Evil Author Day: Not a Housecat, More Like a Panther

Title: Not a Housecat, More Like a Panther

Fandom: James Bond

Pairing: Alec Trevelyan/Q/James Bond

Warnings: Canon Typical Violence

Word Total: 5000

Art: By Jilly James


James Bond was no one’s idea of a pampered, spoiled and lazy house cat. He was more like a panther that consented to work with MI6. While he walked with a grace most felines would envy, he was not owned. And anyone who thought he could be? Well Bond was entirely willing and able to rip someone’s face off for trying to do so. Or he might break their neck if they got within reach, if shooting them failed.

So to have the most dangerous of the 00’s actively obeying the commands of a boffin was insane. That it was Q made no difference. Because that one was a housecat as far as the Powers That Be were concerned. Cute, fluffy, dangerous to hands, but not anyone to be worried about in the big scheme of things.

Bond could have told them differently, but no one asked. M could have as well, but that gentleman wasn’t talking to his superiors any more than he had to. Tanner and Eve weren’t asked. at all

But Q rarely touched the power that Bond gave him. He was the angel in the agents ear, the one who find a route into or out of any place and the voice of reason when all else failed. He used his power lightly and for that, Bond and the other 00’s tolerated him At least, that was now it had been in the beginning.

After months and years of working together, Q had settled in deeper into his pet relationship with the 00’s. His relationship with Bond was deeper still. The control that Q had over Bond, stretched the other way, too. There had been several memorable instances where Q had been stressing over missions that were running out of control and Bond had been the only one who had been able to get the Quartermaster to step back and breathe.

It had been a very large and unwelcome surprise to the Powers That Be-meaning the people watching over M’s shoulder. They would have been very happy if Q had been the only one at the reins. Well, aside from M. And even then, they wanted the 00 program under close control.

So on the whole, everyone in MI6 was happy with the status quo. Those in charge were freaked out. The 00’s just shrugged it off. Bond and Q ignored it. Life continued as was the normal thing and no one expected anything different as Bond still brought home his tech in fits and starts, but he brought himself home without fail. The Quartermaster didn’t run himself into the ground without reason on a non-emergency basis.

So life was life and it went on.

“Bond, go left at the next intersection. The package is tucked into the fourth room on the right,” Q told his agent as he pulled up schematics for the building.

“Got it, Q.” Bond grunted back.

Q could hear the sound of deep even breaths as his agent moved through the evil mastermind’s lair. He was actually grateful the mark had actually filed his plans with the local government. What was even better was that the government had their files online.

Maybe he wouldn’t crash their servers on the way out?

Who was he kidding….

The country in question had done everything possible to make their search for Bond’s target as hard as possible. He had had to remotely start the country’s internet twice before they got the message. Crashing something important but trivial sounded fantastic.

Q moved his attention back to MI6 for a moment to check on his minions. The tension he could feel didn’t seem to be unusual, so he glanced over at his second. R flashed him a brief smile with a nod and Q relaxed. If the was a problem, R wouldn’t be nearly as calm.

“I’m through the door, Q. So what am I looking for?” Bond asked.

“I could have sworn I gave you a description of our goal before this mission, 007.” Q responded dryly. “Our target has a wallet of miniature data cards that holds most of the stolen data he’s gotten his hands on.”

“I remember that, Q,” Bond’s voice was poisonous in its sweetness. “But this bastard’s been in the intelligence business for years. I have a dozen folders here.”


“Right. Is there anything like a glossary?” Q asked as he tried to hook into their target’s computer. At the same time he got in. the country they were invading shut down their internet for third time. “Those wankers.”

The snort of laughter carried over the comm and pulled him out of his rage. “I take it the real world isn’t going according to plan?” Bond asked.

“I hate your hosts,” Q muttered as stabbed out the reboot sequence on a secondary system. His hit on the enter key was harder than he normally ever wanted to treat his equipment, but he didn’t care. Fuck being nice. “So, what’s your favorite
charity, 007?”

