Let’s Lube it UP!

So, let’s talk about lube…


A couple of days ago I went & added a post on things you don’t use as lube. I really needed to add one on what you can use as lube. So here it is!



 The Old Standby

Let’s start with the reliable standard.

This stuff comes in many forms… From the normal lubes, to the stuff that warms, to the super slick, KY is your go-to stuff. Be aware that the formula does contain glycerin and that isn’t the most hoo-ha friendly item ever, so be aware, stay safe and find something else if this doesn’t work for you. But remember the next bit if nothing else!

And they even have condoms! One stop shopping for the win!


You see the note above on KY? Same thing with these guys. Durex is a good, reliable brand that shouldn’t let you down for getting slick & wrapped. All good & standard & nothing too outlandish.

Well, unless you count their commercials

 55 gallons of lube

For those people who have sex lives that never quit or just have a house of teenagers… I suggest this. Amazon is even nice enough to help with financing it!

Yes, that is a 55 GALLON drum of personal lube. It comes with a pump. And may the gods of sex help us all, there’s even a larger size if 55 gallons isn’t enough. Check this out!

 The Only Safe Gun Oil

Because it was mentioned in my last post & I got a comment on it… This is the ONLY safe Gun Oil to use on your ass. If you use the other stuff? You are a moron. This stuff will let you fuck & get fucked safely.

Remember, when firing your personal sidearm, use *only* the most correct gun oil on the market for it.

 Boy Butter

So you want to push the boundaries & go full tilt for the anal highway? Let’s be real, the ass doesn’t self-lube, it isn’t going to self-lube & if you put anything up there beyond your imagination, you need lube.

This is the real deal for the daring. Remember, slow and steady, but always, lube, lube, lube!


If you need to last just a bit longer…. They make stuff that numbs just enough to take the edge off & also help with any aches that come from using a set of muscles in ways that they weren’t quite intended for.

Remember to be safe!


Now, here’s a thing… All of the slick stuff in the WORLD doesn’t matter if you aren’t safe. Wrapping a dick with a condom is a better way to be safe than to go at it & trust your luck.

No condom is 100%, but they are a HELL of a lot better than nothing. Also, if he tells you that his dick is too big? Well, that’s a load of shit. Send him home until he comes back with one of these.

 Female condoms

So, yeah. They make condoms for women too. And they WORK. If you aren’t comfortable with asking him to wrap? You need to.

And I have *heard* but have not gotten confirmation, that these can be used for anal sex. If anyone has confirmation, let me know

 Dental Dam

And finally, because not every time leads to penetrative sex, there is this. The dental dam. It’s a thin piece of latex or something similar that you use to keep from touching someone else’s junk. When used correctly, it adds a layer of safety to sex.

Now, there is a LOT more than I have mentioned her. Many, many thousands of choices & places to get them. Amazon has a lovely selection of lubes & condoms and if you don’t feel like going to your local grocery store, drug store or sex shoppe, try them. If nothing else, they are safe. And come in bland brown boxes…

Remember, no ass to mouth or vagina. Wrap it every time you have sex & if you think there’s been a tear? Replace the damn condom. They are cheaper than your life.



P.S. If you want to look for a set of pyrex dildo’s of your own… The internet has a lovely selection. Or there’s this.


  1. Ahh I’m at work and can’t click on only of the links 😀 😉 🙂

  2. Fof expérience i love the durex lube sensation, feels really good and give extra help for anal orgasm. Really effective, works well, no maintful sensation of any kind, no burns, no aches, velvet anal wet sex.

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