Bondings Aren’t Always Sex

Title: Bondings Aren’t Always Sex
Author: Ladyholder
Series: The Unlikely and Unwilling
Banner Art: None
Pairings: None
Word Count: 3,188
Rating: NC-17
Betas: Keira Marcos & Chris King
Warnings: None
Summary: While it may seem that every time a Sentinel and Guide get together to Bond that sex is on the menu, that is often not the case. Not to say that sex doesn’t come out of these sessions, but it is not the ultimate goal of a formalized Bond session. The goal of those is to reaffirm the mental, physical and mystical health of both partners.
And if they enjoy it, well… That’s just a bonus that makes it all worthwhile.
Private email from Dr. Blair Sandburg to Dr. Kate Heightmeyer, PhD.

The Unlikely and Unwilling by Danceswithgary


I got accused of being a cock tease while writing this. I delivered! So not a tease.


While it may seem that every time a Sentinel and Guide get together to Bond that sex is on the menu, that is often not the case. Not to say that sex doesn’t come out of these sessions, but it is not the ultimate goal of a formalized Bond session. The goal of those is to reaffirm the mental, physical and mystical health of both partners.


And if they enjoy it, well… That’s just a bonus that makes it all worthwhile.


Private email from Dr. Blair Sandburg to Dr. Kate Heightmeyer, PhD.

Time moves differently when one was in that ultra-calm state of mind that preceded a formal Bonding, Things that seemed to be moving swiftly could take hours and some that stretched out forever only took an instant and you didn’t know which version it was going to be until you came out the other side. Either way, the meditation relaxed metaphysical muscles that had been drawn tight by the strain of days around people who were routinely under immense amounts of stress with few if any outlets. People whose emotions boiled under calm exteriors and bled all over his emotional landscape. No wonder he was a right bastard when the tension got high.

Rodney lit the final candle out of the bunch he had traded Halling for and moved over to his meditation mat. He had already cleaned himself inside and out and felt… Lighter for following the traditions that the scene he was building required. The mental shifts needed to calm his mind had been done during his cleanup and now he just had to wait.

Everything in him told him that John would take the time to tour his City, to reaffirm that everyone was still okay after the day that they had had. Once he knew that all was well, that would be when he would come home to his Guide and he needed to be ready. Using his breathing as a guide, Rodney started to fall into his own head and began to make his mind as clean as his body currently was. It took the agitated mind of his Sentinel pausing outside of their door to pull him up from the depths of his head. Testing the flavor of their Bond, Rodney felt the bitter anger and unsatisfied rage that was saturating the mental landscape of John’s mind.

Rodney pulled in a silent breath and waited, trying to project welcome at the man on the other side of the door. Ancient architecture could be remarkably quiet when in use and John was a past master at minimizing the sounds he made, so it was only his gifts that let him know that he was no longer alone. Opening his eyes, Rodney took in one of his favorite sights. His Sentinel looked wild, free and seriously pissed at the world.

“Go get clean, Sentinel. I am in need of Bonding,” Rodney murmured. His mind was clear of the fear and excitement that had clouded it earlier and he was ready to Bond.


Walking through the hallways of Atlantis, John tried to keep the anger and despair out of his body language. His soldiers didn’t need to see him upset and they were very good at reading the smallest clues in his moods. No matter how much he wanted to rip and tear at something to take his anger at Kolya out on something. The man had put his hands on his Guide. And from the scents that were coming off the other man, he had intended far more than what he had done.

Arriving at the door to their quarters, John took a deep breath and tried to shed some of his anger. Rodney did not deserve or frankly need to be the recipient of this mood. No matter how much the other man felt that it was his duty and privilege to soothe him. With a mental nudge he let the door open and walked into another world.

There were dozens of white pillar candles set in plates all over the front room of their quarters and the scent was the Pegasus version of beeswax that he was used to smelling around Teyla. Soothing and calming at the same time. John felt his bad mood start to calm with the evidence that his Guide was working to keep their bond healthy.

Moving into the bedroom, John saw his Guide sitting on one of the two meditation mats that they had brought with them from Earth. What really stopped him in his tracks though was the sight of Rodney sitting there in nothing but his skin. Arousal was instant, but not needed or frankly wanted.

