Evil Author Day – Take Two.2

Title: Run Baby, Run

Author: Ladyholder

Series: NANO story

Everyone has to do a bit of regrouping….


They had taken off on the course decided by throwing a nerf dart at the glass sky board. Given that there was Dick all in that direction, Jack was cool with it. Taking off that way made it look like they had run away in panic.


And run they had. For four grueling hours while they had shifted and sorted everything, and found rooms for all their lost sheep. Ellis was looking a bit pinched at the edges over something and Jack promised himself that he would look into it as soon as he had a spare moment. Right now he had to figure out what they were going to do with the politicians on Icarus. Maybe move some of them to another planet on the rim and have Ellis play taxi? Nah, too impractical, he thought. The dialing computer from the SGC could dial Atlantis, that they brought it along? If so, he would punt the politicians through that first and then let as many people through as he could.

Jack idly thought over the problem as he moved through the crowds at shift turnover on his way to the captains board room. Ellis had been nice enough to share and they have a lot to go over. Daniel and Mitchell’s lists of loot were a frightening 8pt script, single spaced stack of paper almost an inch thick.


McKay, once he had drunk a part of coffee to warm up, had checked the crystal database and announced that it was at 95% full. They had come very close to maxing everything out. Stepping into the room, Jack saw that Daniel had beaten him to the meeting and was topping off his caffeine levels while flipping through his copy of the list.


Dropping into his seat, Jack reached out to snag the carafe and fill his own cup. Breathing deeply of the steam, he took a careful set of something he might not have for much longer.


“Don’t worry too much over the coffee supplies Jack. I raided Kona and Columbia as we worked to fill our lists,” Daniel said as he kept reading down his list.


Jack sighed briefly and looked at his best friend, “You know, I really hate it when you start reading my mind. Please pull that back in.”


Blue eyes looked up at him with a wicked smirk and Jack could hear him say I will if you will, even as Daniel took a sip of his coffee. Damn the Ancients and their fucked up genome and Thor for not turning the whole mess off. Jack thought viciously.


The smirk in Daniels eyes got deeper and Jack sighed and worked on his shielding. Every ATA carrier, either natural or induced, got lessons in shielding because using the ATA helped unlock all sorts of goodies in one’s head. The stronger the ATA genome, the more skills you got. Jack was looking forward to seeing what Sheppard popped out with since his genome was the stronger.


“Much better.” Daniel said as he finished the last of his coffee. Thanks to being ascended several times Daniel was well aware of all of the “gifts” that came with the Alteran genetic legacy. Jack was just thankful Daniel had been there when his own had developed and he had completely freaked out.


Firmly ignoring the metaphysical, Jack turned his attention to the lists before him. Grabbing a highlighter from the cup before him, he clicked it open and started highlighting everything he had a question about.



  1. I, too, am curious about what abilities John is going to develop 😀 And lol, sneaky!Daniel XD

  2. Oh, oh, psy abilities develop because of the ATA gene? Love Daniel reading Jack’s mind! And thank you for acknowledging that of course Daniel would have something left after multiple ascensions.

    So happy to see a tidbit from this project. I had so much fun following it, and others, over on the naked nano site in November.

  3. I am so glad to see more of this ‘verse. Thank you.

    Do the artificial gene carriers get ‘gifts’ too?

  4. I love the idea of the ATA genome giving a person extra gifts. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. This story has me completely enthralled.

  5. We will be seeing more of this right? i kinda feel in love with it when you started posting it for nano.

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