Evil Author Day

Because I wanted to share a bit of my own version of Evil Author Day…

Title: Anniversary Presents
Author: Ladyholder
Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot 2009)
Word Count: 722

Well, there was no way that he was *ever* going to forget this anniversary. 


Jim was tired.

He had just spent the last two days getting deeply and totally fucked out and he needed a break. He and Spock had bonded two years into the Enterprise’s five year mission after the relationship between the Vulcan and Lt. Uhura had burned out. Now, they had been together for a year and as an anniversary present, Spock’s hybrid biology gave them pon farr. Jim was thinking that he needed to talk to his father in law to see if there was anything that could be done to make the whole event easier. If there wasn’t, he was going to stock up on vitamin shots, lube and something that could keep Spock still.


Body aching in ways that on other days would be really nice, Jim hobbled over to the shower while his bondmate was sleeping to try to and clean up. He was normally fairly fastidious, but Spock was even more so and he was not going to sleep beside the other man covered in cum. Besides, he was leaking every time he moved and that was a disgusting feeling. Tapping the controls on the shower to raise the normal temperature by two degrees Celsius in an effort to relax his over stressed muscles, he moved under the water as soon as it started. Head tipped forward, Jim braced his arms under the spray and let the liquid heat beat down his back and over his ass.


Clenching his muscles rhythmically, he reveled in the feeling of getting clean. He let the water run for what felt like a full hour, but had to be less since his fingers and toes weren’t wrinkled. Pushing away from the wall, he grabbed the soap and started to scrub his face, chest, down his legs to his feet and back up to carefully and tenderly clean his ass. A cautious exploration showed that at best the tissues of his ass were a bit swollen and definitely well used, but there were no stings, so likely no tears. Good. His ass was going to be off limits for the next round of this shit. A quick swipe of shampoo and his hair was clean enough for being in his quarters.


Clean up done, Jim turned the shower off and dried off. Carefully hanging up his towel, he moved back into the bedroom. His Vulcan was still sleeping and the bond he shared with him was calm, the fire that had been burning across it was somewhat banked for the moment. Although from the feelings he was getting across it, Spock would be waking shortly, and Jim was going to send him on to a shower, because now that he was clean, he could tell that the other man was a bit ripe. The smell of sex, pheromones, cum, sweat permeated the air and Jim felt himself start to stir at the scent.


The hand he reached out to run through Spock’s hair was shaking lightly. Taking stock of his body Jim realized he was hungry. One final stroke through the soft hair of his bond mate and he moved on to the replicator located in their quarters. Thanks to his allergies there were selections and it there were more obscure than one would expect in a standard Starfleet replicator, but he really didn’t care. He just wanted food.


Plomeek soup with dumplings (thank you Bones for that), grapes and fresh naan. A multicultural meal to the extreme, but they were all items that he could eat and were light enough on his stomach not to cause problems. As soon as the food arrived, Jim felt his stomach clench in hunger. He would have to remember to interrupt them often enough to get some food down them. It would not do for them to collapse halfway through this and cause Bones to come in and find out what happened. It was the work of only moments to move the serving tray over to the table and Jim sat down and quickly started to eat.


As the first clutch of hunger was satisfied Jim heard Spock shifting on the bed. Good. The other man needed a shower and food as well. Then, Jim was going to do his level best to make the other man feel like he did. Well fucked and deliciously sore.


  1. uh, yeah, I think i’ve lost the facility for coherent speech. poor jim, the sex gets less fun when it gets ouchy in a biologically driven to couple way.

    really, keira is the epitome of evil as she spreads her evil ideas to other authors who feel the need to grow the evil and taunt us readers. I ‘see’ that evil taunting grin you’re sending us.

    thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. Oh so you jumped on the bandwagon with a great offering. Thanx ladyholder!

  3. Yep, another great contribution to Evil Author Day (TM)! Love it!

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