A Burning Madness

Art by Ladyholder

After visiting M9S-921, SGA-1 return home to find themselves changed. Instead of being human beings, now they are what can only be termed as… werewolves. They have to navigate their new lives, the SGC, the IOA and discovering what the changes mean for their personal lives. John, Rodney, Teyla, and Ronon have a lot to discover and no one but themselves to rely on.


Episode One: A Burning Madness

AR-1 misses a check in and when they’re found, everything seems normal. Seems.

Episode Two: A Fire Burning Brightly

AR-1 were wolves. Now they are human. And the shit is hitting the fan.

Episode Three: A Warning Blaze

Half of SG-1 are heading for Atlantis to see what in the hell is going on.

Episode Four: Fire Breaks

Sometimes small fires are useful to make sure everything is safe.

One Comment:

  1. Love this! I’ve read Episodes 1 & 2, and I love:

    Them turning into werewolves

    Lorne running interference to keep Beckett from experimenting on them, even to kicking Beckett out

    Bates, Stackhouse et al supporting them all the way

    Chief Cooper and her people (she is my FAVORITE OC ever!)

    Weir turning bad guy

    Beckett being positively creepy ban guy

    Not to mention everything else!

    A question: This page is showing a link to Episode 3, but it’s not there. Did it get lost somewhere?

    Looking forward to the next update!

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