Seven Year Itch, or That Thing They Never Talk About, But Jim Loves

Title: Seven Year Itch, or That Thing They Never Talk About, But Jim Loves

Author: Ladyholder

Fandom: Star Trek (2009)

Genre: Porn, Established Relationship, Plot What Plot

Pairing: Kirk/Spock

Rated: NC-17 (for sex, sex & really hot sex)

Word count: 4756

Beta: Chris King & Keira Marcos

Art by FanyArtsSeries

It was like an itch under his skin at first. Something easily dealt with by meditation and minor biofeedback techniques. But the relief never lasted long. And eventually the itching overcame his efforts and was joined by surges in his emotional state and meditation proved to be only partially effective.

To make things worse, the condition was affecting his bond with Jim in unexpected ways. He was at turns extraordinarily tactile and then unable to tolerate even the lightest of touches. Jim was taking the whole thing fairly well, but Spock could sense the worry the other man was feeling.

Seven days later, Spock was certain that something was disastrously wrong. The itch under his skin was now a burning that ebbed and flowed along his nerves in no discernible pattern, but it was deeply distracting all the same. His emotions slipped his controls and were seemingly all over the place. Logic was a frail reed in his attempts to stay unaffected. It was all he could do to maintain the façade of Vulcan indomitability.

But the last straw was when a junior member of the crew had touched Jim and Spock had taken a step forward to protect his mate. To kill the one who had dared to touch what was his. The final breaking of  his emotional control, his logic, was too much to bear. Spock could only offer up a threadbare excuse that he knew Jim knew was false. He needed to do more than the light meditation he’d been struggling to get by with, he needed to figure out what was wrong.

Their quarters were dark and far warmer than the corridors of the Enterprise in a compromise to allow them both to be comfortable. Eyes blind to his surroundings, Spock swiftly set up his fire pot in an effort to facilitate his attempt at achieving control. As the pot warmed, he changed quickly out of his uniform and into robes that still smelled faintly of Vulcan. The ritual steps of getting ready for meditation calmed him, and with a deep breath through his nose, Spock let himself fall.

Hours later, he came out of the haze of deep meditation to find his bondmate sitting at their desk. From the intent look on his face, Jim was working on something that was taking all of his attention. Spock was content to watch the emotions pass across his bond mate’s face. His mind was quiet for the moment, but he could feel the wildness, the itch under his skin waiting to flare.

On the other hand, he had the answer to what that wildness was. “Jim,” he said softly.

Startled, his bond mate jumped lightly and turned to face him, eyes expressing his concern. “Spock, are you feeling okay?” Carrying over the bond they shared was the worry Jim would only rarely express.

“I am as well as can be expected at this time, Jim. However I have determined what my current affliction is,” Spock murmured, keeping his voice even an effort.

“So is it Pon Farr?” Jim quietly asked.

Either his counterpart had shared too much, or McCoy had gotten some medical texts from the Healers that he never wanted to see, Spock decided. “I have been able to determine that I am physically mature and my symptoms matched the profile for the event. As the scene earlier today proved, my logic is most decidedly in abeyance as well. We can thus safely assume that I am in Pon Farr.”

Nodding his head slightly in each point, Jim watched carefully, one eyebrow raised in question. Spock could feel the concern his bond mate had for him. The concern also was flavored with anticipation, a small spike of fear, and… Spock almost smiled. Lust. It looked like Jim wasn’t going to back away from him and his Time, wasn’t going to refuse him. Illogical to worry about, given that Jim had never, ever given any indication that he was less than fully committed to their Bond, but… His logic was in abeyance on this matter and the confirmation was welcome.

“Okay. You are in Pon Farr. I’ll notify Bones that we are off duty rotation for the next four days? He can draw his own conclusions,” Jim confirmed. Spock could only nod. The heat under his skin was starting to rise again. “I’ll also inform Scotty that he has the bridge. We should be covered then. Is there anything I need to do beyond that?”

The reprieve granted by his meditation was fading and his emotional control was getting more and more shaky by the minute. Thankfully Jim hadn’t bothered waiting for true confirmation and was tapping out the orders on his PADD. “Done. Our replicator is full and I stocked up on oils and lubes at Starbase IV,  so we are set on that.”