“Uh-huh. You’re up to something. Doctor’s without Boarders,” Bond told him. “Now, what do I do with these folders?”

“Is there a bag you can transport them in?” Q asked as he moved through the dark net. He was rewriting the protocols over the internet connection that was giving him fits. He didn’t have the time to fuck with their shite a fourth time.

Over the radio connection to Bond, Q could hear the man searching. He kept his eye on the time as his agent searched the room. ”Ah hah,” Bond grunted. “Apparently our guy travels with this mess. He’s got a briefcase.”

“Well load it up.” Q muttered as he finished his hack job before turning back at to the monitors showing camera views. As his fix rippled through the country, the cameras that were acting as his eyes come back. “007, you have two potential hostiles heading your direction.”

“This day just keeps getting better and better. Got a way out for me that doesn’t end with me getting shot?”

“Straight behind the desk is a door. It leads to the man’s private loo,” Q instructed after a quick glance at the building plans.

“I don’t need to take a piss, Q,” Bond cut in.

The snort of laughter forced its way out and Q didn’t bother to hide it. “Good to know, 007. But the emergency exit for the bastard to leave the building is in there.”

“Well why didn’t you say so?” Bond asked as he slammed something shut. From the sound of it, Q surmised it was the carry case for the cards. The sound of a door opening was followed by the sound of feet on tile. “Q, I’ve got a keypad on a door. Unless this guy is nuttier than we know, he not locking up the toilet.”

Bother. It was too much to hope the bad guys wand be stupid. Bond rarely carried a billfold while on a mission that didn’t require anything to hide his identity. So Q hadn’t given him an RF card to be to hook onto the card reader or even a set of lock picks. Well, an official set. The Quartermaster was very certain that the spy had at least one set stashed on him. That left the shitty internet connection to try and get the door open through.

“Read me the name of the keypad manufacturer or a serial number if you can find it?” Q asked as he flipped Bond onto speakers so his best lock smith could listen in. Thank goodness his predecessor had gone for cross training and continuing education for everyone, no matter what their position was in Q branch.

Bond quickly found and read a nane and serial number and Q left the search in R’s hands. He was keeping an eye on the men searching the high rise through the cameras. They were still making their way up to the floor Bond was hiding out on. There was a sound of satisfaction and then Bond spoke up. “Where does this thing end up?”

Q answered the question while studying a report from 006’s mission. “Obviously, out of the building and into a parking garage. About three blocks from you. I’m sure you can find a car from there?”

The sound of ascent Bond let out echoed faintly. Q had to trust his agent could complete his current task, he was busy passing on information 006 suddenly needed for his mission. Trust Trevelyan to stumble across more than he had been sent out for.

Hearing Bond talking again, Q turned his attention back to the mission at hand. “Well, this bastard may be scum of the earth, but he has good taste in cars,” his agent commented. “Aston Martin, no less.”

“You can’t bring it home, Bond.” Q cut that line of possibility right off.

“Why not?” Bond asked as he got the car started. “It’s a lovely red. Looks great next to me.”

“Your ego doesn’t need any more stoking, Bond. The car stays.” Q told him.

“You never let me have any fun,” his agent bitched.

“Just because I don’t give you pens that explode is no reason to bitch,” the Quartermaster snapped back.

“Exploding pens are a great thing to give Double 0 agents before a mission,” Bond sounded far too happy at the thought of explosions for Q’s taste.

“You aren’t supposed to blow anything up on this mission, Bond. Be glad I gave you a gun.”

The chuckle that came from the other man was rough and amused. “It’s a very nice gun. But explosions are the way to a Double O’s heart.”

“I thought that was up through the stomach?” Q snapped back without thinking.

The room around him got quiet and Q raised his head. Bond was just as quiet before he let out a thoughtful hum. “I prefer to slide a knife in between the ribs, if I can’t shoot them. Alec just likes slitting throats if he has to get that close.”

