Lion Rampart

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Lions Rampart

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A. You Are Who I Was Looking For

B. Lion Guide

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1. Prologue and Chapter One

The thing that Tony liked the best about being a Lion Guide was that Mother Nature had seen fit to give him some of the same advantages as she had given her Sentinels.

2. Chapter Two

The thing about governmental architecture, Tony had discovered over the years, was that it was invariably drab in appearance. 

3. Chapter Three

“Tony, if anyone gives you any shit about being a Guide and or being Gibbs’s partner, you have my permission to go as far as you deem fit.”

4. Chapter Four

They had gotten off the elevator and Tony could feel something pulsing against his skin. Raising an eyebrow, he looked at his Sentinel in askance.

5. Interlude

Two months into the best partnership he had ever had and Gibbs was happy.

6. Chapter Five

Morning came, as mornings always did with a burst of light and awareness and Jethro stretched out and enjoyed the pull he was feeling from all his muscles. 

7. Chapter Six

“Well that is a mess,” Tony remarked softly as he stared at the body they had been called out on. 

8. Chapter Seven

The Dirty Chai Latte had been moaned over as Tony drank it, bit by bit, while hunting down leads. 

9. Chapter Eight

Unless they had no other choice murder and mayhem were left at the door so they could concentrate on themselves and Kelly as a family. 

10. Chapter Nine

Jethro would have known the moment he had entered the building, and it wasn’t like the scent of their coffees or lunch was subtle.

11. Chapter Ten

“Oh dear god,” Tony muttered. Gibbs agreed. The room before them was a mess.

12. Chapter Eleven

“So what’s going on with Spencer?” Jethro asked as he sipped his second cup of coffee.


  1. oh, my goodness!!!!!!!!!!11111

    goodies in my mailbox!

  2. Thank you for posting what you’ve done so far. I love NCIS (the early seasons) and of course The Sentinels. This is a Universe I could immerse myself in… Thank you again for sharing. 🙂

  3. I just sat down and read this universe from start to last chapter posted. What a great read….I really enjoyed it and can hardly wait for the next instalment!

  4. Helengloucester

    I’d like to ditto all the comments above plus add that this is the most enjoyable NCIS/Sentinel crossover ever. Hxx

  5. I loved this story and can’t wait for an update!

  6. I love this story and find myself checking for updates daily. Do you think you might write more of this in the near future?

  7. Cutler2Marshall

    Just wanted to say I love this! Glad to see you’re still working on it. I love Sentinal crossovers and this one is marvelous!

  8. Just stumbled upon this series and pretty much devoured it in one go. Yummo! Great ideas and writing. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  9. Sat last night and read this verse, loved it! I love strong!Tony. I love that Kelly survived. The bond between the two men. Morrow – I love Morrow, I was so sad when he went away. Basically, I just loved everything and I’ll be subscribing post-haste for any future updates.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome AU with us, it has instantly become one of my fandom favourites!

  10. Enter your comment here…Wonderful series.

  11. Speed read through the entire 11 chappys and the prequels. I love the crossover and can hardly wait until the Las Vegas pair get their butts handed to them on a plate cause being knocked unconscious is NOT enough after what they’ve done to Spencer.

  12. Just discovered this series. Sentinel crossovers are pretty much my favorite type of fic ever, and you have a beautiful way of writing it. Tony/Gibbs is one of my current favorite pairings, so I squee’d hard when I found this. Awesome, awesome story and thank you for sharing it with us!

  13. Oh my goodness, I just happened to find this series when looking at your NCIS fics. It’s the first NCIS/Sentinel Crossover that I’ve really loved.

  14. I really enjoy Gibbs and Dinozzo in an equal relationship. At the end of Chapter 11 after Reid comes online, there is Chapter 12 listed but no link. Does Chapter 12 exist somewhere else?

  15. I found the next chapter, Fallout in EAD 2016. I absolutely love this combination.
    Thank you.

  16. Great story. I hope you will continue this and let us know how things turn out with Spencer.

  17. Really enjoying this.

  18. Fatimah Shahid Khan

    That was great!!!

  19. I love this fanfic, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  20. Sweet Circe!!! I just spent the day inhaling this. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!! So TASTY!!!! I love and adore your badass Tony! Just as wonderful and fierce as his spirit animal implies. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. You’re a ROCK STAR! and I’m a VERY HAPPY FAN! 🙂

  21. Just reread the story so far. Still incredibly awesome. Thank you.

  22. Hello, and thank you for the tale……I’m pretty sure that somewhere I have read beyond chapter 11 though, but can’t figure out where. Any help would be appreciated.
    On the story front, it’s another good read 😀 I like a capable competent Tony, and a non abusive and better rounded Gibbs too. Your characters and story lines are attractive, and appealing. The tie in with the Sentinel stuff just enriches it all.
    That the pieces are always well crafted and easy to read makes it a pleasure to read your work.
    Thank you for writing and posting where I can read the stories. Kind regards, Mary

    • Check out my EAD files for the bits and pieces that continue the story. They’ll get stitched together as I can

  23. Love the way Tony and Gibbs are working together and the intrigue with Spencer! Great series!

  24. I love this series! I had to track you down after reading one of Jilly James’ stories. I hope that you update this soon! Now to check out your other stuff.

  25. A good location for a Pride gathering would be Prince William Forest Park down near Quantico, Virginia.

  26. Reading this was just as yummy in 2021 as when you first posted it. Thank you, LadyHolder, you give GREAT fic!

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