Evil Author Day 2023


Evil Author Day: Leaving NCIS

When he’d gotten suspended for protesting Gibbs and his habit of adding unqualified women to their team, Tony hadn’t expected to get an invitation to leave NCIS.

Evil Author Day: Redemption Reborn

So, the Once and Future King was to be due to come again. There were portents, there were prophesies, there was… Nothing.

On the other hand, his Soulmate had them all in spades. For an arrogant blonde with more pride than sense some days, things aren’t quite looking like he expected when he woke up on his sixteenth birthday

Evil Author Day: Their Legend Is Born

The thing about them was never, ever supposed to work. They were a wizard and a king. One who was a magic user in a kingdom where magic was outlawed. The other was in charge of enforcing the laws.

But the laws of the land had never taken anything like them into consideration.

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