“Messy, but effective.” Q agreed. “You still can’t have the car.”


“Get home, Bond. We don’t have time for your sass,” Q told him quietly.

“So how am I getting these things home? Because I doubt I’ll be able to get on a plane with them,” Bond asked.

“Well there’s always FedEx,” R muttered, voice loud enough to be heard.

“Wha?” Q couldn’t quite get his head around the idea of trusting a commercial mail carrier with something so important.

“We do have an account with them,” Bond mussed. “Has anything on that changed in the last six months? I haven’t checked since the last time I needed to send something to HQ.”

“No, 007, nothing’s changed.” R told him.

“Excellent. Q expect an overnight package.”

“Fine. You still can’t have the car.”



Bond took three days to reach England. Q wasn’t going to pitch a fit at the tardiness of his agent. Picking and choosing his battles was the only way he got anywhere with him. Alec had finished his mission on time and had managed to get back close to time.

Q wasn’t going to poke at it. He was reasonably certain Bond had stashed the Aston Martin someplace he could get back to it. The car would show up eventually. Dismissing the possible auto theft from his mind, Q made his way home. Running a mental inventory on the food left in the flat, he came up blank. Tea he had in plenty, but there was no cream, no sugar and really no food.

Take away it would be then and then he would spend a half hour doing some online grocery shopping. Thank goodness for that because he was shite at remembering to shop. That the grocer delivered was even more fantastic. It meant that he didn’t have to bother to remember to bring money to the store either.

The security for the flat was of his own crafting and navigating it was almost automatic. Once through the door, Q pulled his scarf off and threw it over a hook with his coat. Sniffing slightly he smiled.

“I sincerely hope you ordered enough to share,” he called as he walked through the foyer.

“We got plenty,” Alec’s voice floated out of the living room.

Q loosened his tie and untucked the tails of his shirt before dropping down onto the couch between his agents. One plate full of curry and rice and he started eating. After the first bite, the taste exploded across his tongue and he shoveled the whole mess down.

After scraping the last bite up, he sat back and tried to breathe. Closing his eyes he sat back and tried to relax. When the plate was pulled from his hands, he tried to hold onto it by reflex.

“Hush Q, I just need to refill this again,” James told him.

Q let his eyes slit open and watched as James loaded up his plate again. It took effort to track at when the dish got handed back to him. As soon as he had it settled he started eating again, just a bit slower than his first serving.

“Our boffins been skipping eating again, Jamsie,” Alec muttered.

“R didn’t say anything about him not eating,” Bond muttered back.

“I can hear you two,” Q told them between bites. “Today was wretched and full of meetings. I barely got a cup of tea, let alone lunch. Eve slipped me some biscuits, but those wore off ages ago.”

“M didn’t let you eat?” James sounded peeved. Peeved and 007 was never a good combination. If his agent let his ire loose on their boss, it was any ones guess as to what the result would be.

Q took several more bites before he tried to answer. Swallowing carefully, he reached out and plucked the beer Alec was drinking to take a sip of. Mouth clear, Q took a deep breath before responding. “M did his best. 004’s mission went side­ways and I was called on to oversee the extraction. That took the rest of the afternoon.”

He ignored the significant looks the two Double O’s were giving each other. 004 was a jackass who managed to bollox up enough missions to have M reconsidering his Double O status. Q had managed to put his recommendation in several months before. And it hadn’t been complimentary.

If his agents made 004 miserable, he was all for it.

While mayhem was being planned with eyebrow twitches and grins, he finished his curry. Washing the remains of his meal down with the rest of Alec’s beer, he sat back and enjoyed the body heat pouring off the other two men. Q let his head fall back again and closed his eyes and enjoyed the silence.

When he felt a set of fingers work themselves into his hair, he stretched and almost purred. His agents both chuckled and he smiled at the sound. Mayhem delayed then.

