New Site Look

Hi All,

You may have noticed the website has a new look. The layout and navigation remain the same. I know some of you need a light background to read on so I gathered up some extensions and options for various browsers:

Google Chrome:

Just Read OR Minimal Read Mode


Firefox has a built in Reader Mode.


Safari has a built in Reader mode.

Microsoft Edge:

Edge has their own Reader Mode as well.



KM (creeping around Ladyholder’s website)


  1. I am totally happy to have you creep around.

  2. Michelle Freeman

    Thank you for your efforts to make your work even more accessible. I’m just grateful that you are willing to make your work available to share at all, and so impressed that you’ve taken the time to explore and learn how to handle the technical aspects of providing and maintaining a flexible website. It is much appreciated!

    • Keira is the real brains behind how lovely my site is. I thank her every time she’s willing to do anything with it for her excellent work. So I’ll pass this on & let her know!

  3. Thank you so much! I find reading dark text on a light background exhausting. Xx

  4. I love the darker look, less headaches love you ladies!

  5. Oh, what a magnificent color scheme. I love the green and the grey. And I very much prefer a dark background, so my eyes thank you!

  6. I do like the new background, etc.,and the site looks really smart and ‘professional’, but I’m very grateful that KM has set things up so I can use the reader view on Safari. Dark background are a strain I find.

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