Interlude Atlantis: Rejoining Life

Interlude Atlantis - Rejoigning Life



Daniel walked into the apartment he shared with Jon and stopped. There was no one home. Jon had called him to remind him to come home and (after checking his watch), it was his partners turn to cook, so dinner should have been started….

But no one was there. If they had been any place other than Atlantis, he would have been more concerned about kidnapping, so that left… Well kidnapping, accidents, unexplained off-world missions or scientists grabbing Jon for his ATA gene. Tapping his ear piece, Daniel took the direct route, “Jon? Where are you?”

No answer. Damn it.

Another tap to the channel stud and, “Carson? Is Jon O’Neill there with you?”

“Nae, lad. He isn’t. Haven’t seen him in days. Why do ye ask?” replied the base CMO. After so many years on Atlantis, the question didn’t seem to have thrown him at all, just made him curious.

“Because he isn’t home and I was wondering if he had been sparring with anyone and needed your attention. Thanks!” and quickly signing off, the Archeologist dropped his computer on the desk by the door and headed out again.

Jumper Bay, Jon’s office, Sheppard’s office, the mess, the armory, CIC, the range, their favorite balcony and back again. He wasn’t in any of them. When Daniel had passed Sheppard for the third time as he made his rounds, apparently that was just too much for the other man and he pulled him over to one of the many niches scattered up and down the halls. “Check the Natrium. Last time I saw him, he was sitting on the floor, staring at Jamie’s unit.”

Daniel felt himself twitch at that news and in a burst of intuition, looked at his watch. Like every other time piece on Atlantis, it showed both the Atlantis date and Earth date. He wasn’t all the surprised to find that on Earth, it was officially a bad day. Today would have been Charlie O’Neill’s birthday. And thus, was a day that neither Jon or Jack O’Neill handled with anything approaching grace. Nodding slightly, Daniel murmured a quiet “Thank you,” before heading over to the last place he would have looked for his partner at.

Jon was sitting on the floor, staring up at the artificial womb holding Jamie McKay-Sheppard with a look Daniel hadn’t seen in ears. Envy, want, need, hunger. The last time he had really seen that look was when Jack had had to let the Re’tu child, Charlie, go to the Tok’Ra. Right afterwards the Colonel had closed down tightly and had spent the night getting really, really drunk. Not wanting to break the silence, Daniel sat down beside his partner.

“I want the brass ring, Danny. I want to try again.” The words were quiet, but heartfelt. Jon looked up at him and Daniel felt his heart melt at the sight.

“Sure, Jon. Let’s have a baby.”

The smile that lit spread over Jon’s face was enough to light up a room.

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Thank you Chris King and Keira for the look over!


  1. alway do a happy dance when I see that you have updated.
    What a beautiful look into there relationship. Thanks Rajni

    • I had this view of Jon wanting a baby and just taking the time to watch as Jamie grows. Hell, if there was something like that here, I would be watching a baby grow too!


  2. Something I always wanted to see on SG1 was Jack moving on having a long relationship and perhaps a family.

  3. Oh this just tugged tightly on the old heart strings and I have a lump the size of Scotland in my throat. This was lovely.

  4. Wow thanks for your update, this two deserve a baby so much. I love your story 😉

  5. *hugs Jon and Daniel* I’m glad that on such a hard day for them that they found some solace and healing together.

  6. Awwww….. yes, Charlie’s birthday is always hard for Jack… and Jon… and smart of Danny to give in to a kid without much discussion…. there’ll be talking later of the “are you sure” type but… yup, they’ll be great dads….


    ::throws catnip at your muse:: (at least it will get the kitties moving and maybe she’ll come back to work!)

  7. This made me smile. I think the two of them will be wonderful dads! And won’t it be cool for Jaime to have a friend.

  8. I wish their kid will be born soon so it will be close in age to Jamie

  9. just spent a while reading all of this story from the beginning.
    have to say every time i do this i just love it more and more…..more soon pretty please.

  10. This story always leaves me wanting more, more, more, oh just of everything. Its also one of the few that feature independent Atlantis where what is happening on Earth is just as interesting as what interesting as what is happening elsewhere. As much as I want to know more about what’s happening at Atlantis, I’m never disappointed to see what O’Neill and everyone else is upto. Plus your president makes me crack up everytime.

    • Thank you!

      And I like him too. He is just fun. And very pragmatic. I also like seeing stories where everyone is touched on at least once. Earth is important to Atlantis, so showing the action going on there always made sense to me.


  11. Wonderful addition and made me tear up, what an opportunity for Jon and Daniel. And makes me sad for Jack tho, not that it is any safer out there than on earth for raising kids. But if you think about the danger I wouldn’t have had my sons. Thanks for more of such a great story.

  12. greywolfthewanderer

    milady, when it should please thee to update, ’twill please me to read it! so far, really nice story!!

  13. I had the time to read the whole chapters, it’s like in my memories, fantastic.
    So, update ? soon ?

  14. Had read this before, but reread it over the last few days. Is this the end? A happy point to leave. Thanks for sharing. I love you work and this is such a long, rich story.

  15. I love it great are great update when you can thanks for sharing 😉

  16. greywolfthewanderer

    another reread, and enjoyed as much as ever. I adore independent Atlantis anyway, and this is one of my favourite takes on that subject. thanks!!

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