“Are you up for some play, Q?” Alec asked.

“Yes,” the sibilant was drawn out as the hand in his hair dug in deeper.

The laughter this time had a darker,  more lustful edge and he shivered as his own libido lit. He could feel his cock start to twitch and fill in his pants and he let his head fall back further, offering them both his throat.

When a set of teeth closed over the skin at the base of his throat he sighed. His cock was even more interested at the slight sting of pain. The feel of a set of lips covering his own was delightful. Opening his lips, he touched his tongue to the other man’s lips, asking to be let in.

When they opened to het his tongue dance against his partner’s. The taste of curry and Alec exploded across his taste buds. They moved back and forth battling for control. But control wasn’t what he was after. Q wriggled slightly and enjoyed how the teeth at his throat gripped his flesh a bit tighter. His cock was almost completely hard and it was pressing against his trousers.

When a hand flipped the button hoping his fly closed he exhaled in relief. Someone’s fingers were making their way down the V of exposed flesh and he could feel a moan rumbling up his throat. Pulling his mouth away from Alec’s he let it loose. He knew he sounded wanton and he certainly felt it.

The teeth against his throat let go and he mewled at the loss. James kissed the spot he’d been mauling before pulling away. “Let’s get to bed. More room to play.”

Q opened his eyes and smiled at how wrecked Alec looked. Pressing forward he pecked a quick kiss against his agents lips. “You need to let me up, love.”

The dazed green eyes staring at him sharpened abruptly before a feral grin crossed Alec’s lips. “Only because you asked.”

”Prat,” Q knew he sounded fond, but there was no help for it.

The way to their bed was a mass of wandering hands and stolen kisses. Q started pulling his clothes off as soon as they got into the bedroom. The only things he bothered to hang up were his tie and suit coat. The rest of his outfit went into the clothes hamper. Despite Bond’s influence, he still didn’t have many suits.

Alec’s clothes followed his and they both turned to watch James peel himself out of his trademark suit. Every item was treated like the work of art it was. “Going to get naked anytime soon, lover?” Alec asked.

“Just because the two of you think the height of fashion to go for khakis, doesn’t mean that I do,” James told them both, voice completely unruffled.

“Snob,” Alec sounded fond and Q smiled as he made his way over to the bed. “Looks like Q has the right idea.”

Q flashed his agents a glance over his shoulder and smiled as he crawled onto their bed. Specially made, it was bigger and wider than a normal king sized bed and the only thing that could hold the three of them.

“Oh Alec, whatever shall we do with our dear Q?” James asked as he walked over to stare at the boffin.

Q watched as his agents stood at the base of the bed and licked his lips. His cock was flushed and hard and he itched to jack it. He didn’t though, because an orgasm would be too little too soon.

Alec ran one hand over Q’s leg and gripped an ankle. He pulled it to one side and smiled at how easily Q spread his legs. “I would love to see if we could fuck him into babbling.”

The sound of a thoughtful hum came from 007 and Q shivered at the sound. If Alec got his way, his agents would do their best to drive him out of his head. He sincerely couldn’t wait. But first he needed to light a bit of a fire under his men. “If you two don’t get moving, I can certainly find a toy or two to take care of this” he said, pointing at his erection.

From the light in his agent’s eyes, they accepted the challenge.



Alec used the ankle he had hold of to pull Q down to the end of the bed. He looked over at James and quirked an eyebrow at mm. “Fast or slow?”

He watched James jack his cock and his mouth watered slightly. Q took the choice out of his hands and scooted around to bury his head in the agent’s groin. From the strangled moan James let out, he would bet that Q had swallowed his cock whole. Alec watched as James’s face seemed to go slack with pleasure and smiled. From the way Q was holding onto James’ hips, he seemed to be having a very good time with the cock in his mouth. Alec ran his hand up the leg in his grasp and leaned forward.

