Lion Rampart – Interlude

Lions Rampart

Title: Lion Rampart

Author: Ladyholder

Fandom: NCIS, The Sentinel, Barney Miller, Criminal Minds

Relationships: Tony/Gibbs, Blair/Jim, Wojo/Barney

Genre: Oh, So AU and a Mystery

Warnings: Mention of murder, possible torture and I’ll add more as it comes. Expect sex, some rock and roll, the drugs are iffy and you can be certain that there will be low humor.

Notes: Yes, I am aware of what happened in the show BM. Tough. I wanted a good set of really tough characters to be decent role models for a young Tony DiNozzo and they fit. If this wigs you out, try the ‘back’ button. Both you and I will be happier.

Beta: No Beta

Chapter Four


Two months into the best partnership he had ever had and Gibbs was happy. His daughter was thriving under the attention of his Guide, his Pride had gone from a loose knit unit to a fully tight and ready command and his solve rate had gone up. All due to Tony. His Guide.

Rolling over Jethro stretched his body and then his senses and found that everything was as it should be. Kelly was sleeping, the house was locked up tight, nothing was out of place and Tony was sleeping peacefully beside him.

Opening his eyes Gibbs looked at the face of his Guide. DiNozzo was… handsome was one word that certainly fit his partner. Pretty also worked. Jethro truly thought him beautiful. But it wasn’t the physical side that was making him so happy with his Guide.

Tony matched him. Step for step through each and every day and every situation they had to face. Every decision that needed to be made, was worked out. Sometimes with just a glance, sometime at the top of their lungs yelling at each other trying to get the upper hand and convince the other of their opinion. No matter how they reached the answer to the problems life threw at them, they had fun doing it.

Jethro shifted slightly and ran one hand over the air above his Guide’s body. The feel of the heat radiating off Tony’s skin was a comfort that he hadn’t allowed himself in years. Even when he had been saddled with Conservators, they hadn’t slept with him. Jethro knew himself well enough to know that if he hadn’t been able to trust them to fully Guide his abilities as a Sentinel, he wasn’t going to be trusting them with his sleeping body or mind.

Didn’t mean he hadn’t enjoyed fucking them before sending the sleep in the guest bedroom bed. Alone.

But what had come before was nothing like the feeling he got when he was with Tony. Everything that mattered to him in the universe was wrapped up in the man before him and the little girl down the hall. Jethro breathed carefully as the rush of what he felt moved through him.

Jethro held his breath as his senses informed him that his Guide was waking up. When Tory opened his eyes, the Sentinel smiled at the sleepily confused look the other man was wearing.

DiNozzo had proven that he could, and often did, wake with all thrusters firing and brain already working a million miles an hour. Tonight though, he woke up softly, gently and he was far more asleep than awake as he opened his eyes and smiled at his Sentinel.

Gibbs watched as the sharp awareness and intelligence of his Guide woke behind the sleepy hazel green eyes staring at him and smiled as he felt him do his own sweep of the house. “Hey. I didn’t mean to wake you,” Jethro said softly,

Tony raised one eyebrow and smiled. The rush of his Guide’s abilities pulled back and Jethro found he missed the sensation of it pulsing along his skin. Tony was extremely accomplished in the use of his gifts, and with the he level of Bond they shared, the Sentinel was aware of each and every time the Guide relaxed his grip on them and allowed what he was to come out to play.

“What woke you?” Tony asked softly. His voice was full of sleep and Jethro let the hand he had left hovering over his partner’s hair reach out and stroke through the soft strands. “You have until never to stop doing that,” DiNozzo mumbled as he let his eyes close.

Snorting softly in a laugh, Jethro let his fingers dig in a little more, moving from a petting motion to an impromptu massage before admitting ruefully; “Nothing woke me up. I just woke up. And felt like looking at you.”

Gibbs freely admitted that he wasn’t a soft man. The love he felt for his Guide and his child was more than he had ever expected to feel when he had lost Shannon. Kelly had been his salvation, work had been his sanity and he had ignored everything else in his life in an effort to function. Tony had changed all of that.

“You are the best thing to happen to me,” Jethro murmured.

