In the Fullness of Time

Title: In the Fullness of Time
Author: Ladyholder
Series Order: 4
Banner Art: None
Pairings: None
Word Count: 6,796
Rating: G
Betas: None
Warnings: None
Authors Note: They said it would be a year before they could Bond… Looks like they were about as right as usual. Which meant not right at all.

Young Sentinel and Guide

Art by Fanarts

3. Reality and Reflections

Four Days After Meeting

The building where Northwestern housed its Sentinel/Guide Pairs was about as isolated as could be managed on the campus, which was to say, not very. However, it was a new building and Rodney was certain the soundproofing was up to code at least. He was actually looking forward to living with John now that the shock of the whole Bonded thing had worn off.

Turning his attention away from the building, he looked at Professor Sandburg as the older Guide ran through the list of amenities for their new home. “It has raised bedroom for the Sentinel and if you two were a typical Bonded pair, the second room under the stairs would be a study or something. Now it can do duty as Rodney’s room until you Bond. There is a decent kitchen set up for when you want meals in, a decent en-suite bath and there’s also a washer/dryer set up in each apartment. Too many Sentinels have individual allergies to do the communal route. The windows are triple paned, so there shouldn’t be much noise coming through them.”

Nodding slowly as he took it all in, Rodney looked over at his new roommate. “Which one is ours?”

Pointing to a corner unit, the Prof indicated a bare set of windows. “That one. The last tenant graduated last year and no one has lived there for the last six months. The scent markers should have faded, but if they haven’t, we can get a cleaning crew to come in and deal with it.”

Eyes on the windows, John nodded. “I think we need to. I can see some spider webs from here.”

“Right. Well that is easily fixed. Do either of you have the stuff you need to set up house?” the older Guide asked as he tapped away at his phone. When there was no reply, he looked up to see Rodney at least, staring at him in panic. “Let me guess, you have your books, some clothes, you might have towels, but neither of you have anything else?”

Rodney gulped and tried to think of what he really had in his dorm room. Apparently Professor Sandburg could read minds, not just emotions, because he put his phone away and hooked an arm in with Rodney’s. “So we go to the mall while the cleaning crew does their job. Come on boys.”

And away they went.


“So what are we going to do with Sheppard and McKay?”

“Huh?” Blair asked, his mind clearly between the pages of his book.

Jim tried not to grin at his mate, but it was a losing battle. He always loved derailing Blair’s train of thought with something out of left field and then watching while he caught up. “Sheppard and McKay? You know, the kids that you just spent obscene amounts of money on to get settled into the Bonded dorms, even though they aren’t yet? And had me spend an hour talking to commander of Northwestern’s ROTC division about?”

“Oh, them,” Blair said as he clued into the conversation. “If I am correct, we will see them Bonding in the next six months or so. Their bio-rhythms are already starting to sync up and I can feel Rodney’s channels priming to accept his Sentinel.”

“And you’re okay with them rooming together knowing that?” Jim asked incredulously.

Jim winced as Blair gave him his patented ‘You are being slow, keep up’ look. “Do you really think we could have kept them apart? Short of locking them both up in separate rooms and even then, I wouldn’t put it past them to get free.”

“Right. Six months?”

Blair made an agreeing sound as he reached for his coffee. “Six months at the outside. Less if things keep going the way they have been.”

Jim took a sip of his own coffee and savored the flavor of really good beans and a perfect roast while he turned the idea over in his head. If he was in Sheppard’s shoes, there was no way in hell that he would have let Sandburg out of his sight, so he couldn’t see the younger Sentinel letting McKay get too far. And McKay, for all he was a snarky, mean little shit with more brains than sense at times, had started looking after Sheppard as fiercely as Blair did him.


“So we need to stay in touch, right?” Jim asked carefully.

Eyes sharp with concentration, Blair glanced at his Sentinel. “Oh, yeah. We do. I also asked Jack and Daniel to stay in touch as well since John wants to join the military and it is doubtful that Rodney will.”

“How is that going to work? Have you got any ideas on that Chief?” Jim was curious to see what his Guide had come up with. There were many S&G pairs in the military, but few of them had one member a civilian and the other active duty.

“Rodney has depths that most people miss, Jim. And he’s a Wolf. He won’t let his Sentinel down.” Expression peaceful as he stared at his book, Blair let himself be drawn back into it.

