Sex Isn’t Always Bonding

Title: Sex Isn’t Always Bonding
Author: Ladyholder
Banner Art: None
Pairings: None
Word Count: 847
Rating: NC-17
Betas: none
Warnings: None
Summary: Sometimes, sex is sex. In every way possible.

Keira asked for porn. See what happens?



They had been together now for months. Months of danger, stress, tension and terror where they hadn’t been certain that they would make it back to the City. Back to each other. But they had also been months where they fell in love, learned to actually like and respect each other and enjoy the foibles of their partner.

And really, there had been months and months of sex. Filthy sex, slow sex, wet sex, bruising sex and even some mind blowing sex.

Rodney was damn happy to get fucked on a regular basis.

Case in point…


“John!” What the man was doing with his tongue had to be illegal. The twists and turns and what was that? A corkscrew? Rodney buried his fingers in John’s hair and flexed them against his Sentinel’s scalp in time with the suction that was taking his mind and unraveling it.

Oh. Humming. Humming was bad. It had to be bad. Rodney felt his hand tighten briefly in John’s hair and the Sentinel reached up to take it out of his hair and press it firmly to the mattress. And the pleasure his tongue was generating continued its torment of Rodney’s mind in ways that were causing his toes to curl. Then the hands ran up his ass to his knees and spread him wide.

What was that? Oh, that was glorious. The tongue was gone from his cock, but now it was playing with his perineum, pressing and tickling the whole thing to distraction. Rodney moved his hips against the hands, and then relaxed into their grip because he wasn’t going anywhere. Extending his empathy, he felt how pleased and turned on John was by what he was doing and the final barrier in his head went down and let his own enjoyment out to play.

Right before his brain melted completely Rodney made a firm observation: Tongue + ass = insane pleasure.

All he could do was moan his joy.

The sheer taste of the man, there was no way to really describe it, John thought.  Coffee, arrogance, kindness, ambition, love, and lots and lots of lust. Emotions had flavors and Rodney’s skin held them all for a tongue that was sensitive enough taste the smallest hint of them.

The feel and weight of his Guide’s cock in his mouth, weighing his tongue and whetting his appetite for more. More of everything.

John felt Rodney’s hand work its way into his hair and started to purr at the flexing of the fingers against his scalp. His hair was one of the things that he hated people playing with. But not Rodney. And the feel of those talented fingers was wonderful.

Humming and purring are good things to use to drive his Guide out of his mind. The scent of lust and love burst out and the fingers in his hair suddenly gripped hard. No Rodney, you can’t pull my hair out by the roots. John slid his hand out of his hair and pressed them to the mattress. Don’t move. Waiting a beat for Rodney to relax into his request, John kept working on his quest to drive him mad. When the muscles of his thighs relaxed, John ran his hands up the back of them and spread the other man wide open. More for him to play with.

He let go of the cock in his mouth with regret, but that meant that he could now taste some of the other areas of his Guide that were full of the flavor of the man. Running his tongue down the crease joining his mates’ leg to his torso, John gathered the taste to him and savored. The subtle curve of Rodney’s perineum worshipped with the attention it deserved. Oh the taste of it. If the crease of his leg was good, this little area of his Guide was wonderful. And well appreciated since the empathetic gift of his Guide was flowing freely between them, telegraphing how much this was all being enjoyed.

But then there was the little rosebud below that. And it was flexing in time with the minute tensing and relaxing of the rocking that Rodney was doing. Tempting. John let his tongue drift down a bit more and… Yeah. This is it. Rodney. All Rodney done in pure earthy flavors that, no matter how hard his Guide tried to clean himself up. He settled in to sate himself.

When Rodney’s mind stuttered John grinned to himself. The moans that were decorating the air were just a bonus.


The two men twisting together on the bed were joined, heart, mind and soul. Their bodies moved together in a dance that was both practiced and new.

One sliding into another, body arched over the other and mouth pressed to skin. Thrust in, draw out, moan, arch and repeat, repeat, repeat. All the while reaching for the other in joy.

Orgasm. It wasn’t the final goal, but it was a goal. With orgasm, their shields released, their minds blended and they were together. Never, ever to part.

Sentinel and Guide.



  1. Porn is GREAT. 😉

    Snapshots, huh?

    When shall I expect the rest? (stares hard)

  2. Wow. This is hot. More? Pretty please?

  3. I’m going to pout and read after that, because you don’t write porn for me *sniff*
    Marie-Line pouting with wet eyes and pretty sad mouth….. Vilaine, Méchante Lady….

  4. *fans self then opens file to add latest bit with a smile*

  5. Oh my you melted my brain. Thank you.

  6. That was great.
    It was sweet and erotic and slow and deep…
    Now I am horny.
    Thank-you. Thank-you very much! 😉

  7. Emotions had flavors and Rodney’s skin held them all for a tongue that was sensitive enough taste the smallest hint of them.

    Yes… sigh…. so pretty!

  8. here via differentroads

    that was hot, loved the emotions involved, but mainly: *guh*

  9. this was so hot i think my monitor melted!!!
    any time you feel the porn muse come back,all will be VERY gratefully recieved.

  10. thank you for that. i enjoyed it.
    i also must admit to laughing at the end. it seems that wordpress likes to advertise possible links, and the automated system suggested that since i had read this page, i might be interested in reading this article…
    # Should Forensic Psychiatric Inmates Have Sex?

    i confess to still trying to work out exactly what this means, but somehow it kind of fits Rodney, doesnt it?

  11. You wrote porn and I *missed* it?

    Okay, back injuries and lottsa drugs clearly fogged my concentration and focus on smut, but damn, what a lovely little surprise to go along with the other tale 🙂

    Yay! Smut!


  12. damn. *fans self* maybe I need to go walk barefoot in the snow outside… nah… this heatwave is better.

  13. Wow! Going to go cool off now.

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