The Unlikely and Unwilling

Being defined by their genes wasn’t what they wanted. They wanted to be known by what they could *do*.

1. The Unlikely Guide

There was just no way that he was a Guide. Really.

2. The Unwilling Sentinel

John wasn’t willing to give up the sky. Not even for the one thing that might make him whole. At least, not at first.

3. The Unexpected Pair

Doing things the easy way, just wasn’t them.

4. The Unknown Future

Getting to know each other can be interesting too.

5. To The Far Distant Shore

Entering Atlantis for the first time is a bit different if you are a Sentinel/Guide Pair.

6. Over The Ocean

When a Sentinel and a Guide go to the rescue, more happens than what you see.

7. A Season of Thrills and Terrors

It just kept building and building. And it was nothing like a rollercoaster. There was no way to get off.

One Comment:

  1. greywolfthewanderer

    totally awesome S/G series! I really love this, and how every one is complete in itself but they all fit together neatly just the same. as someone who struggles with continuity at best, ’tis impressive! not to mention everyone sounds right, even this version of Weir. TPTB’s continuity of character was damn near nonexistent by season 5. so yeah.

    hoorah!! and a huge grin at Weir getting stuffed thru the Gate in handcuffs. O’Neill is not going to be happy with her, not one bit, methinks.

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