Different Roads Challenge#5

Beautiful 00Q


Title:  Beautiful
Author: Ladyholder
Challenge #:  5
Fandom/Original: Skyfall/OOQ
Genre (slash/het/gen/etc):  Slash
Warnings:  PWP, mild spanking
Beta: Keira Marcos

Title Art By: Fanarts_series



It wasn’t often that he indulged his kinky side. And since he had become Q the chances he had had to do so had decreased. So him having an afternoon off with orders from M to not come in for 48 hours was a luxury he was going to take full advantage of.


Q pulled the shopping bag with all his supplies out from under the sink and started setting things up. Three bottles of heavy duty Nair, fresh razors, enema kit, new cock ring and unscented lotion. A quick twist of his wrist had a towel wrapped around his head to keep his hair out of the way while he took the first of several showers. Only when his skin was clean and pink did he get out from under the warm water to start.


Looking over at his supplies, Q realized he had forgotten some gloves to protect his hands and a quick rummage through the extra supplies under his sink turned up a pair. Safety equipment on, Q started at his feet and began smearing a thick layer of the smelly cream on. Once he was coated to his collarbone, he pulled off one glove to set the timers. This was the part of his preparation for play that he liked least, Nair smelled awful.


Q checked the time at the first ring of an alarm, he still had hours before his partner could expect to get free and come home. Satisfied with his plans, he turned his attention back to his current project. A test patch showed he needed to let himself sit for a few more minutes. When the second alarm rang, the test showed exactly what he wanted; smooth, clean skin.


Wiping off the stinky mess was as gross as always, but the end results were worth the trouble. The pile of used towels was quickly dumped in the washer to deal with the stink. Once that chore was started, Q headed back to his shower. He needed to do an in depth inspection of his skin to see if any hair had been missed and if so, he had the razor to trim it off. There were very few hairs that had survived the smelly crème, so despite the smell, the Nair was worth it. On a normal day, he kept everything neat, tidy and trimmed, but today wasn’t normal and he wanted to be smooth.


Inspection done, Q quickly showered, making certain to wash every inch of him before getting out and shutting off the water. Looking at the countertop, there was one more step to his evening. Sighing at the thought of the next step, Q nodded to himself. For all he was gay, gay, gay he deeply loathed enemas. But if he wanted to play clean (and he did) he needed to be clean both inside and out.


Getting the process started was easy and he really tried not to think about what he was doing as he inserted the tip of the enema nozzle in his ass. It wasn’t the right size or shape for fun, but when the warm water was released into him, he could feel himself get excited.


That excitement ramped up higher and higher as he repeated the enema two more times, finally satisfied with how clean he was on the third rinse. Back into the shower he went for his final wash of both his hair and his body, and he was as clean as he was going to get.


Naked and Wet Q


While he waited the bathroom got a quick once over for cleanliness and then he had some lotion to rub in. The base was almond oil and his skin sucked it up eagerly. Only when his hands glided over his skin without a hitch did he cap the bottle, well satisfied with how he felt.


Naked in more ways than one, Q walked into his bedroom. He had the perfect “outfit” to go with his totally bare body. But first he had to get the cock ring he had chosen on. As excited as he was, it wasn’t a comfortable fit, but he knew he was going to need it. As soon as that device was snug against the base of his cock, Q slipped his chosen outfit on. The feel of his “clothes” was silky and sweet against him and he wriggled slightly at the fabrics caress.


The bedroom was all ready for what he had in mind, the lube, toys, pillow and towels were all in place and he had condoms if his partner got stroppy about things. He quickly moved around the room, lightly touching each object in turn. Everything looked right, the toy chest was ready and he was dithering like a new bride.


Disgusted with himself, Q moved out of the bedroom and on to his next task. Tying an apron around him carefully, he started dinner. The dish he had chosen was moderately complex and he wanted it to come out perfect.


Q let his focus narrow on the dish coming together under his hands. Lasagna was his partner’s favorite meal and in this, he truly wanted indulge him. The time passed much faster for this chore than the others and when he popped it in the oven, he was not happy to find how much time had passed. Cleanup would make it a very close to not beating his partner home if he didn’t hurry.


The last spot of mess on the counter was being stubborn and Q was working on getting it up when hands he knew well slid across his hips.


