Playing With the Big Bad Wolf

Title: Playing With the Big Bad Wolf
Author: Ladyholder
Fandom: SG1, NCIS
Relationships: O’Neill/DiNozzo
Wordcount: 5670
Summary: Jack really is the biggest wolf in the room and Tony totally wants to eat him up
No Beta


Art by Polaris


“Aren’t you a little out of your zip code here?” Jack heard as he took a drink of his whiskey.

“I’ve never been one to be limited,” he snarked back. Turning around he raised an eyebrow. Well. “What can I do for you?”

The man who had interrupted him was his height and built like a man who knew how to use his muscles for something other than show. Lean, but strong. He had sandy blond hair, green eyes and just enough stubble to be interesting. He also didn’t seem to have a problem with being bold.

“I was wondering if you were drinking your troubles away for a reason or if you might want some company?”

Jack thought of what had brought him out to Washington DC and sighed. Company sounded good after dealing with the drama of getting Teal’c back from the stargate. “And if I said yes?”

“Tony DiNozzo,” green eyes introduced himself, pulling an ID out of his pocket. “I just started at NCIS and needed to unwind.”

“Jack O’Neill, Air Force,” Jack said as he eyed the ID. It matched the others he had seen. He kept an eye on the other man and suppressed the urge to blink when his new friend shrugged.

“I figured you were military,” Tony admitted. At Jack’s raised eyebrow, he nodded towards Jack’s head. “It’s the hairdo. Very distinctive.”

“True,” Jack allowed. Due to his station at the SGC, he had to present a certain front. Being neat and tidy was one of the ways he led by example. Which didn’t always help in Daniel’s case, but Jackson was a civilian and rarely listened to what he said anyway. “So what makes you think I want company?”

“The way you checked out my ass in the mirror when I came in?” Tony said with a smile. He leaned over and picked up his drink from the bartender.

Jack nodded once. The kid had a very nice ass. And he had looked. He wasn’t dead and it had been a very long time since he had gotten laid. Taking another sip of his drink he studied his new ‘friend’. “So what are you hoping for here?”

Tony swallowed his drink and stared at Jack, utterly serious. “I’m hoping that you are open to a night of casual sex where we try to take care of each other’s stress levels. We can leave it at that and go on our separate way’s afterward.”

“Well, no one can say that you aren’t the bold sort,” Jack murmured. It had been a lot of years since he had been with a  man, but he remembered the pleasure with fondness. There was nothing to keep him from taking the kid up on his request and then investigating him down to his toenails after. If nothing else, George would be amused when he reported the whole conversation.

“Being a wallflower gets you nowhere,” Tony admitted. He took another sip of his drink and stared at Jack. “Are you interested?”

“Why me?” Jack asked. He waved a hand around the room. There were several other men in the bar who carried themselves like he did and from his experienced eye screamed that they were military. If the kid was trolling for a quick ride on some military dick, Jack wanted to know before he took him to bed.

“Because of all of the men in here, you were the only one to make my mouth water,” Tony admitted. “The rest of them are rather meh.”

“The rest of these guys have as many years in as I do,” Jack cautioned as he finished his drink off. “How many of those have you had?”

“Just the one,” Tony admitted. “And while they may have as many years in the military as you have, they certainly haven’t served in the same places you have. I don’t want a dog in my bed when I can have a wolf.”

“Well, aren’t you bold, tempting the big bad wolf,” Jack teased.

“Gonna eat me up?” Tony asked as he batted his eyelashes at him.

Jack threw his head back and laughed. By Thor, he liked it when someone wasn’t afraid to push. “Sure will. Let’s go.”

Tony dropped a twenty on the bar and turned for the door. “Did you drive?”

“Nope,” Jack admitted. “I walked from my hotel.”

“Do you want to head back there? Or my place?”

“I’ve got a king sized bed and the room came with lube,” Jack admitted.

“Sold,” Tony said. He fell into place beside Jack as he started for his hotel.

“So, NCIS?” Jack asked as they approached the lobby of his hotel.

“Just hired,” Tony confirmed. “I get to go to Fletc to learn how to be a Fed. Should be interesting after being a cop.”

“Just remember not to become an asshole,” Jack cautioned. The SGC had worked with a number of agencies and most were, to a man, chock full of assholes. To the detriment of any cooperation between the two parties.

Tony chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah, not happening. I’ve dealt with too many assholes as a cop. Not going to be one as a Fed.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Jack allowed. He didn’t say anything as they made their way up to his room and right before he opened his door he stopped. “Last chance to back out. Maybe go meet up one of those guys at the bar.”

