6. Wishes

Title: Wishes
Author: Lady
Rating: U (Suitable for all)
Challenge: Wish Fulfillment
Words: 700
A/N: This may end up taking towards the finale of my fic, An Uncomplicated Choice. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: SGA and its characters do not belong to me.


Jeannie McKay-Miller walked into the darkest corner of her backyard and stared up at the stars.

She had been doing this at least once a month for the last five years. Despite the evidence, she had kept the faith and the vigil for a group of people who had stood by their principals and then disappeared from sight five years before. All she had to support her inner certainty of their survival was her knowledge of who and what they were and a single group of letters she had received before all contact was lost. Jeannie snorted softly as she thought of the letters again. They had actually been a packet of emails from everyone she had met on Atlantis and one long, slightly scatter-brained one from her brother. It had been obvious that he had begun it and been drawn away from it repeatedly, because thoughts had been started and then dropped for something new, with topics meandering all over and secrets she had suspected had been told. Not the least of which had been the one about Meredith’s feelings for John.

Blinking back tears at the thought that her socially awkward brother had finally found someone who so obliviously loved him as deeply as she knew John did, Jeannie sniffled and wrapped her arms around herself. It had been so long since she had heard from him and she was starting to worry. When warm arms wrapped around her waist, she leaned back into Kaleb’s embrace and tried to think of a way to get across her uneasiness. “It’s been five years since I got Mer’s letter. He said that if they could, they would try to get in contact with us by now. General O’Neill told me that the SGC has tried Atlantis’s old address and gotten nowhere. Colonel Carter told me that she hasn’t seen anything on the long-range sensors and that without another ZPM she doubted they would be able to sustain a hyperspace window to get here. I’m worried, Kaleb. I miss my brother.”

Kaleb didn’t say anything immediately. Like the last few times she’d had this conversation with him, he was taking the time to give her fears due consideration before responding. “I can’t even begin to understand everything that lead to your brother and his friends making the decision they did, but I know that I am proud that they stood up for their beliefs. Plus, I am so proud of you, Jeannie. You stood up to those arrogant assholes that were running the SGC at the time when they tried to get you to design a system to find Atlantis and you did it without help. If your brother is even a tenth as strong as you are, he and his friends are fine. No doubt in my mind, they’ll get here.”

Laughing lightly in embarrassment at Kaleb’s compliments, Jeannie shook her head before tilting back to kiss her wonderful husband. Falling into the kiss with as much enthusiasm as she had their very first one, she put her fears and wishes aside for a moment; right now she needed to let her husband know how wonderful she thought he was. Twisting in his embrace, she turned around and wrapped her arms around him, returning the hug. Breaking the kiss with a small sigh, she kissed Kaleb again briefly and then rested her head against his chest, content to enjoy his presence with her on this night.


Jeannie jerked away from the safety of Kaleb’s arms and turned towards the house and Madison’s scream. She didn’t sound like she was scared, more like something amazing and astounding had happened. Jeannie hurried to meet Madison as she ran out the back door, “Madison? What’s wrong, honey?”

Holding out the phone she had clutched to her ear, Madison grinned widely, “It’s Uncle Mer, mom!”

Grabbing the phone in shaking hands, she brought it to her ear and heard, “Jeannie? It’s Mer. Are you there?”

Gulping back a sob, Jeannie sent a devout thank you to anything that was listening. Her wish had been granted. “You’re late, Mer. And that means that you have to eat tofurkey when you get out here.”




  1. Wow!! That was great. Tofurkey!

  2. lol at the last line. Poor Rodney. But at least he and John likely have lots of stories to tell her.

  3. thank you for these wonderful stories. I am a big fan of your stories.

  4. Bitter and sweet. Nicely done.

  5. greywolfthewanderer

    ew… tofurkey is just *wrong*, in so many ways!! XDDD

  6. Greywolf the Wanderer

    ie, ie, tofurkey ja nai!! 😀

    srsly. tofurkey is a crime against chefs and dinres everywhere!

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