“I like the look on you. Framing such a delicious ass,” came a lightly growled voice into his ear. Q suppressed the flinch that came automatically when he was startled. But he knew that voice and he leaned back into the strong body behind him. “Let me see what you have been up to this afternoon? I can smell part of what you’ve done today.”


Smirking tightly, Q stepped out of his partners arms and rinsed his hands off before turning to face him. Bond was watching his every move, eyes tracking his Quartermasters movements easily. Q tried not so preen at the admiring look. With careful showmanship, he untied his apron and keeping the front of it pressed against his middle he drew the loop over his head and then wet the whole garment drop.


Q kept his eyes firmly on Bond’s and watched as the other man took in his appearance. From his collarbone down, he was totally hairless. The feeling was incredibly sexy, parts of his skin that had been covered by hair were now exposed and he couldn’t wait to feel Bond’s hands on them.


Bond, he was interested to note, was standing totally still as his eyes dilated until the startling blue color was almost eclipsed by the expanding pupil. His Double-O was breathing much deeper, too. Excellent.


“’You have been busy, haven’t you? My dear Q, you are going to be the death of me,” Bond muttered as he reached out to run his hands over Q’s hairless chest.”How long until the food’s done?”


Q leaned into the petting, enjoying the feeling of callused hands gliding over the smooth skin of his chest. “I can turn it down and it will take about two hours.”


Eyes gleaming with a feral light, Bond scooped his partner up and threw him over his shoulder before turning the oven down as far as he could. When Q harrumphed at him in frustration, Bond slapped the bare ass by his head before caressing the smooth skin under his hand.


Q bucked against the sting of the slap. “Neanderthal,” he muttered as Bond carried him back into their bedroom. Totally ignoring the fact that he had set the whole scenario in motion.


“You wouldn’t have me any other way, Q,” Bond murmured as he swept into the room. “Especially when you bait the hook so well.”


Q said nothing as he was dumped onto the bed. James gazed down at him and took in the sight of him. From the tousled dark hair that looked as if he had already spent hours running his fingers through it, to the milk pale skin that only rarely saw the sun and a total lack of body hair, he thought his partner was beautiful. He had gotten a glimpse when Q had dropped the apron, but he wanted to take his time to look. And he would. Right after he unwrapped the lovely packaging his present came in. Running his fingers across the pattern covering Q’s genitals, Bond smiled. “The Union Jack? Really Q, how patriotic.”


Union Jack Q


Head back as he arched into the sensation, Q could only moan. James smirked and carefully untucked his partner’s cock and balls from the decorative jockstrap and slowly drew the whole thing down his smooth legs. When he looked back up after following the strip of fabric down, he was happy to see what else Q had done.


Q was usually quite neat in how he kept himself and James was very appreciative of that fact. His normal pubic hair was trimmed close and very dark, just like the hair on his head. Now, he was absolutely bare. James ran his hands up Q’s legs and spread them apart and back to allow him to see the full effect.


Everything was hairless. What was normally hidden by closely trimmed hair was exposed to his view. “I feel like a dirty old man with you looking like this. All pink and hairless,” James whispered softly before leaning down to run his tongue across Q’s bare balls.


The only response he got was a high pitched whine, but James wasn’t upset. The skin under his mouth was too alluring. Determined to get closed Bond push pushed Q’s legs back further, causing the other man’s hips to tilt. Perfect.


James wanted to taste and he carefully licked and sucked at every inch he could. Right over the perineum got him the best reactions. As it should since there was a small tattoo nestled there. OOQ indeed.


James moved down further, tasting the skin of Q’s most vulnerable places as they passed under his lips. When he reached the younger man’s anus, he stiffened his tongue and carefully pushed it in. All he tasted was the moist heat of Q’s body. The patchouli/earthy/musky taste that that normally accompanied this activity was wholly absent.


He took full advantage of that fact. Rimming was something he considered fun, an activity he refused to use on his mission related fucks. It was too personal, too private a feeling to have his mouth on such a tender place to do casually.


James didn’t let up with his through exploration of his partner’s groin until the whines he had been hearing from Q transformed into a cry and the muscles of Q this ass clamped down on his tongue. James breathed out through his nose, carefully withdrawing his tongue from it’s snug cavern.


Bond sat up and grabbed the towel that Q had placed on the bed before earlier. Carefully he wiped his face, drying the evidence of what he had been doing before cleaning his Quartermaster up. The lightly rough feel of the towel caused the younger man to flinch and arch into the sensation.