“I know what I’m doing, Jack,” Tony said. His gaze was level and serious and he met his face on. “I’m not trying to get any information on where you work, or what you do. All I want to do is have sex with someone who is safe enough, but still dangerous.”

“Far be it for me to stop you then,” Jack said before he used his key to open his door and usher his guest in for the evening.

Tony walked over to the bed and looked down at it, a smile hovering over his lips. He glanced over his shoulder at Jack and nodded at the surface. “How do you want me on this?”

“Every way we can think of in the next,” Jack checked his watch. “Twelve hours.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tony agreed with a smile. He started stripping and Jack took a moment to admire the form being revealed. He had been right, Tony was well muscled, but not from a gym. He used his body like the tool it was and it showed.

“You look good enough to eat,” Jack muttered as he stripped off his own clothes. He was still lean and kept in good shape due to working out with Teal’c and having to keep up with the rest of his team. No middle-aged spread for him. Even if his knees were aching every once in a while.

“So do you,” Tony said. He was eyeing his cock with an interested look. “How do you feel about blow jobs?”

“Blow jobs are excellent. I have many good feelings about them,” Jack admitted.

“Good to know,” Tony said before he fished several condoms out of a pocket in his pants and dropping most of them on the bedside table. He walked over to where Jack was standing and turned him towards the bed. “I want to blow you.”

Jack leaned forward and kissed Tony, wanting to taste his new lover first. The warm flavor of the rum he had been drinking was what Jack got first and he hummed slightly as he chased the essence of the man underneath. Hot and just as spicy as the rum, Tony tasted good enough to make a meal of and Jack wanted more.

His hands moved over Tony’s body and he kept a mental tally of all the spots that made the younger man react. He was going to use all of that. Later.

Tony pulled away after several minutes of heated kisses and looked utterly wrecked. “You are way too good at that,” he muttered before he turned them and shoved Jack on the bed. “Sit there and spread your knees.”

Jack shifted slightly so he was more comfortable and spread his knees as directed. When Tony dropped to kneel in front of him, he reached out and cupped the side of his face and ran his thumb over the younger man’s kiss-swollen lips. “You’re beautiful.”

“Flatterer,” Tony murmured as he kissed the pad of Jack’s thumb. Ripping open the condom he reached out and placed it on the tip of Jack’s dick before rolling it down the length. “While I hate the taste of latex, we don’t know each other and I play safe.”

“That works for me,” Jack admitted as he watched Tony lick his lips once and then swallow him down. “Holy God,” he breathed as his brain tried to white out.

Jack ran a hand through Tony’s hair and tried not to fist the strands when he did something amazing. “You can pull,” Tony advised him as he let Jack’s dick slide out of his mouth before taking a deep breath and then taking him to the root.

“Right,” Jack moaned. He had a firm grip on Tony’s hair and he had no problem with pulling when his lover did something he liked. His brain kept going white when Tony swallowed around the head of his dick as it was tucked into his throat but the younger man never stopped. “Gonna cum,” Jack warned.

Tony hummed once and that was it. The white took over his brain and he was done. When Jack came back to himself, he was still on the bed and Tony was panting into the crease of his hip. The condom was gone and he was limp. “You are a menace,” Jack ground out.

“Sweet talker,” Tony snarked back.

“Get up here,” Jack demanded. He tugged on the hair he still had a grip on. When Tony draped himself over him, Jack shifted his grip to cradle the man’s face in his hands before he kissed him. He ignored the faint taste of latex to get back to the taste of the man.

Rolling them over, he propped himself up on his hands and flexed his hips. Tony was still hard and the feel of his cock against his own was distracting as hell. “You want to cum now? Or do you want to cum on my cock?” Jack asked. He moved again and watched Tony’s eyes cross as the pleasure moved over them.

“On your cock,” Tony admitted, voice coming in pants.

“So, what? You blew me so I would last longer when I fuck you?” Jack asked as he moved again. He kept an eye on his lover’s face as he leaned down and took one pebbled nipple into his mouth.

“Yeah,” Tony whispered as he spread his legs. Jack used the new leverage to thrust again. From the moan Tony let out, he was enjoying that. Releasing the nipple he had in his mouth, he moved to the other. From the way his lover was reacting, he was good with his actions. “Tease.”

