Stuff that can go up a set of nethers

It’s amazing what you read nowadays. And what people will apparently shove up any set of nethers out there. So I made a post for this.

Read at your own risk.

Because I am not going to sugarcoat anything on this.


Things that SHOULD NOT go in the body because even if we stretch? It’s still gotta hurt.

This shouldn’t be…

Again with the no…

Anyone getting the idea that this is a no too?

Yes, I’ve read about men being as big around as a Coke can, but No. Not only no, but NOPE. Dude. I don’t CARE if it’s dick-shaped. That is not going near any orifice of mine!

And here’s why. Because there is a HUGE difference between the can and the lovely little anal dildo…

Just… If the green one is a bad idea, the red one is hell on earth. Really. Because that’s a FULL SIZED CAN OF COKE!

Remember, if you describe something as big as a coke can going up someone’s nethers, this is what you mean

Things that can go in the body


Now, this little beauty can be inserted… Just clean it after!

These pretty things can go up your ass too. Use lube. Really.
Also, they’re glass, so they are going to be cold. You’ve been warned!

So we are staying with the glassworks. These are lovely pieces of art. And about the right size to be inserted. Notice that none of them are the size of a Coke can?

This double-headed darling can be used to have fun with someone else. Still isn’t the size of a Coke can… Might equal that Perrier can through.

Other than the color, this is a rather traditional dildo… Have fun!

Okay, it’s smaller than normal, and marble, but still! It’s attached to a male if you want a cock. This is the other set of things that can go in a set of nethers.. an actual dick

The last thing that can go in any set of nether’s that invite them? Fingers. Just remember to wash them first!

So, all of these things are items that I know have been inserted in people. Really, the first set? Just don’t. It’s gotta hurt like hell & there’s not enough lube on the planet to make it worth it.

There are many more things out there that are designed to actually go up a set of nethers. I didn’t even touch on the stuff that vibrates, let alone warms up, ejaculates or plays with shape and make… Dudes, be careful, use lube, and have FUN!


  1. As I was reading this and considering note-taking, I was thinking about the delightful twists and turns of your brain and then I saw that this was posted in “Housekeeping” and I almost choked on my own “Haaaa”!

    That just really tickled my fancy or my nethers (I was distracted through most of those proceedings).

  2. That is very disturbing…

  3. The first one was kind of interesting and very artful; I can see it sitting on someone’s shelf or in a display cabinet. The others just kept getting wronger. (that should totally be a word).

    And for some reason I keep thinking I’m hearing the Sesame Street announcer saying, “these insertables suggested by …. the same person who thought a king sized Baby Ruth candy bar wrapper would be a good condom substitute. (and this looks even stranger typed out then it sounded in my head as I looked at the warning Ladyholder was considerate enough to share)

  4. When I was 8 I fell and cracked my chin open and had to go to the ER. While I was waiting and holding a towel to my chin a man came in hunched over with a blanket wrapped around him. Considering it was in the 90s temperature wise he looked quite peculiar. I was sitting near the door to the patient are and heard some staff laughing. He was in because he had a lightbulb up his hind end and couldn’t get it out. I may have been a kid but I thought it was absolutely hilarious that a grown man was dumb enough to do something like that

  5. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but seriously… no I can’t… a coke can?!!! Mind does boggle.

  6. Watch this one? 🙂 101 Embarrassing Sexual Accidents (… I found it hilarious … and interesting.. and weird… and wrong O_o..:D Well worth to watch though:D (… So I did not think it looked all that bad :P)

  7. So I read this post and wondered if you’d ever shopped from Bad Dragon… I think they have some confusion on acceptable sizes too.

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