Bending down, James kissed the tip of Q’s dick and then walked into the loo. Something he had learned about Q, the man adored being rimmed but there was no way that Bond was going to be able to kiss him without brushing his teeth and washing his face. If he tried to do so without a cleanup, well, that was a good way for the Double-O to sleep alone.


He wasn’t planning on sleeping alone tonight.


Face clean and teeth brushed, James made certain that he had a wet washcloth and went out to see what his boyfriend had been up to. Their lover’s pillow had been pulled out Q was draped over it, his ass high in the air, thighs spread and the bottle of lube ready beside him.


The Double-O just grinned at the sight. Q was in the mood to be taken as high as he could go tonight and he was willing to indulge him. James climbed up on the bed and sat back on his heels, might behind Q. The washcloth went into a bowl on the nightstand and he picked up the tube of lube to look it over.


Eyebrow raised, James read the information on the front of the bottle twice. A numbing agent? Cheeky little shit. James moved forward, covering Q’s back to place his mouth by the younger man’s ear. “Do you really think that I need help lasting? I am going to fuck you to another orgasm and beyond… But I can do that without the assistance. So why?” he asked.


Q didn’t answer, too busy pushing his hips back against James’s groin, trying to catch the angle for his cock to slip in. Bond leaned on one hand while cupping his other to oh so gently slap his partner’s ass for that. There was no way in bell he was willing to fuck Q with just spit for lube and he wanted his partner to stop trying to force the issue.


As soon as his hand connected to Q’s ass, the younger man had stopped moving his hips and started to shiver. They rarely played this far, but James watched carefully for any sign of discomfort. Nothing. Leaning forward again, Bond placed his mouth by Q’s, “Better tell me, my dear Quartermaster. Or I will go back to my tonguing of you and you won’t be getting fucked any time soon.”


“Oh. God.” The words were soft, but James heard them anyway. The shivers wracking Q’s body increased and his hips stuttered. Once. He waited a heartbeat more and still Q was quiet. So he carefully moved his hand to the side and then smacked the other ass cheek.


That got him another moan and Q started to pant lightly. When that still got him nothing, James sat up and carefully warmed the pale ass before him. It was only when his ass was at a deep blush pink, that Q broke. “I was hoping that you would fuck me until I couldn’t come again!”


Since he was out of Q’s view, James let his honest reaction cross his face. He grinned. Oh, he was going enjoy trying to live up to that request. The lube was where he had dropped it and getting it open was the work of a moment. The feel of the be liquid was cool and slick, the numbing agent was subtle enough to only dull the edges of sensation for him, not cut it off. James could work with that.


He moved back between Q’s thighs and pushed his legs further apart, making sure to press down on the small of his back to keep him draped over the lovers pillow. Q whined as he shifted, the skin of his ass was still glowing and warm and James ran the tips of his fingers over it as he carefully spread his partner’s ass to get at what he had feasted on earlier. The hole was still loose and Bond smiled in satisfaction.


With everything that needed to be slick, slick, James capped the lube and let the whole thing drop to the side. Bond carefully lined his cock up with Q’s anus and slowly, carefully pushed in with one smooth motion. He held still for a moment and then relaxed the rigid control he had on himself and started moving in and out of his partner. James kept his hands on Q’s hips and enjoyed the warmth of the pink skin against his palms.


Shifting slightly James found Q’s prostate and made sure to tag every time he sank into him. It took less than a dozen thrusts before his Quartermaster was coming again with a choked off cry. James held still, buried to the root in the rippling grip his partner had on him. He would never admit it, but the numbing agent had been a good idea.


As soon as the tremors of that orgasm had faded, James started to move again. Q moaned and Bond grinned, quick and feral, at the pleasure soaked abandon buried in the sounds.


The noises Q made only got louder and more incoherent as James continued to fuck him. The younger man was wonderfully responsive and James was thanking the refractory period of youth when he came for a third dry orgasm. Again he held Q as he shook through the spasms, cock still and full inside of his partner, giving him the filled feeling he had been craving.


When Q’s breathing had calmed down and he was no longer twitching from the aftershocks, James carefully sat back, pulling his cock out of the younger man’s asshole to check it. The flesh was a deep pink and looked well used, but there was no blood, no evidence of injury. James ran a careful finger around the outside edges of Q’s anus and watched the shiver that wracked the other man and the simple touch.


