The Unlikely and Unwilling

The Unlikely and Unwilling
Being defined by their genes wasn’t what they wanted. They wanted to be known by what they could *do*.

Art by Danceswithgary

1. The Unlikely Guide

There was just no way that he was a Guide. Really.

2. The Unwilling Sentinel

John wasn’t willing to give up the sky. Not even for the one thing that might make him whole. At least, not at first.

3. The Unexpected Pair

Doing things the easy way, just wasn’t them.

4. The Unknown Future

Getting to know each other can be interesting too.

5. To The Far Distant Shore

Entering Atlantis for the first time is a bit different if you are a Sentinel/Guide Pair.

6. Over The Ocean

When a Sentinel and a Guide go to the rescue, more happens than what you see.

7. A Season of Thrills and Terrors

It just kept building and building. And it was nothing like a roller coaster. There was no way to get off.


  1. Ah, yet another of your excellent pieces. If you decide to work on adding to any of them, I will be thrilled!

  2. Oh, this is one of my favourites! And they look so pretty here on WordPress!

  3. I love this series and I hope you’re planning to continue it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, another wonderful piece of fiction. And, I second the “will there be more?” Be
    assured, it would be read!!!

  5. Magnificient!! Any thoughts of continuing?

  6. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

  7. I’ve told you before that this series is what inspired my own Sentinel crossover series with SGA. What I really liked about it was that before I read this story– McKay had always been the Sentinel and I had a hard time relating to John as a Guide. I think some authors have done that pairing in that way very well but I really wanted to see John as the Sentinel (obviously) and stumbled across this story onto Wraithbait.

    It would be some months after that — that we became friends and you started to beta for me. I don’t even remember how that got started to be honest but maybe you volunteered for it which might make you a little crazy.

    Anyways, it’s Author Appreciation Day, and I ran all over fandom today picking out stories to comment on and totally overlooked the one series that has inspired me more as a fan fic writer than just about anything else out there. Which is a damn shame.

    Thank you for your writing, for your patience, for your time, and most importantly for your inspiring friendship.

    • I am not going to blubber about this. I really won’t.

      Screw it. I’m teary eyed over this.

      I think I became a beta for you because I asked. And you were in the middle of a lot & said yes. So. Yeah.

      And you are a wonderful mentor, handholder and general asskicker on my writing. Thank you!


  8. This was great!

  9. Somehow in all my poking about on your site, I managed to miss this story until today. I loved the entire thing, though my favorite part was the first chapter, because I tripped head first into some feelings. I rarely feel Rodney as well as I did in this story, and that was amazing… it was like reading in 3D. Plot, characterization… and, oh damn, feelings, too.

    Thanks for all the wonderful that this story is.

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