The Unknown Future

Title: The Unknown Future
Author: Ladyholder
Series Order: 4
Banner Art: None
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard
Word Count: 2,128
Rating: NC-17
Betas: None
Warnings: None
Authors Note: A Sentinel and Guide Bond. It’s everything they never bothered to dream of.


3.The Unexpected Pair

The last time Rodney had seriously thought about bonding with a Sentinel was not long after he had graduated from college. After the years of attending mixers and being avoided, he had regretfully put the dream of having someone of his own to rest. And though he had continued to take the required refresher courses that being a certified and acknowledged Guide required, he hadn’t really bothered to pay close attention to the mechanics of bonding in years. But now that he had a Sentinel happily purring into his neck and breathing in all the pheromones Rodney could produce, he knew he needed to remember everything.

Mentally reviewing everything he could remember from his last class, Rodney knew they had to get this right. There were measurable mental and physical changes produced in both Sentinel and Guide after a successful bonding. If Rodney was remembering correctly, he and the Sentinel currently sniffing his neck were at the initial stages of the process. Once the whole thing ran it course, the two of them would be able to supply what the other needed. In Rodney’s case, he would be getting protection from the minds and emotions around him and his Sentinel would have access to the one person whose pheromones could reinforce and steady his senses for the rest of his life. But that would only happen if the Bond was well set. Digging deep into his memory, Rodney nodded; he remembered what he had to do and how he had to do it. Glancing around at the room that Daniel had pointed them to he saw that there was a bed, which would make the bonding process a whole lot more comfortable for them both.

Slowly moving himself and his Sentinel over to the nice warm surface, Rodney tried to work a hand free so he could start removing their clothes. Memory was telling him that for a successful Bond to develop skin to skin contact was needed, thus clothes were an impediment that needed to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. Tugging gently at the jacket his soon to be bond mate was wearing caused Rodney to pull the Major’s face out of his neck and away from the pheromones he was producing. Growling softly the Sentinel tried to get his nose back to where it had been, where the comforting scent was concentrated. Huffing slightly in annoyance Rodney said, “I know that you want to go back there, but we need to get this stuff off. The faster it gets off, the faster you can go back to sniffing like a bloodhound.”

Quickly tugging at the zipper on the Major’s jacket, Rodney managed to get it undone and pushed the garment over his shoulders, making sure to not bind his Sentinel’s hands for more than a moment. Listening to the grumbling as the Major objected to being removed from his neck, Rodney let his momentary annoyance go and smiled. “I know you want to get back there, and I want you back there. But this whole thing will be more comfortable without clothes and on the bed.”

Watching as comprehension came back into wide hazel eyes, Rodney nodded. His Sentinel was actually with him now, instead of wallowing in his senses. Deciding to really get things started he reached for the hem of his favorite orange fleece, pulling it and his shirt off with one motion. Shivering at the change in temperature, Rodney moved to the bed and sat down on the edge to untie his shoes, trying to stretch the knot in his back at the same time. Hearing a soft purr from over his head, he looked at the man standing over him.

His Sentinel was standing in front of him clad only in skin and his dog tags. And he was looking at Rodney with a great deal of hunger shining in his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he felt his own level of need surge higher in response to the obvious appreciation his Sentinel was showing. Standing up he shimmied out of his pants and boxers, making sure to not catch his erection on the waistband. Dropping back onto the bed, he scooted towards the middle and lay down and spread his arms and legs out in surrender to the man above him.


Standing in the arms of his Guide, John felt warm and safe for the first time since Mitch and Dex had died. And the feeling was wholly bound up with the man who was holding him so tightly and smelled so sweet. John was so comfortable and relaxed that he felt himself begin to purr for the first time in months if not years. Now that he had experienced the difference a Guide could make in his life, John had no idea how he had managed to function without the warmth and protection of a real Guide for as long as he had. Mentally snorting at his own thoughts, he knew that he was being over-dramatic, but he honestly felt better than he had since his senses had come online.

When his Guide started moving them, John grumbled and fussed at his warm sweet refuge being jostled. Listening to the tone of his Guide’s voice as he explained why they were moving, John relaxed. There were no stress or alarm triggers buried in the voice so he allowed his Guide to lead, paying no attention to where they were going. At least he wasn’t until the level of background noise dropped off and his Guide started to undress him.

While muttering lightly as he was moved out of his Guide’s arms, John felt the man start speaking. Managing to split his focus between his hearing and the pheromones he was breathing in, John heard his Guide say, “I know you want to get back there, and I want you back there. But this whole thing will be more comfortable without clothes and on the bed.”

Right, clothes. The faster he got out of his clothes, the faster he could get into his Guide’s arms and they could truly begin the bonding process. Stepping back out of the warm arms he would far rather stay in, John quickly and neatly got out of his clothes, taking the time to stack them on his boots. Turning his attention back to the man before him, he felt himself start to purr again at the sight. His soon to be bond mate was slightly shorter than himself, but broader across the shoulders with a thicker layer of muscle, acres of white skin and a thin layer of fat padding the area across his belly. Add in the bright blue eyes, quick mouth and fierce intelligence and he was perfect.