He watched as a blush climbed up his Guide’s face and let his amusement show down the Bond. Tony had gotten into a raunchy story war with Abby and had been winning until Ducky, the ME for the office, had butted in and topped them both. The Guide and the Goth had both conceded their defeat good naturedly. Ducky had walked off completely smug and Gibbs had laughed himself sick.

That was another thing that had changed over the two months they had been together. Jethro knew that he was a bastard to work with. Hell, he embraced it and used his reputation to get things done and push through the bullshit that the other agencies threw in his way. But his Guide didn’t care about that, he just wanted his Sentinel to react honestly. At least in private around friends and family.

And he did. When they were with strangers, or in public, Jethro was still his dour controlled self. He rarely laughed, was more likely to snap and snarl than be nice and visibly radiated impatience. In private, around their friends or the Pride, he had relaxed. A tension he hadn’t known he was carrying had come unknotted, somewhere along the way, and he felt better for it.

Rolling over to settle on top of his sleepy Guide, the Sentinel looked down into his face and smiled before kissing him. The kiss was warm and lazy, full of sleepy contentment that radiated down the bond from Tony. Jethro wasn’t even trying to get aroused, he just wanted to taste…

When the room rolled around him, Jethro figured that Tony wanted more than a lazy taste. His Guide flipped the covers off and Jethro shivered at the sudden draft of cool air, before he was covered with his body. Hungry, desperate kisses were pressed against his lips and Gibbs surged up, wrapping his arms and legs around his Guide.

For long moments Jethro sank into the kisses, reveling in the level of want that Tony was projecting at him. It was heady, a rush of feeling like nothing he had ever known, not even with Shannon. Gibbs let his legs fall as the position pinched his cock and he shifted, trying to find the room he needed to shift his hips, to rut against his partner.

His hands were gently pulled out of Tony’s hair and placed on the bed and Jethro felt a whine climb in his throat. He wanted to touch. There were so many textures on his Guide that even after the in depth Bonding that they had gone through and making love daily, he still found something new each time.

“No, Jethro. I want to make love to you this time,” the Guide said as his kissed his way down Jethro’s sternum and to his belly.

Giggling lightly at the feeling of moving lips on sensitive skin, the Sentinel hummed and let his hands stay where they had been placed. He was amply rewarded for his good manners when Tony carefully lifted his half hard cock and sucked it into the warm, wet furnace of his mouth. He took a deep breath and tried not to curl around the sensation of his brain getting sucked out his dick. “Oh, god. Tony!”

His Guide just slid his mouth that fraction of an inch further down and he could feel the moment when he entered Tony’s throat. Grabbing his control with his mental teeth, Gibbs held still, letting his partner lead. But, it was hard and so was his dick and he could feel how aroused and amused his Guide was at him. He didn’t care. His cock was being sucked and when Tony pulled back and went all the way down again, he turned his head and bit the pillow he was resting on and moaned around the mouthful of cotton.

Again, and again Tony worked hard to blow his mind and Gibbs was working just as hard not to thrust into the warm mouth that was wrapped around his cock. When his Guide finally pulled off with an obscene ‘pop’ of noise, he almost sobbed. “I’m not going to leave you hanging, Jethro,” Tony murmured softly as he run one thumb up and down the length of protruding hipbone. “I just need to get some lube so I can fuck you into the mattress.”

Stretching out Gibbs snagged the Sentinel safe lube they had stashed on the nightstand and dropped it by his hip. He didn’t want to wait. Tony laughed softly at the pulse of impatience that the Sentinel sent. “Bossy bottom.”

Gibbs was too busy moaning to try to refute the claim. The feel of his Guide’s long fingers gently sliding into him and then out was maddening and he carefully raised his sense of touch a quarter notch. The slick roughness of DiNozzo’s skin dancing along the nerves of his anus was… He had no words for how he loved the sensation and Jethro shivered as two fingers were carefully pressed in. Coated in lube they might have been, but ‘touch’ was high enough that he was feeling everything.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you did, Sentinel,” Tony said into the skin of Jethro’s hip. He was still close enough that the warm air of his speech was moving over the damp skin of the Sentinel’s cock. “You won’t be zoning on this, but I am betting that you will be a bit sore in the morning.”