Jim sat back to finish his coffee. Obviously Blair was done with his discussion. He would give it a few before he tried another distraction. Maybe a massage….


Of all the time he spent with Jim, Blair enjoyed the moments when his Sentinel would allow him to take care of him the most. Jim was good with going along with his Guide caring for the normal things; foods, chemical exposures, temper control and all, but those were just standard day-to-day stuff. This was something between the two of them, formed of love and devotion and only peripherally based off their Bond.

Hands that had acquired calluses from guns and unarmed combat moved over his Sentinel, spreading sweet almond oil in their wake. And the Sentinel purred, relaxing degree by degree, until he was puddled out over their bed. Blair felt a flair of deep satisfaction at the signs of total relaxation and let go of his own worries as well. Each sweep of his hands, each muscle that was followed lead to a level of contentment that allowed their Bond flow free and easy between them.

Blair ran his hands down Jim’s legs a final time and grabbing the linen cloth he used when he gave his Sentinel a massage, started to wipe the excess oil off his skin. Each stroke of the cloth was firm, but not hard, allowing the excess oil to be removed but not irritate Jim’s sensitive skin. At the final stroke, he sat back on his heels and admired the man spread out before him. “You’re beautiful.”

The Guide watched as the cheek that was facing up turn pink at the compliment. He would never tell Jim, but he was totally cute when he blushed like that. Broad shoulders, smooth chest, trim waist, firm ass and long legs made his Sentinel a beautiful sight to behold. Even more so when there was a blush moving down his face, over his chest and up to his ears. Watching the man spread out before him, Blair felt his mood move from soothing to sensual in a heartbeat.

Moreover, Jim knew it. The spreading of his legs and shifting of his hips showed that. Blair ran a hand down Jim’s back and settled it onto his ass, kneading the firm flesh lightly as he played with the shadowed cleft. When there was no protest, he smiled and grabbed the almond oil. He was going to enjoy watching his Sentinel come apart at the seams.

It was the work of only a moment to pour a thin stream of the almond oil over the crack of Jim’s ass. Flicking the cap back on the bottle, Blair dropped it onto the bed, ready for easy retrieval. Spreading the lightly viscous oil up and down the shadowed cleft before him, he rubbed it firmly into the tightly furled rosebud of Jim’s ass. Slowly but surely, the muscles relaxed and unfurled.

Giving into temptation, Blair dipped his head and slowly ran his tongue over the newly loose muscles. The faint taste of almonds was overwhelmed with the earthy taste of the man spread before him. He kept his attention on the feast before him and reached out one hand for more oil. Coating his fingers, he slipped the first one into Jim’s ass and started to slowly, surely finger fuck him. And Jim loved it. His hips were rising and falling to meet the thrusts of Blair’s fingers. Moans were falling from his lips like water and their Bond was thick with love and lust.

When Jim was as loose as he wanted to be and both of them were more than ready for the next step, Blair carefully removed his fingers and using the linen cloth quickly cleaned them up before adding more oil to his hand, his cock and Jim’s ass. There was never anything casual about making love to his partner, the gift that he was being given each time was to be savored, and Blair did. With each and every inch of his cock as he entered Jim’s body. And when he was as deeply seated as he could get, he started rocking in and out of the beautiful body before him.

No matter how long he wanted to draw the experience out for, it would never be long enough. Humming lightly as he leaned forward to run kisses along Jim’s shoulders, Blair drew strength from the love that poured through him from Jim. It was independent of and yet complimentary to the Bond they shared and he could only be grateful that he had it. Orgasm, when it finally came, was almost unexpected in its intensity and they came apart under its power, minds merging again and again until two became one and there was no more Sentinel, no more Guide, just ONE.

Three Weeks After Meeting

John was pacing up and down the waiting room closest to his Guide. He had found out what was going on only because one of Rodney’s students had seen what had happened and run to tell him. The trip to this hospital had been a taste of hell. John had tried to talk to the duty nurse, but she had sent him to this room and now no one was talking to him. He needed to let them know that his Guide needed him. Focusing his hearing outward, John latched onto Rodney’s heartbeat, and even with his layman’s knowledge, could tell it was beating way too fast. It was nothing like the strong rhythm that normally underlay his day and it was driving him crazy.

Turning sharply on his heel, John started towards the doors to the treatment rooms. No one was around to stop him and by god, he was not waiting out here anymore. The doors were easy enough to get around, and once inside, he homed in on the too rapid beat of his Guide’s heart.