Spock took a deep breath through his nose and clamped down on his control, Jim smelled sweet, like he should be tasting him. Right then, right there. “Jim. Please. Go. Ready yourself for this. I do not know how much longer I will be able to maintain my control. Nor do I believe I will be able to shield you from the mental effects of this for much longer.”

“Oh,” Jim said, sitting still for only a moment before he started for the bathroom, and there was a mental blast of lust over their bond as he moved away. Spock was duly grateful that his mate hadn’t stayed in the room. The revelation the Jim was turned on by his Pon Farr took him right to the edge of his control and had him holding on by the slenderest of threads.

By the time his bondmate came out of the shower, Spock had regained enough of his mental footing to maintain at least a ghost of control. As soon as the door opened to the bathroom, Spock made his way in, doing his best to not look at the form of his mate.

Showering was a form of torture that was almost too much for him. The feel of the water hitting his skin was… Involuntary shudders racked his frame as he quickly sluiced the sudsy water off his skin. He needed to be clean, at least at the start. Spock didn’t bother to try to get dry as he managed to remember to turn the water off.

Spock tried to keep his breathing deep and even as he finished his grooming, but the effort was useless. When he entered their bedroom and found Jim face down on the bed, his hips propped up on the wedged shaped lovers pillow and his legs spread as wide as they would go, Spock felt his breath catch. For nestled between his mates ass-cheeks was the glass anal plug they had bought on Earth. It wasn’t big enough to overstretch Jim, but it was enough to keep his muscles loose. Obviously his bond mate had taken him seriously when he told him to prepare himself.

Padding forward quietly on bare feet, Spock gently pulled the plug out, and then carefully placed it in the dish Jim had habitually set up on the nightstand. They might want to use the plug again after all, and this kept it close at hand, with the cleanser in the bowl making it safe for use. A quick check with one finger to see how loose Jim was and Spock had to bite his own lip to keep from thrusting right in, right there. It took several more deep breathes before he could reach for the lube beside the bowl.

The fire under his skin was burning higher, trying to take his mind with it, and it was certainly firing his baser impulses. The urge to thrust in, to rut against his mate flashed across his mind. His hips stuttered, trying to find the place that would ease him, to no avail. Before he lost the last shreds of his common sense, before Pon Farr completely overwhelmed him, Spock remembered to coat his cock with lube and pour some more on the hole winking at him.

A flip of his wrist was all it took to close the bottle and he took himself in hand. Slowly, carefully he sank into Jim, not stopping to give him time to adjust. Jim just moaned, loudly and unashamed at the feel of Spock’s cock sinking into him. Once he hit bottom-once his cock was fully wrapped in the heat of Jim’s body-he paused. Leaning forward onto his hands, Spock kissed and nibbled at the nape of Jim’s neck until his bond mate was pushing back at him, demanding more. Until Jim’s mind was lost to the same haze that clouded his own thinking.

Placing one last sucking kiss on Jim’s nape, Spock pushed up onto his hands and started to do his best to bury his cock into Jim’s ass. Spock eagerly thrust his cock in and reluctantly pulled out of his bond mate’s ass, feeling the heat of it surround him, the grip of it trying to make him stay. Each thrust pushed them closer to the edge, and Spock could feel the snap coming. When Jim clamped his muscles down again in an effort to keep his cock there, filling him, Spock surrendered.

The bond between them bloomed hard and fast, thanks to the fire that was burning over Spock’s nerves and in his mind it followed the connection Jim until he burned as well. Hotter and hotter, higher and higher, the flames within them rose until they overwhelmed everything and Spock screamed as his orgasm hit and was immediately followed by Jim’s.

Minds blown wide by pleasure and fire they fell into each other, Pon Farr pushing them past the polite mental boundaries they had construction since their Bonding. The fire exposed it all, everything that they were to each other. No more secrets, no more deflections. Just the pure burning intensity of who they were.

It couldn’t last. Like every fire, the blaze had to fade, embers banked and leaving a steady warmth, ready to flare again. Only this fire flowed through their veins, sparkled along their nerves, and raged along the mental connection they shared.

It took time before Spock felt in any way recovered. If this had been a normal round of loving between them he would’ve pulled out of Jim’s ass to help him clean up. Now he was perfectly happy stay where he was, rocking his hips lightly to move his cock in and out of the sensitive channel, feeling the sparks of arousal move through Jim. And from the sounds he was making, Jim was greatly enjoying it too.