John sent a gentle pulse of question along their bond, trying to not startle his Guide out of his meditative state. When Rodney’s eyes opened, he smiled at the appreciative glance that flicked over him. With a tilt of his head, he indicated the bathroom. “Go get clean, Sentinel. I am in need of Bonding.”

He could feel his face flush a bit at that request. Turning to walk into the bathroom, John contemplated his Guide’s request. Bondings weren’t sex per se, but they were intense and incredibly sensual events. Each time was different, but they all shared a common theme of intense scrutiny, every single bit of his Guide examined and approved. The calming of his mind continued and he carefully stripped out of all his clothes and with a mental request, started a really hot shower. Stepping under the water, John sighed and grabbed the soap to start the through scrubbing a Bonding session required. Each pass of the soap on his skin took more and more of the day from him and he moved further and further into the calm needed.

Taking a deep breath, John turned his face up into the water and tried to relax. Finally he turned the water off and grabbed a towel on the way out of the bathroom. Pausing momentarily, he scrubbed himself mostly dry and dropped his towel, for once not worried about being neat. Walking out wearing nothing but his skin and his dog tags, John stopped in front of his Guide. Rodney was now calm in a way that none of his ‘minons’ would ever believe, calm down to the deepest levels of his mind and John wanted to curl up in there and purr. Instead he sat down on the mat prepared for him and let himself drop into a fully meditative state, mind linked to his Guide.

John opened his eyes to look at this Guide. His mind was quiet, his emotions calmed and he felt like he had regained some perspective on the day. The betrayal by the Brotherhood hadn’t been all that surprising in retrospect and because of that, he didn’t feel at all guilty about arranging to switch out one of their critically depleted ZPM’s for the mostly full one that they had helped find.

He thought that Rodney might forgive him for being an asshole all day when he gave it to him later.

Running his gaze over the other man, John took the time to visually inspect what was his. It was so very caveman like to think that, but Rodney belonged to him as much as he belonged to Rodney. The other man was never going to win awards for his tan, but he was fit, limber and able to keep up with his Sentinel in all ways.

“Rodney?” John called softly as he shifted to his knees. There was no movement, but he could feel the other man’s awareness increase over their Bond. When Rodney’s eyes opened, John smiled and asked quietly, “Can you lie down?”

“Sure,” came the slightly distracted reply. Rodney quickly stretched out on his stomach, his muscles loose and relaxed.

John leaned down and placed a brief kiss to the nape of his Guides neck. “Thank you for this.” Rodney didn’t say anything back, just hummed and stretched out on the mats, his legs slightly spread.

The Sentinel sat back on his heels and looked at the man in front of him. Pale skin, lean body and strong muscles, all wrapped around an amazing mind and a caring heart that knew no bounds. John felt his mouth water with want. Swallowing hastily, he leaned forward, placing his nose in the in hair on Rodney’s head and began to saturate himself in the physical reality of his Guide.

Each inch of Rodney’s back was examined and all his senses were involved in the task. Smell, taste, sight, touch, all were bent to the task of relearning the body before him. His hearing was monitoring the beat of that beloved heart, listening to the sound of it pumping blood though dilated veins and the moans falling from his lips like water.

There were spots up and down Rodney’s neck that called to him, and he was more than happy to nibble, suck and taste all that was before him. The line of Rodney’s spine got investigated thoroughly, each vertebrae defined with careful fingers. Muscle groups were traced with sensitive lips, and he could feel the minor inflammation lingering in the fibers, a result of the hard work of the past week.

Each arm was held in careful hands, every scrape, every bruise, every rough patch of skin was soothed and tended to. John paid careful attention to the rings of bruises circling his Guide’s upper arms. Uncaring hands had inflicted them and he wanted no shadow of them to stay with Rodney.

In a bid to resist temptation, John skipped Rodney’s ass. At least temporarily. Strong legs that he loved to feel wrapped around him were relaxed and spread out to allow him plenty of room to rest between. The thin skin at the join between ass and leg was scented, licked and gently bit. Well defined hamstrings were kneaded with gentle fingers, and a quick massage was given to muscles that still faintly twitched with stress.

Knees. John carefully examined his Guide’s knees, lightly flexing each joint and listening for any pops that might indicate damage, feeling for any inflammation. There was nothing out of the ordinary from either and with a sucking kiss to the pale skin at their backs, he moved on.