Even though they were in friendly territory, John decided to do a quick sensory scan, just to make sure they were safe. Feeling his senses flair, John swept the room and beyond for threats before wrapping them around his Guide. Sighing in satisfaction at how easy the whole action had been, John climbed into the bed from the foot, his senses filling with the sight, scent and feel of the man below him. Grinning down at the face looking up at him, John forcibly pushed aside the bonding heat he was feeling and decided that introducing himself would be a good idea. “Hi! My name is John Sheppard. I like Ferris Wheels and, uh, college football; anything that goes more than two hundred miles per hour. I have a Masters in applied mathematics and applied engineering and am working on my doctorate in applied mathematics. How about you?”

When two hands reached up to grip the hair at the sides of his head and a warm wet mouth covered his own, John decided that this was a very nice way to be told to shut up. Add in the lips moving against his, the tongue learning the contours of his mouth and the hands in his hair were learning the shape of his skull and John was a very happy Sentinel. Loosing himself in the kiss, John could feel his precarious control starting to slip. Balancing carefully with his knees on either side of the hips below, John reached for the hands moving through his hair. Grasping them gently, he slowly drew them down and placed them on the pillow under their owners head. Pulling his lips away from the ones caressing his, John pressed his forehead against his Guide’s and pausing for a moment to catch his breath, whispered softly, “I am all for this, really. But before we go any further, can I get your name at least?”

Looking at the dazed blue eyes gazing up at him, John occupied himself by counting the seconds until the fierce intelligence he had briefly seen reappeared. Watching as personality and general irritation start to move across the man’s’ expressive face, John smiled. “You know I’m right. Calling you ‘Guide’ is going to get old very quickly. Not to mention that it sounds vaguely insulting. So what is your name?”

“Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD., PhD and numerous undergrad degrees. The doctorates are in theoretical astrophysics and mechanical engineering; the undergrads are in whatever caught my fancy at the time. I am hypoglycemic, allergic to lemons and bees and am mildly claustrophobic. I love chocolate and coffee, the higher the quality of both the better I like them. I’m rude, abrasive, bad with people, generally oblivious to the fine points of human contact or manners and will cherish you for the rest of our lives. Now that we have exchanged names and vital data, can we bond now?” The words had tumbled out quickly, with the last four a near wail.

Smiling at how eager Rodney was, John nodded. From here on out there would be no more talking, just the bonding of Sentinel to Guide and Guide to Sentinel. Dipping his head again, John began to kiss Rodney again and in kissing him, reveled in the taste of the mouth below him. Pressing the hands he held into the pillow, he looked at Rodney, trying to convey to the man a wish that he be still. Seeing the assent in his Guides eyes, he broke the kiss and moved to the crown of his Guide’s head. John wanted to take his time and enjoy the sensory feast before him.

Smiling slightly at what was to be his first discovery, John realized that Rodney wasn’t overly blessed in the hair department, but what he did have was silky soft. Running his lips and nose over his Guide’s face, John followed the scent of coffee and vanilla to a spot behind his right ear. Nuzzling and licking at that spot, John enjoyed the shudders and moans his actions produced along with the increase in pheromones. Following instinct, need, and desire John allowed the moans and sighs to lead him to the areas that pleased Rodney the most and spent enough time at each spot to imprint them forever. Moving on to the strong muscles of the neck and shoulders, John tested the tendons with gentle nips, pleased at the strength inherent therein.

Loosing himself in the expansion and contraction of his senses as he explored the man below him, John felt the mental barriers separating him from his Guide start to fall. With each stroke of a hand, with every brush of skin on skin, each breath they took, he felt the two of them merge into one being. The feel of Rodney in his mind was a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day, it was flying faster than the speed of sound and experiencing the rush of freefall all at once. And wrapped around all of those sensations was enough love to last a lifetime and beyond. John could only hope that what he felt was coming through as readily.


After the first rush of sensation and the mental exchange of memories, the two men settled down and started to truly explore each other. Lips opened to taste, hands moved over skin flushed with blood, and the scent of musk poured off of excited bodies. Hearts and minds met and the barriers of self began to drop away as the bond that would connect them for the rest of their lives started to set. With each kiss, each caress, each brush of mind on mind, the level of need rose higher. Driving into each other, hips moving in the rhythm of love and lust, hands grasping at hands, they moved higher. And with one final shared cry the world turned white and what had been two separate people, two separate hearts where now joined as one. Sentinel and Guide, forever.


5. To The Far Distant Shore


  1. Mmmm, bonding fic. Delicious. And Rodney’s little ‘can we bond now?’ wail makes me crack myself laughing. He’s so adorable!! I love them both, and I adore this whole series. It’s amazing.

  2. Happy sigh. I love bonding fic!

  3. Oh my god ! you’re breaking my heard in a good way.
    Rodney, our Rodney, so Rodney, he makes me laugh a lot. Sweetie and i love John mapping Rodney’s body, it’s delicious and the bond part is hot and sexy.

  4. Beautiful. I adore this fic, it’s both touching and hot (as is Rodney’s wail)!

  5. lovely. The last paragraph was utterly and completly lovely. A lovely end to a vibrant chapter.

  6. Oh, this was a wonderful mix of humor, lust, sweetness and . . . well, just wonderful.

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