Blowing out a puff of air, he watched the fine hairs speckled across his lover’s thighs move. He smiled at the way Q’s belly tightened as he moaned from the sensation. From the gasp over their head, James was enjoying the vibrations.

Alec could feel his smile changing and taking a devilish edge as he beamed forward and took Q’s cock into his mouth. He hummed in contentment at the taste. Their boffin didn’t have a huge cook, but he had a very generous one for his size. It filled his mouth nicely with enough to wrap several fingers around. Just perfect in all ways for the boffin.

Bobbing his head, he slowly worked to drive Q out of his mind and by extension, James out of his. Hollowing his cheeks, Alec increased the amount of suction he was using and let himself enjoy the taste. Salty and a bit sweet, the taste of Q was getting stronger with each burst of pre-come that dribbled out. From the sounds rumbling through his lover’s chest, he was enjoying the attention.

He kept an eye on what his partners were doing. Q had let his eyes fall shut and his jaw was slightly slack as James fucked his cock in and out between their lover’s lips. From the blissed-out look on the younger man’s face, he was enjoying the hell out of himself.

James certainly was. From the way the older man was moving his cock in Q’s mouth he was having a hell of a good time. Alec pulled off Q’s cock and jacked it several times as he contemplated his next move. James hadn’t answered fast or slow and Alec was going to go for fast.

They had lube stashed in several places around the room, with the closest tube being in the nightstand. Alec rolled over and made quick work of grabbing the lube, several condoms and a spare bar towel. The tube was a flip top & the clear viscus fluid coated his fingers. Rolling back to his former position, he settled into the space between Q’s legs. Reaching out, he used his unlubed hand to push Q’s leg back and expose his arsehole.

Alec flicked his eyes up and checked out the sight of his lovers still having a great deal of fun. Q’s eyes were closed and he still looked blissed out. James had his eyes slitted open, slivers of blue just barely showing as he fucked his cock into their lover’s mouth. Alec kept an eye on them as he let his lubed fingers circled the entrance into Q’s body.

From the way their boffin had stiffened and moaned, he was all for what Alec had planned. James’ eyes popped open and followed his hand as his fingers moved through the motions of opening Q up. The skin was soft an silky and hot as hell on the inside. The feel of it against his fingers was his second favorite feeling at that moment, right after the feel of Q wrapped around his cock.

He was slow and through in his actions and Alec enjoyed the whole thing immensely. As soon as Q was loose enough, he pulled his fingers out and grabbed the towel to clean them. Once his grip was back, he quickly opened a condom packet and unrolled one down his cock. The sensation of his fingers moving over his dick caused him to his at the spike of arousal.

Alec looked over the way his lovers were laying and leaned over again, reaching out to grab two pillows from the nest of them at the head of the bed. One he folded up and tucked under Q’s hips, the other, he folded and waved at James. The look the other agent flashed him was dark and he waved the pillow again.

“Pull off, Q. I want to fuck you and if I do it the way you are now, your back will give you fits,” Alec growled. When their lover opened his eyes, they were glazed and dazed with lust. As soon as he saw the pillow, the green eyes sharpened and he pulled off James’ cock with an obscene slurp.

Thin hands reached out and grabbed the pillow and tucked it under where his shoulders were. Q rolled his body back into place and let his head fall back and since he was on his back, the long white length of it was a striking sight. His whole body was in fact. All long lines and gleaming white skin, glistening with the start of a fucked out glow. Q reached out and took hold of James’ hips to pull him back in.

One hand gripped the agent’s cock and guided it back into his mouth. Alec heartily approved of his single mindedness and he knew James did as well from the relieved groan he let out. The blond let his hips snap forward and Alec watched as the lines of Q’s throat move as it was filled with James’s cock.

Snapping back to his own actions, Alec grabbed the lube and drizzled a small amount over the length of his cock and pressed the head against the loosened muscles of Q’s arse. The moan his action ripped from Q was echoed by James as the sound moved through their younger lover.

