The Slow Slide of Indifference

Art by Fanarts

Home is not always where you are born, sometimes it is where you choose to be.

When Earth became indifferent to them, Atlantis and the people who loved her looked for ways to make things work. And then Earth tried to change the rules.


Sometimes, even when you don’t want to notice something, you have to.

1. Planning

Is it treason when all you want to do is stay alive?

2. Dinner Meetings

No matter what happens, you still need to eat. And sometimes plan an insurrection over a good meal.

3. Settling In

Take two clones…

4. The News

Jackson and O’Neill 2.0 have some news to share. Not all of it is comfortable though.

5. Discussions

In light of the new information, decisions have to be made. Somehow.

6. Life Continues

The meetings were over; the time had come to put the plans into action.

7. Zero Hour

The clock is ticking down to Independence Day.

8. Searching, Searching and What Do We Find?

For some, the trip home is short, and for others it is an adventure that will have lasting consequences.

9. Bearding the Lion’s Den

It isn’t heavens door we are knocking on. It might be hell’s.

10. Cleanups and Burials

It was a sight fit to inspire nightmares, and yet sometimes, miracles still happened.

11. A Time To Heal, A Time To Flee

Everyone has started to heal, but now they have to say good-bye. Again.

12. To Disappear Into The Dark Places

An unexpected find gives hope.

13. Walking Into the Light of a New Day

Escaping can lead to new options. And for the ones left behind, some questions are answered.

14. The End and Start of a New Day

The end of our tale. At least for now.


A/N: All the art contained in the chapters here is by Fanarts. She is the BOMB. I am so honored that she made me art to go with this story. Thank you!


  1. I love this series, and the entire concept of it. My only complaint is you don’t write quick enough. More please.

  2. I’ve just started this series and am excited that it includes Jon O’Neill and a young Daniel (because where there is an O’Neill there must be a Jackson). But I am a bit confused — they keep mentioning SG1 going missing–I just finished ch. 4–does this series presume that the last SG1 episode ‘unending’ occurred and the team never returned? I admit, I can’t remember if any time had passed on Earth with the reset as I refuse to watch the final episode again.

    • Some of it was that whole “Time dilation’ thing. Some of that is…. SG1 went on a mission to the Ori galaxy & disappeared. And it is just part of the history of the ‘verse that I put in on a whim & have been dealing with since!


  3. I’m not sure how I missed this story, but wow! Holly Hanna that’s a wonderfully long story. I got caught up in it and have been reading it all day, and I didn’t even notice when I wondered right into An Uncomplicated Choice. This is awesome!

  4. I read this whole thing in one sitting, and I’m so upset with myself for going so long without reading this stellar fic. I like that some of them saw the separation between Atlantis and Earth coming and made what preparations they could. I like Caldwell, once he’d been de-Goa’ulded, so I was happy that he was so supportive and did what he could. I was disappointed he didn’t feel like breaking from Earth, but I get why he couldn’t. I really hope he doesn’t get in a lot of trouble :\ I’m excited for Atlantis and what’s ahead, and I’ll be moving on to the next fic 😀

  5. I’m enjoying a reread kick right now, and this was definitely one I’m glad I included. 👍👏 Now on to the sequel!

  6. Michele A Lyons

    A really wonderful series! In the context of science fantasy, you can actually see something like this happening. A outer space colony, becoming disaffected with its home world and nations, deciding to become a separate entity. How truly pathetic and ironic it would be for America—-who declared our own independence from the mother country England so long ago, would now condemn one of its own colonies as “traitors”, when they declare their independence. What a black farce that would be in history. Assuming Earth survived and the history of the SGC became known. A wonderful series, so glad it had a happy ending for our heroes on Atlantis.

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