Gibbs spat out the roll of cotton and looked down the length of his body at his partner. “I don’t care. I just want you to fuck me.” The third slicked finger entering him was enough of a surprise that he arched his hips and moaned loudly.

Tony kept him there, three fingers moving in and out of him, brushing against his prostate to send zings of pleasure up his spine, for what felt like forever. It wasn’t enough though, to tip him over. To give him the orgasm that he was craving. Moving his hips where the fingers led, Gibbs held onto the bed for dear life as he tried not to cum. He didn’t want what his Guide was giving him to end.

“Cum for me, Sentinel,” Tony entreated softly as he placed kisses on each of Jethro’s hips and then his belly button, his free hand sliding over his partner’s cock to hold it in a steady grip. “I’m still going to fuck you.”

Giving in had never felt so good and the Sentinel could feel each of the three fingers that his Guide had in his ass and the tight grip on his cock. The fire and pressure at the base of his spine let loose and pulled the pillow over his head and screamed into the cotton. When the last pulse from his cock twitched out, he let the wet mess drop from his face and looked at his Guide. “You are an evil bastard. Worse than me for that.”

Tony snorted softly in laughter and carefully pulled his fingers out of his Sentinel’s ass and reached for the cloth they normally had placed by the lube to clean his fingers. Once they were clean, he carefully recoated them with lube and one by one, reinserted them into his ass. Jethro let his head fall back as he moaned at the sensation. “Evil I might be,” Tony said smugly, “but you are loving it.”

He could only moan and move his hips. Jethro knew that increasing his sense of touch was a tricky thing in sex, but if it got him times like this? He was all for it. When Tony carefully replaced his fingers with his cock, he loved it even more. The stretch and slight burn as something bigger slid in was grounding and the feeling of fullness was just what he wanted.

“Move,” he growled.

Leaning forward on his hands, Tony bracketed Gibbs’s body with his own and snugged his hips to his Sentinel’s ass before pulling back. The feeling of fullness left and Jethro heard his own voice whine in protest. When his Guide’s hips snapped forwards, filling his ass with cock, he shifted, wrapping his legs around the other man’s waist and pulled him in further. Time and time again, the cycle repeated and Jethro could feel the fire of his orgasm start to rise again. It was slower the second time, taking longer to gather but Tony seemed determined that he was going to cum again and he was willing to try.

Each time he was filled with cock, his Guide managed to run the length of it over his prostate and he moaned. As he got closer and closer to that moment when space and time seemed to slow and then stop, Gibbs let his shields fall and blindly reached out for the person who made him whole. Tipping over into orgasm, he could feel when his Guide followed him and he held onto the body he cradled even harder.

Shaking with the power of his second orgasm, Jethro latched onto Tony’s trapezoid and bit firmly focusing on the taste and scent of his Guide as he shook. He didn’t break the skin, but he knew that he was leaving one hell of a bruise. When the last tremor shook them both, Gibbs carefully unlocked his jaw and legs and allowed Tony to fall to the side. Breathing deeply of the sex scented air, he panted and then smiled a bit smugly. He hadn’t planned on sex when he had woken up, but he wasn’t going to complain.

Only when the soft cock in his ass fell out did he roll out of bed, and that was a test of his determination. He flexed the muscles of his ass cautiously. Tony had been right. He was going to be feeling tonight in the morning, but he still didn’t care. They had forgone a condom and the Sentinel moved quickly towards the bathroom to clean himself up. As nice as the feeling was when they were in the throes of passion, he wasn’t thrilled about it after. His brain went bad places as cum dripped out his ass.

Personal hygiene taken care of, Gibbs walked back into their bedroom with a warm wash cloth to help clean Tony up. His Guide was passed out on the bed taking up most of the space and Jethro smiled at the sight. Tony didn’t even stir when the warm cloth cleaned him up.

Gibbs lobbed the wet cloth into the bathroom and climbed back into the bed around his Guide. Snuggling in carefully, he pulled the covers back over them and listed to the sounds of his house again before letting himself fall asleep. All was well. All was calm. And when his Guide’s arms closed around him and pulled him close, all was perfect. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Chapter Five

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