Every inch of his Guide’s ankles and feet were examined, massaged and held until John was certain all was well there. While he didn’t have a foot fetish, his Guide was as fastidious as a cat with his personal grooming and his feet were no hardship to play with. Running a finger lightly over the arch of a foot, John listened to a muffled giggle and smiled. Tapping an ankle he asked, “Can you turn over?”

Instead of answering, Rodney rolled over onto his back and wriggled silently as he settled in. John sat back on his heels again and admired the view. Pale skin that was flushed with involuntary arousal and the pink was a beautiful sight as it moved down his chest. Testing the waters of Rodney’s arousal John leaned forward and paused over his cock. When a warm hand cupped his chin, he looked up in question. “Bonding, Sentinel. Sex later if that is still your wish.”

John nodded firmly at that. The press, the need to complete this Bonding was growing in his heart too. Reversing what he had done on Rodney’s back, John kissed the tops of his feet and ankles. He then moved his hands up the smooth muscles of his Guides shins and calves.

Blood, bone, muscle, hairless skin, pheromones and honest sweat. These were only some of the things that meant Rodney to John. Moving up his Guides legs, he gently pressed between them, sighing in contentment as they spread to allow him room. Allowing his hands to range free again, John slowly massaged each thigh, pressing sucking kisses on the line of femoral artery, feeling the lifeblood of his mate surging under his lips.

The scent that said Rodney to him was so much stronger here where his legs joined his pelvis. Sweat gathered at the joints and John dragged his tongue up one line, the taste of his Guide exploding in his mouth. So good. Summoning all his willpower, he skipped Rodney’s cock again. That would be the last thing he went for. Otherwise this Bonding session would be cut short and he would fuck his Guide through the floor and do his level best to exhaust the two of them with really good sex.

Rodney would never, ever have the type of six-pack that all the male models on billboards had, but he was solid. Each muscle was strong and capable and able to work to its fullest. John paused in his tracing of Rodney’s abdomen and dipped his tongue in and out of his bellybutton. As his Guide curled in on himself giggling, John smiled. Pressing a final kiss to that oh so ticklish area, the Sentinel moved on.

Nipples. Nipples that reacted to the least changes in temperature and stood tall and perky all day long. Nipples that with the right play could drive Rodney over the edge to orgasm. Right now they were tightly puckered and just begging for someone to devote time to playing with them. John drew one nipple into his mouth, lips caressing the hard point with his lips. Rodney apparently liked that a lot since John could feel him tensing to move, to shift into the suction.

John released the nipple and turned his attention to its twin, lavishing his attention all over it. From there, he was planning on working his way up the sensitive neck and onto his Guides mouth. His mouth. It was something that normally spat out an unholy amount of vitriol and sarcasm; was now soft and giving under his. Rodney didn’t have a lush mouth, but damn, it was so pretty to him.

The marks he left on Rodney’s neck from his nibbles and bites were very faint. It would take another Sentinel to really see them as more than a residual redness that was easily excusable as the results of too much sun. For a Sentinel though, they were marks that let others know at a glance that a Guide was taken. Bonded to someone other than them. And if the visual cues didn’t work, his scent was all over Rodney now and wouldn’t fade for a few days.

John left Rodney’s mouth with reluctance. The kisses they were exchanging were so sweet. Love, desire, contentment, need. These things were communicated so easily through their kisses and every twitch of their skin and muscles. John moved over to an ear and purred his contentment in his Guides ear. The shiver that action provoked was delicious indeed. There was no fear in his Guide, just love, lust and surrender.

With that final gift, John returned to that which he had been ignoring time and again in this whole process. Gliding  his hands down Rodney’s thighs he ran them to his knees and shifted them further apart, giving him more access to the feast to come. Shifting back, John moved to lie down on the mats that he no longer felt. Where they were was no longer important, what they were doing had all of his attention. “Stay like this. I want to enjoy everything.”

“Everything Sentinel? I’m all yours. Enjoy at will,” Rodney agreed with a sigh of contentment.

“I will,” John said as he settled more firmly between his Guides legs. Dipping his head, he blew a slow breath over the treasure spread out before him. Smooth skin crinkled briefly with goose bumps and john smiled on his way down. “Lift up,” John urged and when Rodney did, he carefully slid his hands under the other mans ass, using his thumbs to spread the flesh wide so he had easy access to goal. Rodney had been as through as ever in his cleaning and there was nothing that was objectionable there, nothing that wasn’t the taste of his Guide. Mouth watering at the thought, John leaned forward that last little bit and started to feast.