Doctors and nurses were moving over and around his Guide, talking quickly and loudly, their attention firmly on his physical status, ignoring the emotional. Through it all, Rodney was crying. Big silent tears were welling up in his eyes and trailing down into his hair. John joined the dance around the gurney and moved to the head, where Rodney could see him. As soon as he touched him, John could hear his heartbeat start to slow down to a calmer rhythm.

“You can’t be here!” one of the people working on Rodney said. Reaching out, he tried to grab a hold of John.

The snarl that John flashed the interfering mundane was mostly outside of his control. Mostly. “My Guide!”

“Shit! You’re a Sentinel?” The other man (some part of John knew he was a nurse, but it didn’t help) looked at Rodney again. “Everybody freeze.”

With everyone still, John could easily hear the machine that was helping his Guide breathe working, and the sub-vocal whimpers from a voice that was unable to work around the tube supplying air to starving lungs.

“The patient is apparently a Guide. His Sentinel stays. Anyone who is not cleared to work on or near an empath in distress needs to leave.” The room emptied of all but two nurses and a doctor, and Rodney calmed down even further, his tears finally stopping. “Now that he isn’t fighting us, we need to get him stabilized and up to the Sentinel/Guide floor.”

John kept a close eye on the three people working on his Guide. They were calm, professional and didn’t touch Rodney any more than they had too. When they were released from the ER, the same nurse that had realized who Rodney was, was there to smooth the way for them again. John got to give his Guide a bed bath and removed the stink of fear from his skin, plus the contact helped calm him down too.

Once everything was tidied up, John crawled into the bed with Rodney and listened to him breathe. The whole afternoon had been the most frightening thing he had ever gone through and if he had to get them tattoos to show their status, he would. After this Rodney was never going near a seafood restaurant ever again. Lemons were totally evil.

One Month After Meeting

“Hut, two, three, four!”

No matter how many times Rodney listened to the ROTC units practicing, the commands they shouted were still so much gibberish to him. But the results were very pretty, he could admit. And John was even prettier in his uniform, all shiny and stuff.

Once school had actually started, John had gone in and gotten what he called a ‘regulation haircut’. What that meant to Rodney was that all the lovely semi-sentient hair his Sentinel had was now gone and all that was left was a buzz cut. He had done his best not to pout. John’s head had been almost as good as having a cat and he certainly enjoyed it when Rodney had run his fingers through the mass.

ROTC also meant that the fitness program that John had been following was ramped up even further. And he insisted on Rodney joining in. While it was doing wonderful things for his ass, it was doing nothing for his sleep levels. Or his hormones. Since stretchy and sweaty was a good look on his Sentinel, Rodney was learning how to do all sorts of things half-hard. Given how many times John bent over in front of him, he was quite certain the other man knew it.

However, this was John’s dream and Rodney was his Guide. So he would be there every step of the way to help his Sentinel. And if that meant that he had to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to tire himself out, while watching his partner do the same? He would do it a thousand times over.

Two Months After Meeting

John enjoyed the hell out shadowing his Guides classes when he could. While he was teaching, Rodney came alive as he explained the ways the universe unfolded, layer-by-layer, in math so beautiful he could weep. And most of it was totally lost or unappreciated by the grad students he was teaching.

Rodney knew he was there, of course. However, he never called him on his habit, nor did he ever ask John to turn in his version of the completed equations. He was still contemplating leaving the papers covered in math out where his Guide could find them. The bitching that they would cause would be as funny as all hell.

The writing of his Master’s thesis was going just as it should and he was making great progress explaining the hows and whys of his math. The slow conversion of his theorem from three loose-leaf binders to something that was fit for human consumption was taking a bit longer, but it was moving right along as well. If he ever did this again, he wasn’t going to be as messy as he had been, because even he was having problems following the mass of overwritten and crossed out equations covering the pages.

They were working on the living together thing too. If John had to be honest, he thought that they were getting the hang of not killing each other over the little stuff. They had mastered the “shared bathroom dance”, the “kitchen tango” and just the general living together thing. Even if Rodney was a bit of a slob over the level of cleaning John thought was needed.