Jack released the flesh in his mouth with a small chuckle and shifted back up to kiss Tony. Tasting him was becoming a needed thing and Jack indulged himself fully. His dick was getting with the idea too.

When Tony’s movements started to shift and become rhythmic, Jack rolled off him and reached for the condoms. The lube was right where the hotel had stashed it and it was still sealed. The squeeze check of the tube was automatic and nothing oozed out, so he felt safe at using it on Tony.

Popping the seal, he squirted some of the slick out onto his fingers and turned back to his lover. Tony was sprawled out on the bedspread, cock in hand as he slowly jacked it. “You are mouthwatering,” Jack said as he moved back between Tony’s thighs.

Leaning forward, he took the head of Tony’s cock into his mouth and let the slick fingers of his hand move back. Jack could feel the furled bud of Tony’s asshole under his fingertips and he pressed against it, spreading the slick as he went. “How much prep do you want?” he asked as he released the cock in his mouth.

“Oh,” Tony looked wrecked from Jack’s point of view and he shuddered as Jack’s breath moved over his skin. “Just… Just what you have should be enough. I like the burn.”

Jack grunted once in satisfaction before he sat up and knelt between Tony’s legs. He added just a bit more lube to his dick and then slid both hands under Tony’s thighs and pushed them back. His asshole was there, slightly slick with lube and Jack lined his cock up with it. Resting the head against the furled skin, he took a deep breath and pushed in with one long thrust.

“Oh, holy fuck,” Tony moaned. “Yes. That. More.”

“You asked for it,” Jack said. He placed both hands behind Tony’s knees and used them to hold the other man in the position he wanted him in. And then he started fucking into him in earnest. Hard and deep, Jack shifted slightly with each movement until he tagged Tony’s prostate.

At the harsh moan that got him, he grinned. Excellent. Pressing Tony’s legs forward a bit more, he got slightly better leverage and went to town. His earlier orgasm had calmed things down enough that he could go for long enough to drive Tony out of his mind.

“Oh, god,” Tony moaned as Jack tagged his prostate with every thrust. “Per favore, scopami!”

“You are so lucky I speak enough Italian to know what you are saying,” Jack said before he pulled Tony’s legs around his waist and leaned forward. He never stopped moving in and out of the body below him. “You are amazing.”

“Stop complimenting me and fuck me,” Tony demanded again. His legs tightened around Jack’s waist and he pulled him down into a kiss.

Jack took control of the kiss, tongue thrusting into Tony’s mouth in a count point to how his cock was entering his lover. From the way he transferred his grip from Jack’s head to his shoulders, he was appreciative. Pulling back he thrust in again to watch Tony’s eyes blur. He could feel the way Tony’s ass was starting to grip him and he grinned. Almost.

It took only three more thrusts for Tony to stiffen and clamp down on his cock as the orgasm the younger man had been pushing off ran him over. Jack let his control slip and his own orgasm light up his spine and he shuddered as his dick tried to empty everything into the man below him.

They lay together, panting as each of them came down from the high of orgasm. Jack kissed the shoulder under his mouth and sat up, carefully pulling out and disposing of the condom. Rolling out of the bed, he headed for the ensuite and quickly grabbed a washcloth to clean Tony up with. A swipe or two with a second got him clean enough and Jack turned back to the bed.

Tony had rolled out of the bed and had pulled the spread down, exposing the sheets. The rest of the covers were neatly folded at the end, out of the way. Jack moved back to him and ran the washcloth down the crack of Tony’s ass and grinned at the hiss that got him. “Stay like that,” He directed.

“Caveman,” Tony muttered as Jack spread the cheeks of his ass and ran the washcloth over his asshole. It was slightly pink but nothing more. Jack pulled Tony up and held one arm across his chest as he used the other to clean up the spilled cum.

“Do you think you’re going to be up for another round?” Jack asked. His cock was stirring against the ass pressed into it and he wanted to fuck Tony. Again. Several times.

“Have you got another in you, Jack?” Tony asked before he turned his head and kissed him.

Chuckling into the kiss, Jack flung the washcloth over his shoulder and started exploring the man before him again. When Tony broke the kiss to turn around, he smiled. “Yeah, at least once more,” he confirmed. His brush with the Asgard had pushed off certain facts of age and for once, he was happy with that. Not that he could tell anyone, but it was still nice to have the libido and recovery period of someone twenty years younger than his actual age.

“Good,” Tony confirmed before moving them onto the bed. He pushed and pulled at Jack until he was in the position the younger man wanted him in. Flat on his back with his cock standing tall and true. “Gonna ride you.”