“Beloved?” He asked carefully. Most of his weight was still in his hands, so all he had to do was lean forward a bit, talking quietly into one ear. That the position thrust deeper into his bond mate ass was just an added bonus. He wanted to see Jim’s face. “How are you?”

Jim snorted with laughter at the question and stretched under him, not even trying to break the connection. “Fucked. Well and truly fucked and looking forward to more,” he said firmly.

“More?” Spock asked archly.

“More. Much, much more,” Jim demanded.

“As you wish, beloved.” Spock agreed and gave into the fire that burned between. For this man, his bond mate, his t’hy’la, he would burn in the fire of his Pon Farr until it ate everything and then went out. Once he recovered, he might even look forward to doing it all over again. Maybe.


Jim was tired.

He had just spent the last two days getting deeply and totally fucked out and he needed a break. He and Spock had bonded two years into the Enterprise’s five year mission after the relationship between the Vulcan and Lt. Uhura had burned out. They had been together for a pretty decent (so he thought) year and as an early anniversary present, Spock’s hybrid biology had given them Pon Farr. Jim was thinking that he needed to talk to his father in law to see if there was anything that could possibly be done to make the whole event easier on them. If there wasn’t, he was going to have to stock up on vitamin shots, lube and something that could keep Spock still.

Body aching in ways that on other days would be a nice reminder of the night before, Jim hobbled over to the shower while his bondmate was sleeping to try to and clean up. He was normally fairly fastidious, but Spock was even more so and he was not going to sleep beside the other man covered in cum. Besides, he was leaking every time he moved and that was a deeply disgusting feeling once he came down from the high of orgasm. Tapping the controls on the shower to raise the normal temperature by two degrees Celsius in an effort to relax his over stressed muscles, he moved under the water as soon as it started. Head tipped forward, Jim braced his arms under the spray and let the liquid heat beat down his back and over his ass.

Clenching his muscles rhythmically, he reveled in the feeling of getting clean. He let the water run for what felt like a full hour, but had to be less since his fingers and toes weren’t wrinkled and pruney. Pushing away from the wall, he grabbed the soap and started to scrub his face, chest, down his legs to his feet and back up to carefully and tenderly clean his ass. A cautious exploration showed that at best, the tissues of his ass were a bit swollen and they were definitely well used, but there were no stings, so likely no tears. Good. His ass was going to be off limits for the next round of this shit. A quick swipe of shampoo and his hair was clean enough for being in his quarters.

Clean up done, Jim turned the shower off and dried off. Carefully hanging up his towel, he moved back into the bedroom. His Vulcan was still sleeping and the bond they shared was calm, the fire that had been burning across it was somewhat banked for the moment. Although from the feelings he was getting across it, Spock would be waking shortly, and Jim was going to send him on to a shower, because now that he was clean, he could tell that the other man was a bit ripe. The smell of sex, pheromones, cum, and sweat permeated the air and Jim felt himself start to stir at the scent.

The hand he reached out to run through Spock’s hair was shaking lightly. Taking stock of his body, Jim realized the shaking he was doing was because he was hungry. One final stroke through the soft hair of his bond mate and he moved on to the replicator located in their quarters. Thanks to his allergies there were a wide variety of selections and some were more obscure than one would expect a standard Starfleet replicator to be able to handle, but he really didn’t care about that now. He just wanted food.

Plomeek soup with dumplings (thank you Bones for that), grapes and fresh naan. A multicultural meal to the extreme, but they were all items that he could eat and were light enough on his stomach not to cause problems. As soon as the food arrived, Jim felt his gut clench in hunger. He would have to remember to interrupt them more often to get some food down them. It wouldn’t do for them to collapse halfway through this. Bones would never let them live it down if he had to come in and find out what had happened. As soon as the food arrived, Jim picked up the serving tray and carefully took it over to the table and quickly started to eat.

As the first clutch of hunger was satisfied, Jim heard Spock shifting on the bed. Good. The other man needed a shower and food as well. Then, Jim was going to do his level best to make the other man feel like he did. Well fucked and deliciously sore.

“Spock, before your libido takes over again, go shower. You have to be sticky in all the wrong ways.” Jim called softly. He was keeping his voice down in deference to the Vulcans better hearing. There was the sound of an audible sniff and then the shower was quickly turned on. Obviously Spock was as unenthused at his current crop of dried on decorations as Jim had been of his.