His application to enter the Air Force directly, bypassing the Academy was under consideration and he was hopeful. While he was not opposed to getting another degree or two, spending four more years in college was not his idea of fun and he had already gotten the needed training on his service thanks to his time in the ROTC. Colonel O’Neill had suggested the sidestepping thing as a way to get in faster and maybe use his pilot’s license before it was out of date. If all went well, by the time his thesis had made it through committee, he would have a slot in the advanced pilots training course. He had his fingers crossed on that though.

John had decided to take advantage of a free afternoon to go over the how he was putting together his thesis. Pages from the finished portion were scattered around the sunspot he was lying in and he was adding background pages in piles below them. If all went well, he was a few months away from being finished with the whole mess. John decided he was taking a break from higher math after he finished this degree, the next one would be in something else…. Military History maybe. Or Aeronautical Engineering. He liked working with his hands too.

Four Months After Meeting

John hated Christmas. There were too many blinking lights, too many scents in the air, and way too much noise. From the masses of overexcited kids, arguing adults, insistently annoying muzak, to the mistuned bells, it never, ever shut up. He felt like he should be wearing his ROTC MOPP gear to protect himself from the suddenly hostile environment.

Everyone else at Northwestern seemed to be dealing with the insanity well enough. Well, other than the normal end of term tensions. He had experienced his first zone in years when he and Rodney had gone to the mall to restock on clothes and Sentinel friendly products. After that lovely event, Rodney had labeled the whole thing as a bad experience and declared that they would order their shit online.

The college itself was mostly ok. After all, he was well used to the insanity that college students seemed to thrive in. However, there were still areas where he was not comfortable, so he avoided them as much as he was able. Namely the various dorms, the theater and the student store. He had thought about becoming a hermit, but it seemed like too much trouble when he looked into it.


Rodney was having his own problems thanks to the volatile emotions that ran rampant through the season. In the years before, he would have been able to lock down his shields, and thus ignore the fact that there were other human beings around him. This year, he didn’t have that option. There was no way he would shut out John.

But the beat of everyone else’s emotions against his shields was so hard to deal with, and he had to let the stress bleed off somehow… Therefore, the morons in his various classes were getting the rough side of his tongue and all he could do was try to keep the truly viscous edge to himself. He was still getting looks like he had killed their favorite pet and the staff at the University was not too happy with him either. Rodney found himself meditating a lot in an effort to keep things on some sort of level that he could live with. He was so looking forward to the ‘joyous season’ being over with.

When it all got too much, he had to call out for help. The counselors on the campus weren’t enough and there wasn’t a hope in hell that he was going to ever step foot back into the Sentinel/Guide Center. Thanks to long talks with Dr. Sandburg and Dr. Jackson, Rodney had come to the reluctant conclusion that the only way his shields would get firm enough to take extended emotional storms like the holidays, would be after he and John Bonded. And that event was still months away. So he did his exercises, meditated a lot and tried not to get sucked into large crowds without John there to anchor him. Becoming a hermit with John was looking more and more viable. After all, they had the internet, and Amazon delivered damn near anything for a price.


Blair came back from his emergency handholding trip to Chicago very thoughtful and very quiet. Jim watched while he moved from one task to another, without his usual chatter. It was an unnerving sight to see. When he reached the end of his patience he had to ask, “Chief, what are you thinking about so hard?”

His Guide turned to look at him and Jim saw that while he had heard the question, his mind was far, far away. And when he spoke, he could tell that it was an effort. “Jim? What do you need?”

“You’re quiet, Chief. Is there something wrong with the kids? Were the holidays too much?”

Blair took a few more moments to respond, but his eyes were sharp and present when he did, “The kids are fine. I was just thinking about what I am seeing between them.”

“And what are you seeing, Oh Shaman of the Great City?”

Eyes fond, his Guide looked at him and shook his head slightly at the title. “I saw that Rodney’s channels are almost fully open and John is basically ready. His mind is primed and waiting for his Guide. Their Spirit Guides are with them all the time now. So I think we are down to weeks before they Bond. If that.”

“Weeks, huh? Then we need to figure out a nice Bonding gift. What do you think they will need?”

“Not a clue, man. They still have to figure out what they want to do when they graduate. John isn’t that far away from it. Rodney, from what he told me, has that second doctorate of his that needs to be finished.” Blair said with a shrug.

Jim had to give it to Rodney; he was ambitious and dedicated to his goal of multiple doctorates. “How much longer does he have on that? And what is it in?”