Jack raised one eyebrow at that and twisted slightly to grab the lube and another condom. There were two more on the nightstand and he figured they could be saved for the morning. Maybe he would let Tony fuck him. He eyed his lover’s cock with interest. Yeah. He was going to do that. “If I’m going to give you a ride now, you are returning the favor in the morning,” Jack informed him as he opened the condom and rolled it on.

“Your ass is awesome, so I’d be honored,” Tony admitted as he took the lube to drizzle some over Jack’s cock. When it was as slick as he wanted, he hitched one leg over so he was sitting in his lap. Tony reached back and held Jack’s cock in place as he slid onto the length of it. “Oh. God damn, but that feels good.”

“Sure does,” Jack agreed. He had both hands on Tony’s hips and was holding them still as he settled into place. He moved his hands up to play with all the skin above him and smiled at the moan that got him. “You said you were going to ride me?”

“Yeah,” Tony agreed. His voice was breathy as he shifted once more and then rose up before settling back into the cradle of Jack’s hips.

“That’s it,” Jack said. His voice sounded slurred to his own ears and he took a deep breath as Tony rose and fell on his length. Indulging his need to touch, Jack started running his hands over every inch of Tony he could. From the moans and sighs he was getting, the touches were all good.

Sweat started to bead Tony’s brow and Jack pulled him down to kiss him once before he moved down his neck to where his shoulder started. At one spectacular move of Tony’s hips, he bit down on the muscles under his lips. From the way Tony’s ass clamped down on him, that was something that he enjoyed. “You like that?”

“Yes,” Tony hissed out. “Più.”

Jack gave him exactly what he wanted and bit down as Tony moved on his cock. Every bit of skin he could reach he bit. The best reactions came when Jack bit the skin around Tony’s nipples. Each bite there caused his lover to jerk in his arms and from the way he was moving, he was utterly enjoying what was happening.

It took longer, this time, for the pleasure they were building between them to reach critical mass and Jack didn’t mind that at all. He was enjoying himself thoroughly. Every movement of Tony’s hips was amazing and his hands constantly went back to his amazing ass to play with and caress it. When it got to be too much, he reached for Tony’s cock and started to move over the length of it, stroking in a counter beat to what Tony was doing to him.

“You are evil,” Tony sounded breathless as he moved and Jack smirked.

“Not really,” he said. “You’re the one driving me out of my damn mind.”

“Feels so good,” Tony protested. “Gonna cum and I don’t want to.”

Jack clamped his hand down on the base of Tony’s cock and shifted slightly to get better leverage. Once he had his knees bent he released his lover’s cock and started driving his own into the body above him. “Lean forward,” he directed.

Tony obeyed and placed his hands on either side of Jack’s chest in an effort to stay steady. Jack didn’t stop, just kept driving as deep as he could into Tony’s ass and tried not to cum. He needed to feel the pressure of his lover around him again as he shook apart. “Cum for me, Tony. Do it. Stripe my stomach with your cum.”

“Oh, Dio,” Tony breathed out once more before he went rigid and Jack could feel the warm spurts of his release hitting his stomach.

Only when Tony was limp and sated did Jack give in and let himself go. It was better than the last orgasm and he clamped his mouth on Tony’s shoulder and muffled his shout in the flesh between his teeth.

As they came down, Jack smiled. Tony was still limp and loose-limbed. Pulling his cock free, he hissed. Yeah, he was oversensitive and done for the night. Three orgasms were enough for a man his age. They could try for more after a nap.

Tapping Tony on the ass he got his attention. “Shift over on your side, babe. I’m going to get a new washcloth to clean us up and then we’re taking a nap. We can talk about more after,” Jack directed.

“Sounds good,” Tony muttered. He slid to the side and moaned as he used his muscles again.

“Sore?” Jack asked, concerned. He was already out of bed and heading for the sink.

“In all the best ways,” Tony admitted. He was stretching out and Jack paused on his way to clean up to admire the view.

“Same here,” Jack admitted. He routinely walked more than twenty miles a day when on a mission and his thighs were still burning from their labor. On the other hand, he felt great and the burn was a small price to pay for that. One quick clean up later and he went back to take care of Tony.

As soon as that was done, he lobbed the used cloth at the ensuite and settled down behind Tony to enjoy the warmth the man was putting off. He ignored the huff he got when he made his new lover the little spoon and brushed his lips over the shoulders in front of him. From the involuntary start of his hips, he was still sensitive. “If we had the time, I would see if I could make you cum just from biting you,” he breathed out.

