Agent Very Far Afloat

Art by Jilly James

Episode 1: Boil Them, Mash Them, Stick Them In a Stew
One personal item? A garden is a *one*, right?

Episode 2: Agent Very Far Afloat, Part 1
He had never expected that becoming an Agent Afloat would lead him so far off the beaten track!

Episode 3: Agent Very Far Afloat, Part 2
The investigation comes to a head.

Episode 4: How Not To Be an Asshole
Some people need to learn how to behave in the world at large.

Episode 5: No Means NO!
Sexual Harassment isn’t just for Clarence Thomas

Episode 6: Introducing…? 
Someone introduces herself

Episode 7: Supply
Someone is very interested in the supplies coming to Atlantis

Episode 8: Time to Make the Donuts
A day in the life of Atlantis

Episode 9: Just Rewards
Landry gets his day in court, Cooper gets promoted and Tony moves on

Side Stories:

Consequences (EAD) – Between Episode 1 and 2
Unexpected Gifts – After Episode 6
The Holiday Season – Between Episodes 6 & 7
Knit One, Purl Two – After Episode 7
A Winter’s Meal – After Episode 9



Special Agent Tony DiNozzo
(Michael Weatherly)

Special Agent Ian Edgerton
(Lou Diamond Phillips)

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard
(Joe Flanigan)

Dr. M Rodney McKay
(David Hewlett)

General George Hammond
( Don S. Davis)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir
(Jessica Steen)

Chief Beryl Cooper
(Catherine Bell)

Lt. Aiden Ford
(Rainbow Sun Franks)

Dr. Jennifer Keller
(Jewel Staite)

Private Yakiu Brent
( Lucien Laviscount )

Maj Evan Lorne
(Kavan Smith)

Dr. David Parrish
( Jonathon Young)

Dr. Carson Beckett
( Paul McGillion)

Specialist Ronon Dex
(Jason Momoa)

(Solanum tuberosum)

(played by herself)



  1. Is it wrong of me to have a rather…Troll-like response to the title of Episode 1? In the fairytale sense, like ‘what I’d like done to all of Tony’s detractors and enemies’…. 😉 I’m thrilled to see a new post alert and will now go and read! Who cares if its nearly 3am on Christmas! Hee. I think I read this on RT, but I’ll take any excuse/reminder/opportunity to read or re-read one of your Tony stories.

  2. Wow, this was a nice unexpected xmas pressie. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful!!!!

  4. *\o/* I absolutely adored this on RT and am so excited to see this available here to read, reread, rereread….. Tony+Ian+Atlantis is like having your favourite meal with your favourite person at your favourite holiday destination. It ticks all the boxes and you sure do deliver. Thanks so much.

  5. Merry Christmas to Us! I woke up very early, no kids to worry about, checked my email and discovered you have been so very nice. IMMEDIATELY I started to read and really could not put it down. Fantastic story, really hope there is more coming(i know i am being greedy, but it is so good), DiNozzo at Atlantis is muy absolutely most favorite crossover of all time. Thank you, thank you, thank you and Merry Christmas

  6. Great Story, Thank you! and Merry Christmas 🎄

  7. You give the best xmas pressies. Xmas day while every one rests after dinner I get to read this!! Thank you and I hope you have a great day.

  8. Awesome. #Potatoes #ImAFan

  9. Ha ha ha love the cast pic for the potatoes!

  10. Nice to meet you Solanum tuberosum!!!
    It’s the first time I enjoy meeting potatoes !!! 🙂

  11. I loved reading this. While I definitely want more (greedy as ever), you left it in the perfect place.

  12. I’ve really enjoyed this series! I love Tony joins Stargate crossovers and adding Ian in is a great touch!

  13. Just about died laughing when I saw that you had cast the potatoes! 😆 I absolutely adore this series and devoured it today after having found it this morning. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love all your Tony DiNozzo stories, major kudos.

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