Tony and hooked one arm around his waist. “How old are you?”

“Old,” Tony admitted. He leaned into the were for several seconds before he straightened slightly. He had no idea if one of docents would get perturbed if they acted like cooing lovers, but honestly, they were in public and he didn’t have it in him to be too soppy in front of everyone. “The first queen I met when I came to live in England was Old Queen Bess. She was… impressive and very pragmatic. I learned a great deal from her and her court.”

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Title: Self-Respect Author: Ladyholder Challenge: Big Moxie 2022: Canon Divergence Fandom(s): NCIS, brief mention of Criminal Minds Relationship(s): None Warnings: canon-typical Word Count: 6,157 Author’s Note: So, this is a subtle divergence. The major change is Tony, his attitude and what he’s willing to accept. From there, the ripples should…

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