“The end of the year at the outside for the one on Sentinel Studies and he already has his Doctorate in Astrophysics. Depending on what John decides about going into the military, he might just go for the third Doctorate he had been talking about,” replied Blair.

“Another PhD? In what?” Jim asked incredulously. If Rodney wasn’t careful, he would end up being a professional student.

Humming lightly, Blair moved over to the kitchen to start some tea. “Engineering. If John goes into the Air Force like he told you, Rodney can take classes through their online system or from one of the colleges wherever he is assigned to for flight school. He is thinking Mechanical Engineering with a subset into Computer Engineering.”

“Is John going to try to push on with his schooling to get a doctorate?” Jim asked as he took his cup. If Blair was going to give him tea, at least it was going to be something other than an herbal blend. Rising out of the cup was the distinctive scent of Earl Grey, heavy on the Bergamot and natural, unbleached sugar. Much better than the twigs that his Guide was drinking.

“No. Once he has his Masters, he might take some other classes to get a minor while Rodney completes the Sentinel Studies degree, but his is thinking Flight School will be enough for a while.”

“Sounds doable,” Jim agreed. Something told him that they would be keeping an eye on these kids for a while.

Five Months After Meeting

Rodney was quite certain that he was one of the luckiest Guides on the planet. He, while not Bonded yet, got to live with his Sentinel and ogle the pretty bastard all the time. It was wonderful.

Then again, he was living with his Sentinel and the too pretty bastard was grinning at him every time his hormones spiked. Which they did. Often.


Classes were normal, boringly so. He had to deal with all the moronic underclassmen who thought that, since he was only seventeen, they could intimidate him into giving them better grades. He was very happy to prove them wrong, wrong, wrong! Speaking of wrong, the test he was currently grading was… Dear god in heaven, didn’t people read the directions he put up on the board before tests? Muttering imprecations on the heads of all his students, Rodney turned his attention (and his red pen) back to his latest math test. His students were morons.


John looked up from his spot on the couch and stared at his Guide. The other man was muttering comments that he was quite certain were physically impossible to do to another human being. And all of them aimed at his 301 Theoretical Math class. Since John was past that, he counted himself lucky and got up to see what had set the other man off this time. Peering over his shoulder as the red pen of death moved across the page, John winced. The poor schmoo who had this paper had obviously not bothered to actually study for the test, the whole thing was wrong.

However, the problem that Rodney had set his class was intriguing and grabbing his doodle notebook, the Sentinel copied down the first equation and started playing with the math. Two hours later, he was twenty pages further into his notebook and Rodney was finished demolishing the egos of his 301 class. When the pen was set down, John looked up to see his Guide looking at his notebook with a speculative eye.

“Uh-uh. No. My toy for the moment. When I get tired of it, you can look. Okay?” John asked.

“Fine,” Rodney said with a small pout. “How soon until you get the written portion of your thesis finished?”

“Uhm… It is with my committee and I am getting the grilled on it soon?” John admitted as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Body still as he digested that, Rodney stared at his Sentinel and fellow student, “You’ve finished writing your Master’s Thesis, it is in committee and you are going to defend it when?”

“Three weeks?” John admitted with an optimistic lilt to the answer. It apparently wasn’t going to help today.

“Three weeks? You defend in three WEEKS!” he screeched. “Oooooohhh, you!”

Cocking his head to the side, John watched as his Guide flushed and his eyes got shiny with irritation, pride and a huge amount of geekly math lust. “You are really pretty when you get angry.”

He didn’t even have time to yelp as Rodney came out of the chair and tackled him to the floor, tickling him mercilessly.

Six Months After Meeting

“You’re a Guide.”

Rodney looked up from his books at the Sentinel wearing a football jersey staring down at him. Eyebrow raised slightly, he watched the other man for a moment.

“I want you to be my Guide.”

His other eyebrow was now trying to climb his forehead to join the first in disbelief. But he held his tongue and waited to see how far the idiot would go.

“Let’s go.”

And there he went. Screaming over the edge into abject Moronville. “No.” He was damn proud of himself. He hadn’t added any of the multitudes of insults that had flashed across his mind.

“Do you know who I am?”

Rodney snorted in disdain and gave up on being nice, “No. Now take your over-blown ego, moron level IQ, obviously tiny dick and go away.”

“But you’re a Guide, I’m a Sentinel. That means that you’re supposed to be mine.”

