Gathering the Troops

“Well that’s something,” Harry said as he stared at Terrance. “The teachers are prepared to finally stand up?”

“Lad, the only reason Minerva hasn’t killed all the Death Eaters besides Snape currently in the castle is she can’t be certain worse ones won’t show up,” Terrance admitted. “And she knows, for painful fact, that there are worse ones than Snape and the Carrows.”

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Evil Author Day: Filius’s Greatest Trick

Title: Filius’s Greatest Trick Pairing: None Warning: Mentions of child abuse, mental torture Word Total: 3164 Filius Flitwick watched the fiftieth argument between Minerva and Albus about the status of Harry Potter and hummed softly to himself. The strains of an old Goblin work shanty moved through his mind and…

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A Step To The Left

Title: A Step to the Left Author: Ladyholder Fandom: Harry Potter Relationship: Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione Content Rating: Mature Warnings: Passing discussion on torture and dubious consent on body autonomy, pregnancy Chapter One …the marriage of two of the most eligible bachelors to each other caused a collective heartbreak throughout the…

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