One long arm reach was enough to snag a mostly empty bottle of their regular lube. He really wanted to cum. Drizzling the rest of the bottle on his cock and and Q’s anus, James threw it over his shoulder. He barely heard the bottle hit the floor as he slid back into the well used body before him.


James watched as the muscles of Q’s back tensed and then relaxed as he pushed back in. The feeling was glorious and he was enjoying himself thoroughly. When he pulled Q up and off the lovers pillow he enjoyed himself even more because of the whine falling from the Quartermasters’ lips at his actions. He knew that the position they were in forced his cook even deeper into Q’s ass. As sensitive as he was, Q had to be worse. Not that he could tell from the way the younger man was trying to ride the cock inside him.


James ran his hands down the front of Q’s chest and cupped his cock. The ring Q had, placed before they had started to play was still there, still holding back the liquid proof of Q’s orgasms and James traced the edges of it. Once he found the catch, he moved his fingers to a loose grip around the shaft and started to carefully jack it in time with his thrusts.


Q was sprawled out on his lap and James relished how the other man looked. Gone was the absorbed look, the one that said his brain working faster than the speed of light and in a thousand different directions. Instead all James could see that was a look of bliss that the Double-O planned on bringing back as many times as he could.


James turned his attention back to what his hips were doing and drew a deep breath. He was going to last long enough for Q to reach another orgasm and then he was going to cum. He was going to last… James tilted his head until it was right by Q’s ear. He was going to see if he could more things along.


“Can you feel how hard you make more? All snug inside your tight ass? Can you feel how much I like being inside you? How quickly I return to you? You are beautiful like this, all lush and blissed out by your orgasms. Fucked out and still trying to cum around the ring,” James murmured into Q’s ear as his hips kept moving.


James watched as his Quartermaster started panting, the words driving him higher and higher. Shifting his hips, James brushed over his partners prostate again and that was it. He could feel the spasms of Q’s orgasm starting and he quickly reached down to unsnap the cock ring. With a cry that sounded more like a scream, the liquid proof of Q’s enjoyment covered his hand and shot up to coat his chest.


At the first firm grip, James relaxed and let his own orgasm come. The sensation was so intense that his world went white and he clamped his teeth in the muscles of Q’s shoulder to muffle his own cry. It took far more than Bond wanted to think about to not pass out.


When the world had settled back into place, and his bones reformed James carefully pulled out of Q’s body. Even that motion caused lights to spark behind his eyes and his partner to moan. The lovers pillow was still where Q had placed it and James draped the younger man back over it. Smirking at how limp and boneless his partner was, the Double-O ran his hands down Q’s back and legs, soothing the muscle twitches from the repeated orgasms.


The roll out of bed was less than graceful, his thighs shaking from their prolonged use. James wasn’t going to complain though. Grinning lightly at his satisfied feeling, the Double-0 headed back in the loo to get a warm washcloth to clean up the mess they had made. Actually several. A pit stop in the kitchen and James turned the oven off, and pulled dinner out. A quick spin with the foil and he popped the lasagna away in the fridge. If they wanted it later, they could reheat it. Supplies secured, James returned to the bedroom and started wiping Q down, cleaning the evidence of their passion off the younger man.


When he reached Q’s ass, James paid careful attention to the place he had just played in. Red and a bit swollen, Q’s anus looked well fucked, but not dangerously so. Bond carefully ran one warm cloth down the length of the Quartermasters spine to his ass and the man arched into the warm feeling. James carefully pulled Q up and supported him as he ran a second washcloth over his front.


This part was one of James’s favorite things about his relationship with Q. The chance to love and care for his partner was a gift that he never, ever took for granted. Throwing the used clothes back into the loo, James shoved the lovers pillow off the bed and curled up around the limp form of Q. “Thank you for this,” he murmured into the ear nearest his mouth. James pulled him close and enjoying the humming contentment that was rolling off the man who was the love of his life.


This was the best thing, the most beautiful thing in his life. And he treasured it.





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  2. awww! sappy and hot! thank you and great job!

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  4. One of my favorite “new” pairings by one of my favorite authors- fantastic! 🙂

  5. Sweet and lovely and hot! Thank you so much.

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