Shaking his head at that statement, Rodney sighed and took a deep drink of his coffee. Swallowing more than the liquid, he said, “I’m not your Guide, little boy. I’m his Guide.” And pointing over the puppy’s shoulder, drew his attention to the pissed off Alpha Sentinel behind him.

Rodney took another sip of his coffee as he watched John silently teach the football player a lesson in manners, respect and discretion. It was awesome. When the puppy had slunk off, he continued to stare at his Sentinel, watching him as his metaphorical tail twitched in irritation.

The last sip of coffee was swallowed as silently as the first and he set the cup down on the table before him. “Sentinel.”

Fierce triumph lit the green eyes staring down at him, “Guide.”

First Day

They weren’t even out of college yet. They were young, and untried, but there was no one else for either of them. And now, now they had to Bond. Which meant following tradition.


Rodney did not have to be told twice. There was no more waiting, no more ignoring his instincts. He was all grown up now and his Sentinel was following behind, ready to Bond. Hunting him. Stalking him. Herding him back to their dorm where it was safe.

Panting lightly from the run, Rodney pushed himself to get up the stairs quickly. John was only minutes behind him. A quick fumble at the door and he was in. One more flight of stairs to the aerie and he could strip. Thank goodness he had showered and scrubbed well. No time for that now.

He was down to his skin now, shivering lightly in the cool of the room. A rapid check of the drawers in the nightstand lead to the lube that John used on himself and he made sure that was at hand. Reaching out, Rodney grabbed the duvet and top sheet to strip the bed down. Roughly folding the mess at the foot of the bed, he debated on what to do next. Should he stretch himself out or let John do it? Rodney knew that John was aware of the efforts he had been going through to prepare for this, but still…

He heard the keys in the lock at the door and that tore it. No more time. Climbing into bed, Rodney laid down on his back. Waiting for his Sentinel to come in and Bond with him. Damn it. Now he felt like some sacrifice. He was so going to bitch at Dr. Sandburg for suggesting this!


Tradition in the world of Sentinels and Guides was a very strong thing. Moreover, the tradition of a Sentinel running his Guide to ground to claim him was one of the ones that had been set aside by most of the world. But Professor Sandburg had felt that it would be best if he and Rodney were to pay at least lip service to it.

When he had told Rodney to run, and then watched his Guide take off like a racehorse, John had felt his blood catch fire. He was going to enjoy the hell out of catching the other man. To give him a bit more time and to draw out the fun, John picked up the stuff his Guide had left behind in his haste to run home. Thankfully, Rodney had only brought his laptop out and had left all the other crap he liked to haul around at home.

Two minutes down and he was doing his best to give him at least a five minute lead. Anticipation was starting to burn along his nerves and John began to pace, watching the seconds count down on his watch. One hundred and eighty seconds later and he had the computer case over his shoulder and he was running for their dorm.

It was freeing to be moving as quickly as he was and only the distant rational part of his mind noticed how many people got out of his way. He knew he had to look like a lunatic for running full out the way he was, but he really didn’t care. The only thing that stopped him was finding the door to their room closed and the lock engaged. Clever Guide. The fumble with his keys was another moment that Rodney had to get ready and John could smell him though the door. Bonding pheromones, lust, precum and healthy sex. Gods, so heady.

John took a deep breath as he walked into their dorm and his mouth watered at the scents. It took more than he wanted to think about to carefully put Rodney’s computer bag down without flinging it away from him, but he did. Then he stripped down to his skin while he was still coherent enough to remember what shoelaces were. The wildness in his blood was clamoring and he just knew that as soon as he saw his Guide, he was going to lose it.

A quick look into Rodney’s bedroom showed him that his Guide hadn’t even bothered to stop in there, so he moved upstairs quickly. And there he was. All laid out on his bed. Pale skin, rosy nipples and a deep rose cock and John was gone.


Rodney tried to quiet his breathing when he heard John enter the room, but it was useless. He was starting to get all worked up for this event thanks to the whole chase thing and well, it worked for him. Evidenced by his cock getting all interested. When John came up the stairs, he tried not to squirm, but it was useless. His Sentinel was looking at him with eyes that were so dilated with lust and need that their normal green color was almost completely eclipsed by the black pupil. God.

He had never, ever seen John like he was now and he thinned his shields like he had been taught. Lust was there, so was need, but there was also something else, the sense of someone else, reaching out to him. Rodney, for the first time since he had been taught to shield his thoughts, dropped them completely and allowed another person inside his mind. He let his Sentinel in.