“You could,” Tony admitted. He patted Jack’s arm around his chest. “I set my watch for six hours. Let’s see what happens then.”

“Deal,” Jack agreed. Sleep followed soon after and he let it. When they woke up, he had some things to do.



They had shifted sometime in the night and Tony was curled around him when Jack woke up. Stretching slightly he checked his watch. Just under the six hours Tony had arranged for their wake up and roughly eight since he had met the man.

Not that he was regretting his impromptu bar pick up. It was rare that he indulged, but being in Washington, away from everyone at the SGC and all? Tony propositioning him had been a relief. Shifting slightly, Jack grinned. There was a very nice hard-on tucked into the small of his back and he had high hopes for their morning wake up.

“You are thinking too loud,” Tony said. His voice was gravely from sleep and Jack shivered slightly at the sound of it. “I want to fuck you.”

The shiver that wracked him was more overt and Jack bit back a moan. He hadn’t let a man in him since before he had gotten married. But… “Yes.”

“Thank you,” Tony said, voice soft as he brushed a kiss behind Jack’s ear. The arm he had slung around Jack’s waist started to move and he slid it down to cup his cock. “This was wonderful, but I want to see if your ass is just as amazing.”

Jack chuckled slightly at the words. “Thank you. I’m sure you are going to be as good at fucking me as you were at getting fucked.”

“I hope so,” Tony said.

“How do you want me?” Jack asked after several moments of silence. Tony’s hand had started moving all over his cock and the teasing touches were driving him to distraction. His hips wanted to move, but his angle was for shit for getting any friction.

“Can you handle being on your back?” Tony asked as he let go of his cock and moved that hand up to tweak a nipple.

Jack drew in a deep breath at the flash of heat moving through him at that and nodded. “Yeah,” he said. Clearing his throat he tried again. “Yeah, I can.”

“Good,” Tony said before shifting them around. He was now between Jack’s legs and they both hissed as their cocks brushed against each other. “That feels good.”

“If I didn’t want you to fuck me, I would totally be up for some frottage,” Jack admitted.

“And if I didn’t want in your stellar ass, I would totally be all over that,” Tony confirmed. He leaned down to lick over one of Jack’s nipples and smiled at how he hissed. “If I bite you like you did me, will you like it?”

“Yes,” Jack hissed as Tony suited words to action.

“Oh, good,” Tony said after he released the bite he had taken. “Gonna see how insane I can make you with that.”

Jack could freely admit that Tony did it for him. His mouth, his hands, his dick, and his pretty ass, all got him going in a lot of ways. The biting was an unexpected bonus. As Tony moved over his skin, he moaned. “Yeah, more.”

He looked down at his torso and smiled at all the love bites covering it. The impressions of Tony’s teeth were going to last for a few days and he was looking forward to seeing how long they lasted. “Stop teasing me and fuck me,” he demanded after Tony returned to his nipples.

“So impatient,” Tony teased as he moved up and pressed a brief kiss on Jack’s lips.

The need for more let him push the faint taste of morning breath out of the way and Jack pulled his knees back and tilted his hips until he could feel the head of Tony’s cock brushing against his perineum. He had just enough leverage in that position to rock his hips slightly and let the slight friction tease him. Blowing out a deep breath Jack stilled and looked up at his lover. “I am totally willing to flip us over to get at your cock. Stop. Teasing.”

Tony shook his head and laughed a little before he sat back and reached for the condoms and lube they had left on the bedside table. The condom went on quickly and Jack eyed the amount of lube the younger man was coating his cock with. Tony was just a bit longer and thicker than he was and he was looking forward to the ride. He was going to be feeling this fuck for a while.

“I wish I had a plug,” Tony murmured as he spread the lube on his fingers over Jack’s asshole. “I would love to feel full while I fuck you. Because the echo of your cock is amazing.”

“Something to think about then,” Jack said, a moan breaking his words in two as Tony pushed the head of his cock into him. The rest followed in one long thrust and Jack threw his hands over his head to clutch at the top of the mattress.

“You have the sweetest ass,” Tony ground out as he leaned forward. He tugged Jack’s legs around his waist and flexed his hips once to slid in and out. When Jack locked his legs into place he smiled. “That’s it.”

Jack held onto the mattress in a firm grip as Tony started fucking him with long sure strokes. Just like he had done, his lover was adjusting himself slightly and when he ran the length of his cock over his prostate, Jack hissed out a breath and clenched down hard on the solid strength of him. “That. Again.”

