Young Sentinels and Guides Artwork

For my title page. Fanarts does some glorious work. LOVE THIS!

For chapter one:

They are so young in this picture. But wow. Were they cute!

For Chapter Two – Rescues and Dissertations:


I got the okay to include this in the artwork in the Young Sentinels and Guides stuff… While it wasn’t specifically made for this series, it completely works. So thank you georgiesmith, you ROCK!

Young Sentinel and Guide




  1. Awwww! So pretty (and still delightfully snarky)!

  2. Like the story. The art work is nice.

  3. Very nice. Thank you.

  4. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!

  5. She’s at it again. Beautiful as always. And a tiger? Perfect! Do you mind if I start following you in totally non- scary, but absolute cyber- friend way? That sentence is so not grammatically correct. ::shurgs::

  6. Ooh, you can get updates by email. Awesome!

  7. OMG they are both so, so pretty. The artwork is gorgeous. Congrats to the talented people who put them together!

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