Fast, slow, hard, soft. Each lick was a joy, taste and texture exploding over his lips and tongue, the scent a more concentrated, earthy version of all that was Rodney. The muscles of his ass were clenching and loosening, pulsing to an inner rhythm that matched the moans pouring from his mouth. John slowed his headlong rush to enjoy his treat and stiffening his tongue, dived into the little rosebud that was winking at him with every clench of Rodney’s muscles. Smooth walls and rich taste, bitter and earthy.

Leaving Rodney’s asshole, John moved up and spent some quality time playing with his perineum, pressing and massaging his Guides prostate, trying to get more of those delightful moans. A finger was used to tickle the outside of the hole he had just left, trying to keep it all relaxed and ready for play. When the moans that John had been hearing turned desperate, he moved up and swallowed down Rodney’s cock.

Swallowing around the cock in his mouth, John was rewarded by an immediate burst of cum. Rodney hadn’t even tried to hold back. Body limp with completion, the Guide opened his mind and wrapped it around his Sentinel. John wallowed in the sensation, and tried not to cum from the shock. Letting his treat go with a wet pop, John sat up and looked around for the lube that he knew Rodney had to have stashed nearby.

Lube found right where he knew Rodney would put it; John slicked up his fingers and started teasing the loose hole that they both liked playing with. With each finger going in, the Sentinel tracked how his Guide was responding. Despite the forethought that Rodney had displayed by putting the lube out, it wasn’t a given that their Bonding would end with sex. No matter how good it would feel. But then Rodney raised his legs, tilting his hips to offer him free rein, implicitly agreeing to what John was asking

When Rodney was loose and relaxed, John slowly slid in, taking the time to tease his Guide’s cock that was getting interested in what was happening again. Each thrust in was aimed at Rodney’s prostate and he nailed it each and every time. Leaning forward, John took his Guide’s lips in a kiss, his rhythm speeding up, and with each thrust he let his mental walls thin out and eventually fall. And Rodney was there to catch him, shelter him and hold him close. Physical orgasm was secondary to the mental release of his walls and the joy of welcoming his Guide back into his mind.

Together again, Sentinel and Guide relaxed into each other. Their Bond was pulsed between them, healthy and resilient again.

AN: Keira and Chris King were kind enough to go over this for me. I can honestly say that it flows better thanks to the two of them. So thank you ladies. You rock!



  1. You totally were a cock tease.

    Great job. 😉

  2. Nice little session. 😀

  3. Nice, very nice *fans self*

  4. this one is so gorgeous, wonderful romantic slow build up.
    their togetherness with their bond is evoked so well in this,thank you
    more please!!!!

  5. That was wonderful! Sensual, emotional and hot. Very nice!

  6. You know what i think, it’s mervellous, smart and sexy and so demanding more.

  7. Melanie Buckley (aka black_wolf)

    Oh it’s like warm cocoa on a cold day. It’s perfect and comforting. I love this series but this is my favourite just for the snuggle factor. Just what I needed.

  8. cannot access coherent thought…. brain totally gone, wow!

  9. Slow, sensual, and oh so delicious.

    Your ability to plot was what originally attracted me to your work. The facets you display continue to tantalize and intrigue.

  10. throughout this I was reminded of the sea and the rhythm of waves, for it seemed as if the action was following that sort of rhythm. Ebbing in, flowing out, waves building higher and higher until the crest collapses and sweeps you away.

    There needs to be more of this.

    Also, in one part of this I pictured Rodney and Ronon meeting like they did in canon and Ronon catching Rodney’s scent and going, “you’re sheppard’s”. And then doing all he could to protect Rodney so he could get Rodney back to the Sentinel Rodney belonged to and the sentinel Ronon longed to follow.

  11. You know, the sex was really secondary to the rest of the story. That is a good thing! You really brought across the connection and caring of a bonding. All told though the piece is very sensual. Also how did I mess this????

  12. I got accused of being a cock tease while writing this. I delivered! So not a tease.- Love this quote.

  13. SO good. The love. The caring. The commitment these two have. I love bonding stories that feature such tenderness. You know these two are one. And the lovemaking after the bonding was just the cherry on the top. 😘. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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