4. Approaching Parenthood

Title: Approaching Parenthood
Author: ladyholder
Rating: G
Pairings: Slash, McKay/Sheppard.
Word Count: 810
Warning/Spoilers: The following story is based in the same universe as Slow Slide of Indifference. Actually it takes place in the sequel which is currently being written.

Summary: They never actually expected to get the chance to be parents. And then Pegasus gave them a second chance.


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“Why did I ever agree to do this? I mean, I hate kids. You know I hate kids. They’re helpless and spit all over things that they shouldn’t and they get everything sticky! They make horrendously unmentionable messes from both ends and everyone expects you to clean up both types with no problems. They never sleep when you want them to and they cry and scream until you pay attention to them. Why did you let me go through with this?”


“Because you didn’t stop me when we talked about it? Because we said that we could do this? And maybe because I want to see what a baby with your eyes and my hair looks like.” John’s voice had started out a bit plaintive, but had gotten firmer as he continued to talk. “And at this point it is way too late for either of us to be having second thoughts, Rodney.”


“It’s never too late to have second thoughts, Colonel. I mean,” and hands waving in semi-mute panic, Rodney paced in a circle around John. “There’s nothing to say that we actually have to be the ones to raise him. I know that Carson wants every ATA gene holder to have at least one kid. Well look, we did it. And the results of our insanity are right over there!” and flinging a hand out, the agitated scientist pointed at the wall where an Ancient gestation unit held an almost full term fetus.


Despite his own fears of what was to come, John really was doing his best to be understanding. So he held onto his waning patience in the face of Rodney’s over the top hysteria. Hopefully, by time they were able to decant the baby (and dear god, wasn’t that a weird thing to contemplate!) Rodney would be a bit more settled into the reality of fatherhood. But right now John had to keep the man calm enough to reach that point. “Yes Rodney, I was there when Carson mentioned that he wanted all the ATA carriers to have kids. And do I know that there will be a lot of the little darlings born in the next few years, but we said that we would be the first. And that means that we have a responsibility to the kid that we helped create. Which further means that we will be keeping and raising him. No matter how much that fucks with your world view.”


Blue eyes flicked over at him with a faintly betrayed look, likely sparked by John’s tone of voice. It did the Colonel’s pride absolutely no good to realize that he was basically mush when it came to Rodney pouting at him. John found himself mentally crossing his fingers in hope that their son wouldn’t inherit the talent. But knowing his luck, the kid would have it in spades. And they really needed to figure out a name for their child, because calling him ‘the baby’ was going to get very old, very quickly.


“But, but… John. I am going to fuck this up. I’ll say something to make him cry and our kid will end up hating me. He’ll need to visit Kate everyday so he turns out somewhere close to normal.” Normally pronouncing doom and gloom calmed Rodney down, but this time he looked so upset at possible events that John had to offer some comfort.


“Rodney, come here.” John said as he grabbed for his lovers hand and drew him into a hug. “We are going to make mistakes, babe. Yeah, there will be days when the kid says that he hates us, but there’ll be more days when he says that he loves us. Because we are going to love him with everything we have and he will always know that. He will never have a cause to think that we didn’t want him. Okay?”


John could feel the warm puff of air on his neck as Rodney sighed. And then strong arms snaked around his waist and he was hugged tightly. “I do want him, John. I want him so badly that I am afraid that I will do the same shit to him that my parents did to me. And if that makes me sound like a girl, too damn bad. I have a right to be freaked out.”


Tucking his face into the fine hair behind an ear, John murmured, “Freaked out you can do, but don’t take it out on him. He’ll be here in less than a month, so get it out of your system now, okay?”


“You’re right. God, John. We are going to be parents.” Rodney’s voice was filled with awe. Lifting his face from John’s neck, he quickly brushed a kiss over his lips and turned to face the wall with its occupied gestation chamber. “We are going to be parents.”







  1. This is very cool.

  2. Aww, a genuine Rodney freak-out! Yeah, babies are pretty freakworthy, but just the fact that he’s so worried shows how hard he’ll try to do a good a job. This snippet shows a lot of insight into the two of them. Good job!

  3. it’s very realistic that he’d freak while waiting for the kid to be born and for him to melt as soon as it is born. He’s so going to be a great dad.

  4. greywolfthewanderer

    cue Rodney running around freakin’ like a chicken with the head cut off, lol…

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