Jim continued to eat his meal finishing off with the grapes. Now that the first blush of hunger was satisfied he was interested in more hearty fare. Maybe one of the veggie burgers he had introduced Spock to plus some old-fashioned french fries as a side. And perhaps a second plate of the same for his bond mate, who had eaten as little as he had over the last two days plus a carafe of water to share… Mind made up, Jim ordered his selections from the replicator and had them on the table as Spock walked back into the main room.

“Before we start anything else, we’re going to eat. Because I am not going for another two days worth of sexual aerobics with you without something substantial to act as fuel,” Jim said with a wry grin as he waved a hand towards the food before them. “Also I know you are from a desert world, but even you should need some more water about now.”

Eyes alight with true amusement, Spock tilted his head in agreement and took his place at the table. He was just as quick to finish off his portion as Jim was and managed to drink three glasses of water before going back to the replicator for seconds. It took him no more time to finish that serving of food than it had his first round, and before he left the table, Spock ordered several different types of fruit for later along with a carafe of ice water.

The bedroom was empty when Jim walked back into it after cleaning up from their meals. From the sounds coming from the bathroom Spock was doing something in there. Deciding not to interrupt whatever his partner was doing, Jim began to work on changing the bed and freshening up the mattress. They had made one hell of a mess out of the bed over the previous two days of sexual aerobics. It was the work of only a few minutes to get their bed neatly made and smelling fresh. While he was at it, Jim made sure that the lube was refreshed, and the bowl with the anal plug was put by the bathroom. He didn’t want that right now. Chores over, he took a deep sniff and nodded, thanks to the fans, there was only the faintest hint of sex in the air.

Jim was doing some basic yoga stretches in an effort to stay limber when he felt the warm hands of his Vulcan glide over his waist to pull him tight against the over warm body behind him. Spock started nibbling on Jim’s neck and it took all he had not to melt back against him. After all he had a plan, and he was going to follow it through.

“Not this way.” Jim said firmly. There was a moan buried in the tone of his voice and he didn’t want to let it out. “This time I want to make love to you.” The body that had gone stiff behind him softened and the feel of their Bond softened as well. There was still a feeling of urgency, a need to consummate their union, but it was not as all encompassing as it had been in the days before.

Spock moved to lie on the fresh sheets and Jim felt his breath catch. His Vulcan, his bond mate was beautiful. He was flushed with life, heat, decorated with the results of two days of intense loving, and he looked wonderful. The marks stood out on the olive skin as darker lines since no matter how hard Jim had tried he had still scored the other man’s back with his nails as he was fucked into the mattress. And on one memorable occasion he’d even bit him.

But he wasn’t going to get that far out of control now and there was no way that he would blindly take what the shared heat of Spock’s Pon Farr was demanding of him. He had more control than that. As a way to alleviate the need he could feel licking at the edges of his mind, Jim grabbed some of the oil they were using to facilitate massages. His allergies were flaring again and this blend was one that he was currently okay with for all uses, so he was taking full advantage of it. Drizzling the oil down the length of Spock’s back, Jim watched as the sheen of it highlighted the bumps and dips of the other man’s spine, and then lower, over the swell of his ass.

It was a pleasure unlike any others to be able to run his hands all over the one person on the ship who held himself so physically separate from everyone else. Jim allowed his love, lust, contentment and want to rise to the top of his mind. He knew that for a touch telepath, the feel of his emotions would be intoxicating. Broad sweeps of his hands followed the muscles on the Vulcans deceptively slender frame, its power hidden unless you knew where to look. Jim adored the feel of that hidden strength in love and play so he let that rise to join the rest of his emotions as well. Because of his actions, Spock was shifting against the bed, hips moving in place and through the Bond, he could feel the heat of Pon Farr.

The line of Spock’s back led to his ass and Jim was going to take full advantage of what lay under him. He spread the cheeks of Spock’s ass and grinned as the other man shifted. This was something that currently only he enjoyed doing, but he was going to have a lot of fun introducing Spock to the fine art of rimming. With all of the smooth skin at his fingertips, Jim knew he was going to have a very good time.

The first lick and the feel and taste of the Vulcan exploded on his tongue in a burst of musk and spice, a delicious combination had him hooked. Jim adored blowing Spock because he just shook apart every time and it was a rush like no other. This was better. The bond between them flared from Spock’s end, transmitting shock, concern, fierce pleasure and a demand for more and Jim reveled in it. His hands were clamped on the slim hips of his partner and he held on for all he was worth as Spock bucked and twisted into the pleasure, trying to get more.