The meeting of minds had never been described to him and now he knew why. There was nothing anyone who had never been through it could use as a frame of reference for the event. Intimate, yes. Mind-blowing, certainly. Invasive, no. It was more. Two souls meeting as one, twining around, through and with each other.

When he opened his eyes again, Rodney wasn’t surprised to find that John was in bed with him. He was however, surprised to find that nothing had happened yet though. Reaching out a careful hand, he drew it down his face, “Sentinel.”

Eyes that had been blown open with lust and desire were looking at him closely now, but John was obviously back in control. “Guide.”

“What are you waiting for?”

Grinning fiercely at the question, John replied, “Nothing.” As if the question had been the trigger, Rodney felt his Sentinel let go and his mind slid into his again. It was wonderful.

John’s hands were hard as they mapped each and every inch of Rodney’s skin. He started at the top of his head and moved down to his feet and the Guide found himself wishing that he had taken the time to bathe. Everything he had been taught stated that John would be fine with the scents of his body, but he was still twitchy over it.

“Relax Rodney. This part isn’t all that new.” John said softly. “I know what you smell like, now I get to learn what you taste like. And so far, I like what I am tasting.”

Oh, GOD. Rodney moaned as John moved up between his legs to his neglected cock and started to lick up and down the length of it. When he took it deep into his mouth and swallowed around the head, Rodney curled up and came without warning before flopping back. The ripples of his orgasm rippled out from his cock and all he wanted to do was ooze out into a puddle of satiated Guide. Dropping his hand onto John’s head, he ran his fingers through his Sentinels hair in thanks.

When John let his cock go with a wet pop, Rodney felt a grin pop up on his face and after one last pass through his hair, he put his hand back where it had been. The Sentinel was panting lightly like he had been the one to run full out and it was wonderful to know that he had done that, just by coming. As John got his wind back, Rodney shifted his hips a bit, trying to let his legs fall further about in a subtle hint. They had gotten this far and he wanted more.

“You are not as subtle as you think, Rodney.” John said into the skin above his cock.

Lifting his head, Rodney looked down his body to eye the other. Lying without a qualm, he “There is no way in hell I am trying to be subtle. You are going to fuck me aren’t you?”

Eyebrow raised in silent disbelief at the lie, John nodded and looked around for something. When his eyes lit on the lube, Rodney squirmed in anticipation. A long armed reach out and the Sentinel had the bottle. Flipping the cap open, John coated his fingers and grinned down at him. “Tilt your hips a bit.”

Rodney did him one better and hooked his hands under his knees and pulled back, exposing his whole ass to his Sentinel. The position should have made him feel vulnerable, but watching the darkening of John’s eyes, it made him feel powerful and smug.

At least it did until John rubbed his fingers over his asshole and started dipping it in and out of the first layer of muscles, slowly letting him get used to the thought of having something in there. The feel of one finger sliding in was both odd and really good, the second and third fingers were just as good and he was rocking back into the thrusts, trying to get more. He was hard and aching and when the fingers that were driving him wild pulled out, Rodney actually keened.

“Shhhh…” John’s voice sounded strained as he moved between his legs. Rodney felt the knuckles of his hand brush his ass as he felt the head of John’s cock press against his hole. When it popped through the guardian ring, he winced slightly at the burn and felt the pause as John stopped moving. It was a conscious decision, but he worked to let his muscles relax and with the softening, John sank in even further.

He let his eyes close as he concentrated on the feelings of the cock inside of him. It was different from when he had fingered himself, warmer, much bigger and since it was under someone else’s control he couldn’t tell him to speed up. When it tagged something inside of him that he had only brushed at on his own he was thrilled. “God! Do that again. Harder!”

John grunted as he shifted them around slightly to get a better angle and with a deep breath, started to comply. The thrusts from the skinny hips that drove him wild walking were taking him apart and his words left him. All he had left was his mind and he had to share, had to let John know what he was doing to him. Reaching out along their newborn Bond, Rodney poured his feelings down it and felt John’s coming back it. It was better than when their minds had met, it was better than anything.

Orgasm when it came again was just another piece of what they had formed between them. Something that, when it whited out his mind and sent him over the edge, Rodney welcomed with open arms as he felt John come apart with him. For a brief shining moment, they were one.

5. Growing Up is Hard to Do


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