Title: Safe
Author: Ladyholder
Series Order: 4
Banner Art: None
Pairings: None
Word Count: 421
Rating: G
Betas: None
Warnings: None
Authors Note: Being willing to give up everything can sometimes be the only way to keep everyone safe.


3.The Lights of Home

Panting as he ran into one of the two nuclear bomb equipped Jumpers, John could only wince as he thought of his last sight of Rodney. Bent over the leads to the command chair, he hadn’t really reacted when he had called out a hurried “So long, Rodney”, but John had certainly heard the despairing cry of “Major!” echoing down the halls after him.

Doing the pre-flight sequences and his call in to the command center on automatic, John stared out at his City for as long as she was in view. She looked so beautiful, and was so fragile. And the people who lived within her walls were so very precious.

And right now, those precious lives needed to be kept safe. So if the only way he had left to do that was to offer up his own life, well his training and instincts were in agreement. His life for theirs wasn’t such a bad bargain at all.

Settling deeper into the Jumpers pilot chair, John ran his hands over the console, stroking the well known surface, feeling his mind and emotions settle as he rose out of the atmosphere into space. Flying had always brought him peace and a clear mind, and while it was nice to feel at peace with his decision, he really didn’t want to think too hard on it.

Because if he did, he would have to remember the despair in Rodney’s voice, and how the feeling of home had faded as he flew away. Glancing at the bomb behind him, John was grimly certain that it would go off as planned. After all, Rodney had built it. Turning to face forward again, he tried to keep his mind blank, to enjoy this last flight, to think of nothing.

Having his radio squawk at him in an unknown voice, demanding that he drop the cloak had been enough to jerk him out of his fugue. Getting beamed onto the Daedalus had woken him from his mental wandering even further. Finally being able to talk to Rodney again, however briefly, had made sure that his return to his own skin was secure.

Thinking over the last few hours with their the last ditch efforts, the solutions that had cost so much in blood, sweat and tears, John took a deep breath. His people, Atlantis, his *home* were all safe. And while they might be safe for only a few more minutes or hours, they were safe for now. And that made every sacrifice worth it.



  1. *rodney* stupidly brave, suicidal hero!

    I think Rodney was torn between wanting to kiss John when he got back and wanting to throttle him for taking such an insane risk. But at least John got back.

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