“As you wish,” Tony said as he moved again. His strokes were swift and sure and Jack could feel his eyes trying to cross from the pleasure. Pleasure in his ass, pleasure as his cock was rubbed between their bodies and pleasure from the sting of the bites left on his skin.

When Tony bit him again, he bucked up, crying out at the spike of feeling. “Jesus.”

“Not a deity,” Tony laughed as he slid his hands under Jack’s shoulders and held on as he fucked into him like a pile diver.

There was so much going on under his skin that he couldn’t hold it in any longer. When he was the one fucking, he could hold out longer, but the feel of the man surrounding him was just too much and Jack came. Back bowing, he held on to the mattress for all he was worth as he shook apart. When the first wave of pleasure had passed he opened his eyes and rolled his head to look at Tony. “Did you cum?”

“No,” Tony admitted.

“Good,” Jack sighed. “Keep going. Wanna feel you some more.”

“As you wish,” Tony said. His hips started to move again and Jack shivered as the hot, sweet bite of overstimulation moved through him. It was wonderful and horrible and he loved the sensation like he loved flying.

He wasn’t sure if he had another orgasm in him, but he didn’t care. His brain was full of all the good things, his body was being played by a master and his bones had dissolved and Jack couldn’t find it in him to care about any of that. Shivers of bliss were moving out from his ass and he remembered why he had stopped allowing himself to be fucked. He adored it beyond all reason and all he wanted was more. “More.”

From the breathless laugh Tony gave him, he was enjoying himself. Jack brought his arms down and draped them over Tony’s shoulders, hugging the other man tight to him. This was what he wanted. Tilting his head, he caught his lover’s mouth in his and kissed him, heedless of the faint taint of the morning. From the way Tony’s hips were stuttering, he was almost at the edge.

Jack clamped down on Tony’s cock as it entered him again and his lover pulled his mouth away to bite the muscles of his shoulder as he shuddered through his orgasm. Jack wasn’t hard and doubted he could get hard, but he still got the same burst of pleasure that an orgasm brought.

“You’re addictive,” he muttered several minutes later as Tony slowly pulled free of his body.

I’m addictive?” Tony asked as he sat up and disposed of the condom. “You just took my brain offline and it took me ages to stop seeing white.”

“Uh huh,” Jack agreed as he stretched out his muscles. “You are.”

“So are you,” Tony said as he leaned over at pressed a brief kiss to Jack’s lips. He glanced at the bedside clock as he pulled away and sighed. “We can get about two hours more sleep if you want.”

Jack thought of how much energy he had buzzing under his skin and shrugged. He wasn’t, sadly, up to another round of sex, but he didn’t want things to end. “How about we get cleaned up, and then maybe eat?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tony agreed. He got off the bed and held out a hand to Jack. “Share the shower with me?”

“Water conservation at its best then?” Jack asked as he stood up. Twisting slightly, he could feel the moment when everything fell into place. God damn, but he felt good.

“Yeah, let’s,” Tony grabbed a hand and pulled him towards the shower.



“I need to fly back to my base,” Jack admitted as he stood in front of his car door. They were outside of the gates at the Naval Yard and Jack wasn’t sure how far Tony was willing to push things.

“I figured,” Tony admitted as he came back around to stand in front of Jack. He leaned forward to kiss him. “Thank you for being my big bad wolf.”

“Thank you for playing with me,” Jack said, amused at blatant flirting. “If I’m ever out here again?”

“Would I want to play with you again?” Tony asked. He raised an eyebrow at Jack as if questioning his sanity. “Hell yes. And if we can get a weekend, we can see who comes first in a biting game.”

Jack shivered at that thought. “Sounds like a plan.”

“Don’t get dead, doing whatever it is that you do, Jack O’Neill,” Tony ordered before he kissed him one last time.

“You either. Make sure you work with a team that you trust,” Jack directed. “And don’t let anyone grind you down.”

“Look at us, a set of sappy saps,” Tony muttered before checking his watch. “I have to go. See you around Jack,” he said before he pressed one final kiss to Jack’s lips and turning to walk onto the base.

“You too, Tony,” Jack called as he watched his lover walk off. Rubbing a hand against his chest he sighed. Damn it. Washington DC was way off the beaten track for him. But… The future was fluid. Who knew what was going to happen next?




Per favore – Please

Scopami! – Fuck me!

Più – More

Dio – God



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