An Uncomplicated Choice

Choosing to stay in Pegasus wasn’t complicated for the people of Atlantis. What happened next? That was where things got interesting.

An Uncomplicated Choice by Fanarts_Series

1. Prologue

Just because they made it into space, doesn’t mean it was easy to stay there.

2. Atlantis Chapter One – Getting Started

Because every story has to start somewhere. And here is good enough.

3. Earth Chapter One – Not Quite As They Seem

Not every old dog stays out to pasture. And sometimes…. Well, you’ll see.

4. Atlantis Chapter Two – Exploring the Neighborhood

Because time is something that they have in abundance, it is time to explore.

5. Earth Chapter Two – When All You Have To Give Is Life Itself

In every war, hero’s fall.

6. Atlantis Chapter Three – Turning Over Rocks

If you turn over enough rocks, eventually you find some really interesting stuff.

7. Earth Chapter Three – What Goes Around Can Come Around to Bite You

Be careful of who you piss off. Sometimes they come back to deal with you.

8. Atlantis Chapter Four – Sounding the All Clear

It’s time to find a new place to call home.

9. Atlantis Chapter Five – Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

Home. Home is where you learn all the little nooks and crannies of a place. It is also where you go to just relax.

10. Earth Chapter Four – Words From The Lost

It may have taken years, but eventually…

11. Atlantis Chapter Six – Looking to the Future

No matter how hard it is, eventually you leave the past behind and move into the future.

12. Earth Chapter Five – Homecoming

No matter how much Jack might wish it, SG1’s homecoming wasn’t without some form of trauma. Or drama for that matter. At least there was sex on the horizon.

Interlude: Atlantis

There comes a time, when everyone needs to mourn. This time was theirs.

13. Atlantis Chapter Seven – Endless Possibilities

“Being a space explorer is so cool.

14. Earth Chapter Six – Recovery

No matter how much he wished it to be otherwise, recovery took time.

Interlude Atlantis: Rejoining Life

Life means… Trying one last time for that brass ring.

15. Atlantis Chapter Eight – Not Enough Time – But We Are Trying Anyway

A whole lotta things come to a head. Baby’s, space stations and ships oh my!

16. Earth Chapter Seven – A Future Promised

Sometimes peace means learning new things.

17. Atlantis Chapter Nine – Complicated Choices

complicated choices (1)

The universe had a way of constantly surprising them.


A/N: The art on this page is by fanarts_series. She is the BEST!


  1. Will there be more? I love it, and would love to see the next part…
    Thanks for writing

  2. Great to see Daniel as snarky as ever and safely home with his Jack.

    I do hope you will get them back into contact with Atlantis. I love this series.


  3. A new chapter, finally. Thank you so much for the wonderful story.

  4. I just read all the chapters in this series and I just wanted to say – wow! I love the Independent!Atlantis fics and this is among the best ones that I’ve read so far.

    Really looking forward to new chapters to come, I hope. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. This is one of my favorite series in any fandom. I have reread it numerous times and still love it. Hope to see more soon.

  6. I absolutely love this story, I often re-read it, with excited squeaks (I’m a tad odd). I can not wait for the next chapter. So….

    Stop teasing and gimme link!! :p

    Much love to you for this story. Not to mention admiration and jealousy…

  7. I’ve been reading the whole kit and caboodle this weekend and now I’m eagerly awaiting more. I seriously love that Jon has a Danny also and Daniel has come back to Jack. The Atlanteans have had a horrific time of it but I see a dim light at the end of the tunnel. Jack back at the SGC ‘fixing’ it is tremendously hysterical and absolutely Daniel and the others are dealing with PTSD.
    I hope to see more soon and will Jack be a Grandpa (!?!) soon? Too cute for words.

    Debi C

  8. I love this series so far, is there any chance of more in the future?

  9. Ahhhhh! Another chapter! Of course this means that I have the excuse to read again the chapters starting from the beginning! I thoroughly enjoy all of your writings. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and hard work!

  10. I was just going to read this series “An Uncomplicated Choice” and I was just wondering how it should be read (i.e which chapters should I read first). I saw that there is a Atlantis Chapter 1; then an Earth Chapter 1; then Atlantis chapter 2; then earth chapter 2. Should I read it as it is listed in the list of stories in “An Uncomplicated Choice”.

    I also noticed that you have Atlantis chapter 3; then Earth chapter 3; then Atlantis Chapter 4; then Atlantis Chapter 5; then Earth chapter 4;- should the Earth chapter 4 come after the Atlantis Chapter 4 – it seems to be out order?

    Thank you for your help

    • Hello!

      If you look on the page for the story, all the chapters are listed in order and there should be internal links that allow you to move from one chapter to another. Go here for the story page and start with item #1, the Prologue.


  11. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for the awesome fic.
    I’ve just reread the whole series through again. It’s one that I think of often when the need to daydream and block out reality crops up.
    I love that we see te progression of the Atlantis AI opening up over the whole story. I loved te message from the Asurans too.

    Anyway. Thanks for the amazing story.

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