It wasn’t until Spock was keening, breath hitching as he pushed back into Jim’s mouth that he stopped. The aborted sound of his protest died as the Vulcan was flipped onto his back and his cock swallowed in one deft move. One, two deep bobs of Jim’s head and he was gifted with Spock’s orgasm as the Vulcan cried out in sensory overload.

Pon Farr was at least letting him hear the sounds of Spock’s pleasure and for that alone, Jim decided he might be okay with it. It also left the Vulcan absolutely boneless after each orgasm and he adored that even more. The lube was where he had left it, and he took the time to layer a quick drizzle onto his fingers and Spock’s asshole before starting to open the other man. Once he was certain that he wasn’t going to hurt him he used the excess on his fingers to slick up his own cock and hissed as he tried not to come from the stimulation. A quick pinch at the base of it and a tug at his balls pulled him back from the edge.

Jim hooked his hands behind Spock’s knees and pushed them back towards his chest. Thank God the other man was so damn limber. Lining his cock up with the nicely loosened hole before him, Jim gently but firmly pushed in. Spock was slick from the oil and just loose enough that there was no resistance, no pain, just heat and tight and dearest God… Sinking his cock into his Bondmate’s body brought  with it the star bright flare of the Pon Farr soaked Bond.  Jim resisted just long enough to make certain that the Vulcan was with him and then he let loose.

Jim fell into the rhythm of deep, long strokes, pressing firmly against the area that Spock had told him acted like a human prostate, which was a very happy making decision for his partner, going by the growling and thrusts back. It was hot and tight and all sorts of wrong in all the best of ways and Jim loved it. Loved being the one to watch Spock come apart from the pleasure, from the need for more, now, harder and harsh demands to never, ever stop.

When he felt Spock’s muscles tighten, felt the burn of the impending orgasm tingling at the base of his own spine echo back what his partner was feeling, Jim stopped pressing his legs back. He needed one of his hands for something else. His hips kept moving though, still working to drive them to orgasm, one deep thrust at a time. But now he was going to help things along. There was just enough oil  and precum still coating Spock’s cock to allow his hand to glide up and it in counterpoint to what his was doing with his dick and from the way that the Vulcan’s back had bowed, the feeling was marvelous.

It was enough, more than enough to drive his Vulcan over the edge and that pulled him over as well. The physical release of orgasm was overshadowed by the mental bliss of his mind spreading out and meeting Spock’s. Piece by piece, he slotted into place with his mate, feeling him do the same within him. No more Spock. No more Jim. Just one, shining being who pulsed in time to the orgasm rocking their physical bodies.

Like everything, the experience, the oneness had to fade, and slowly, reluctantly, they parted. No longer one being, they were separate again, but bound together in ways that would allow them this wonder again. Jim leaned forward carefully, keeping his hips as still as he could and kissed Spock gently, letting his love flow though his touch. Stilling back, he moved slowly, making sure as he pulled out of Spock that there was no blood, no tearing. While hadn’t been rough, he had been forceful . The tissues under his gaze were flushed green and looked tender, but whole.

Leaning down, Jim placed a light kiss on the Vulcan’s knee and then scooted off the bed. As he stood up, Jim could feel the burning in his thighs as they took his weight. He was really, really going to have to talk to someone about what they would need when this whole thing came around again. He had seven years to plan it and he was going to make every one of those years count. Knees and thighs firm enough to support him again, he headed to the head to get the supplies he would need to clean them both up. It was the work of only a moment to wet down a cloth and clean the worst of the mess off of himself before grabbing another to clean up Spock. Who was lying across their bed, stretching like the cat he occasionally resembled.  When Jim moved to take care of his partner, the other man almost purred at the attention.

Laughing gently at how smugly satisfied Spock was, Jim went back to the head to finish his own cleanup. Hygiene taken care of, he moved back into their bedroom and found that Spock had moved under the covers, leaving room for him to join him. Snuggling in, Jim ran his hand down Spock’s arm, fingers pressing against fingers in a sloppy Vulcan kiss.

The other man didn’t truly wake at his actions, but as Jim followed him into the arms of Morpheus, he heard Spock murmur “T’hy’la.” Content that all was right in the world, he slept.


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