Unexpected Gifts

Title: Unexpected Gifts
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairings: Sheppard/McKay, Cooper/Bates
Prompt: Gifts
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 1755


John woke up slowly and smiled. Rodney was curled up into his side, one leg thrown over his. John ran one hand up and down his lover’s back and tried not to let his touch wander.

They had been together for about six months and he was still amazed to find Rodney at his side like he was. He wasn’t exactly a loner by nature, but he had been alone far more than he had been with someone. And to be with McKay… John was going to hold onto that for all he was worth.

When Rodney shifted, his leg brushed John’s dick and he suppressed a moan. He kept his hand moving steadily. “I love your hands,” Rodney muttered as he stretched and then kissed his chest.

“I love yours,” John admitted. He kept his hand moving steadily and out of areas that might be considered unapproved.

“You need to do more than tease me by petting my back then,” Rodney muttered before he slid over to sit in the cup of John’s hips.

John raised his other hand to rest on Rodney’s waist. “You want me to do something?”

“I want you to give me the best wake up I can get outside of coffee,” Rodney said.

“Well, our position is a little awkward for a blowjob, but I can work with it,” John offered as he let his thumbs slide down and rub the skin above Rodney’s pubic hair.

“Blowjobs are awesome, but I was thinking more about you fucking me,” Rodney told him. He licked his lips and leaned forward to kiss John.

John gave himself up to the sensations. He adored Rodney and his willingness to go after what he wanted in their bed. He didn’t want a timid lover, and no one could ever say that was Rodney. His cock was getting with the program and so was Rodney’s.

He slid his hands around to cup his lover’s ass and let his fingers graze over his asshole. Rodney was absurdly sensitive to his ass being played with and the lightest touch could lead to overwhelming pleasure. And fucking him was amazing. Rodney was lucky enough to be able to orgasm two or even three times while he was getting fucked.

“You know your brain goes offline after you cum,” John reminded him in between kisses.

“This is our mandated Sunday,” Rodney reminded him. “My brain going offline is fine. But you’re cooking breakfast.”

“Deal,” John agreed with a grin before he pressed a final kiss to his lips. He turned away slightly to find the lube they had used the night before. Target acquired, he flipped the top up and poured some onto his fingers. “Do you think you can cum from me fingering you?” he asked as he slid his slicked fingers over Rodney’s asshole.

“Oh,” Rodney’s breath caught as John pushed the tips of his fingers against the edge of his hole. He rocked back onto John’s fingers and moaned in frustration as they didn’t move any further. “I could if you actually did anything.”

John chuckled and spread the lube over the furled bud under his fingers and dipped into it. From the way Rodney was squirming, he was enjoying the attention. When John thought Rodney was slick enough, he wiped his fingers on the sheets beside them and shifted so his cock was nudging his lovers taint. “Do you want to ride me? Or do you want me to ride you?”

Rodney reached back and took his cock in hand before lifting up to take it into his body. They both groaned as John slid home. “I’m going to ride you,” Rodney told him, voice slightly breathless.

“Well, go right ahead,” John said. He slid his hands back to cup Rodney’s hips. He wasn’t trying to direct his lover, just give him some stability. When Rodney started to move, he moaned. “Holy fuck, Rodney.”

“Yeah,” Rodney’s voice sounded slurred. He moved, thighs rising and falling as he fucked himself on Johns’ dick. When John moved his knees to give his lover more support, Rodney came, shuddering through his first orgasm. “Oh, that was it. Again.”

John started fucking up into Rodney, holding him in place so his cock was moving over Rodney’s prostate. From the moan that brought to his lover’s lips, John was doing something right. “You look amazing when you cum,” John panted.

“I love your cock,” Rodney groaned. He had one hand wrapped around his cock and was stroking it in counterpoint to John’s thrusts. “Yeah, more,” he demanded.

John could feel Rodney’s muscles clamp around his cock as he came again and that was it. John could feel his own orgasm flow through him and he clamped his hands around Rodney’s hips and held him in place as he thrust up into him. When the pleasure subsided, he relaxed back onto the bed and breathed deeply. “Well, that was lovely.”

Rodney laughed softly as he leaned forward to press a kiss to John’s lips. “It was. You’re still making breakfast.”

“Only if you make the coffee,” John agreed after he returned the kiss. “But first a shower?”

“Yeah,” Rodney lifted up and moaned faintly as John’s cock slipped out of his body. “I love the feel of you in me. If we were on Earth, I’d ask you to plug me so I could feel the echoes of this morning for a while longer.”

John could feel his eyes try to cross. “Damn. If we can make it to Earth together, I think we need to hit a sex shop then. There’s some toys I want to buy.”

Rodney pressed another kiss to his lips. “Sounds like a plan.”



