Evil Author Day 2014

Ah, it is now 2014 and time for Evil Author Day…

Do any of you have any clue how much I have looked forward to this? :: giggles ::

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

1. Evil Author Day: A Long, Long Time Ago

Fate was having a bitch of a time getting some people together.

2. Evil Author Day: Hidden

Being true to yourself can also mean protecting yourself from all comers

3. Evil Author Day : Unlikely Outcomes

Help is coming

4. Evil Author Day: Time of Duty

They are fully fledged adults now. That means that they can start collecting a Pride

5. Evil Author Day: Fallout

They couldn’t keep it secret forever.

6. Evil Author Day: Recovery

Revenge is sweet. Especially when it is sanctioned.


  1. Loved the posts.

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