He could feel a very filthy grin stretch his lips and Alec pressed forward, letting his cock sink into Q. Hot, tight and very soft, their boffin accepted him into his body without a hitch. As soon as he bottomed out, the long white legs that had been splayed to either side wrapped around him and drew him that fraction of an inch deeper. Gripping his lover’s knees, Alec watched as his cock slid into Q’s arse. He raised his eyes from where he had been staring at the spot he disappeared into Q to stare at James.

Flushed and sweaty the sandy blond looked well on his way to being wrecked. When Alec pulled out and then pushed back in, he watched as Q shared the pleasure with their lover and James shuddered. Each repeat brought them all closer and closer to the edge that they were chasing.

Q fell over the edge first and came, cock untouched. Alec kept moving through the clench of his younger lovers muscles. The caress of Q’s orgasm rippled over his cock and he bit his lip in an effort not to come. He was enjoying himself way too much to let himself tip over. Q had told them both that the sensation of being fucked after he came was one of the most delicious things he had ever experienced. Alec was very happy to oblige him.

James fell over next and instead of letting him pull out, Q grabbed his hips and swallowed him whole. The sound the blond agent made was strangled and deep in his chest and that was it. Alec could feel the fire that had been burning at the base of his spine flame up and his vision went white. His orgasm was everything he had been reaching for and he gritted his teeth not to roar out his satisfaction.

As he came back to himself, Alec settled back on his heels and pulled his cock free of Q’s arse. Breathing deeply he quickly took care of the condom and grabbed the towel to wipe their lover up.

“Alec, heads up,” James called.

Alec looked up in time to see a wet towel heading his way. The move to catch it was automatic. It was warm and wet and everything he needed to make Q comfortable.

Their younger lover grumbled slightly as the rough cloth moved over overstimulated skin. “Q, love, You need to move up the bed to get under the covers.” Alec urged.

“Teeth,” their boffin muttered and Alec could only agree. Blowjobs were epically fun, but he always wanted to brush his teeth afterwards. Grapping a flailing hand, he pulled the younger man up. Eyes barely open, Q made his way into the bathroom to clean his teeth.

Snickering softly, Alec left James to get Q into bed and he went out to check the security of the flat. There were no leftovers, so he dumped the boxes and checked the doors and windows. Once he was assured of their safety, he made his way back to bed.

James was on his side of the bed with Q curled up on top of him, breathing heavily. Alec smiled at the sight and slid into bed before hitting the bedside switch to turn off the light. Settling in, he enjoyed the silence before his curiosity got the better of him.

“So, Q told me a about your last mission. Did you take the car?” he asked.

There was a soft snort of amusement from James before his voice floated out of the dark. “It’s a sweet car. And heading to a set of hands that will appreciate it properly.”

The smile that stretched his face was satisfied and a bit smug. Alec had been right. When they got up, he would have to tell Q that James had handed the car off to someone else.

“So I can expect Kincade to call me about storage places soon?” Q’s voice interrupted them. It was sleepy, but also very certain.

James drew in a deep breath and Alec started to laugh. God he adored their boffin. He was such a treasure to the both of them. Even when he out maneuvered them both. James joined in. “Bugger, Q.”

“Prats. The both of you,” Q groused with sleepy good humor.

Alec giggled for several more moments before he rolled over to settle behind Q and snuggled behind the younger man. Breathing in the scent of his mates, he relaxed. All was well.




  1. That was so amazing. I loved every second. These three are perfect together. Thank you for the lovely start to EAD. It’s the very first thing I’ve read!

  2. Oh yes. This was hot and lovely. Perfect little offering for EAD.

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  4. Oh, yum… What a treat!

  5. I luv Evil Author Day, its much better than Valentines Day. Thank you, for all of the teasers, but especially this one! (BG)

  6. Good start.

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  9. Loved this! Witty dialogue showing how deeply they care for each other.

    thank you

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