John wandered out to the pier everyone used for recreation. He was sipping at one to of the beers that Cooper had put out for everyone in the main cafeteria. He had managed to acquire enough bottles of each type to give the brewing a through testing.

He returned the various greetings from the scientists and military with a smile and a wave. He wasn’t in uniform and neither were they, so no salutes from his subordinates. Just a bunch of people enjoying a day off.

Skateboarding, rollerblades, sand volleyball… There were plenty of things for people to do besides swim in the protected pool Atlantis had opened up when she had risen to the surface. John stopped his walk and turned to look at the volleyball court. Last he knew, they hadn’t had one of them. He needed to talk to the biggest gossip maven outside of Chuck.

He followed his nose and headed for the barbeques and found Cooper holding court. The woman totally needed to relax and let someone else take over the cooking. Maybe he would drop a word or two in Bates’ ear. “Hey, Chief?”

“Sir?” Cooper asked as she took a pull of her own beer.

“When did we get the volleyball court?” John asked. He drained the last of his beer and tapped the bottle. “This was great. Where did we get the grain?”

“Planet Bread sir. Where we trade salt for grain,” Cooper reminded him. “Want another?”

“Yeah,” John confirmed and nodded his thanks when one of Cooper’s people passed him another beer. “Thank you, PO Evers,” he said before looked back at the Chief. “The volleyball court?”

“When we came out to set up the barbeques last night, we found the pit with the holes for the nets. The court is about two feet deep and filled with sand we got from the mainland,” Cooper reported. “We filed a report on it, so it should be in your email.”

“And I haven’t checked my email because it’s Sunday,” John admitted. “Okay, so who fetched the sand?”

“Well the Athosians were coming out for the party and each jumper load brought a number of bags of sand to fill the pit,” Cooper explained.

“Well that’s cool,” John allowed before he took a sip of his new beer. The new one was a deep nutty brown beer with a rich flavor. “This beer is good. What’s on the menu?”

“Great Beast steaks, ribs and sirloins. We have the chicken things from P3H-499 that have been marinating in a mesquite marinade that works well with it. We also have a lot of the shrimp things from our ocean, plus the local lobster and something rather like sea bass,” Cooper reported. “We have corn on the cob, potato salad, several leafy salads and a lot of other sides. Basically, enough food for lunch and dinner for everyone.”

John could feel his stomach rumble with hunger. Breakfast had been several hours before and he was deeply interested in everything Cooper had mentioned. “Just because I need to make sure… No citrus?”

“No, sir,” Cooper promised. “The marinade on earth would have lime, but we have bituu and it works well as a substitute. Dr. McKay and the others who are allergic to citrus don’t have a problem with it, so we’re clear on that. Everything will be labeled, so we should be clear on that too.”

“Good to know,” John said. He looked over the food being cooked and looked back at Cooper. “How long?”

Cooper smiled at him, obviously amused at his antics. “The first batches of food should be coming off in about ten minutes.”

“Good to know,” John said. “Thanks for the beer and the news.”

“You’re welcome, sir,” Cooper said before turning her attention back to the food cooking before her.

John walked off and tapped his earpiece. “McKay, you finished with your project?”

“Yeah, I’m at a place where I can stop. Why?” Rodney asked.

“Cooper has a steel beach barbeque going and the food will be up in about ten minutes. All your favorites,” John told him. “And we have a bunch of people playing sand volleyball. All very Top Gun’ish.”

“You hate that movie,” Rodney reminded him. “And I’m on my way. Does Cooper have more beer? Or should I bring some of the ones you stashed?”

“She’s got beer,” John promised. “And while I hate the movie, the scenery in it is outstanding.”

Rodney laughed in his ear before signing off. John headed over to where Cooper and her people had set up tables and chairs and settled in. He had an excellent view of the pretty people playing games, a good spot to keep an eye on the food and was obvious enough to be easily found.

The day was good he decided. The whole thing was an unexpected, but welcome gift from the universe.


  1. Thanks for the smile. Just dealt with computer issues. Did not expect to have a smile stuck on my face.

  2. Oh, very nice. I adore John and Rodney as an established couple and their living is always a treat. And I love your Chief Cooper. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very nice. They all deserve a nice day of sun, sand, and BBQ.

  4. Greywolf the Wanderer


    aw man, this is great! everybody deserves a BBQ once in a while. w00t!

  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gretchen Lines Lassy

    This was lovely!

  7. What a fun day without angst, I love some moments where they are easily relating to the rest of Atlantis without an emergency.

  8. Great story … everyone should be able to kick back and relax on a Sunday even in the Pegasus galaxy. Thank you.

  9. Thank you for this LOVELY slice of life fic! 🙂

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