Evil Author Day: Unlikely Outcomes

Title: Unlikely Outcomes

Author: Ladyholder

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG1, The Sentinel

Pairing: John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel

A/N: This is going to be the start of the latest chapter of The Unlikely and Unwilling


“You know, I really wish we had brought a mess of surface to air missiles. Things would be so much easier if we had,” John grumbled softly as he worked on the munitions inventory with Ford.

“If we’re wishing for munitions sir, I want some nice nuclear missiles,” Ford countered dryly. The Lieutenant was shifting ammo boxes looking for the final container of .50 cal bullets. Fifty bullets might not make a hell of a lot of difference in the long run, but they did tend to make an impression on the Wraith when the Atlantis teams had time to set up an ambush.

“Those go without saying Aiden. How about some nice .45mm carbines? And a dozen reloading kits with all the goodies?” John offered as he ticked off the lists of empty containers. They had sent their wish lists out with Weir and he had asked for both the nukes and the carbines, plus a lot more. John was really hoping that the General was taking those requests seriously.

“Well,” Aiden grunted as he shifted a box “Ah, hah! Found the last box of .50 cal’s and a box of semtex, twenty pounds, in four ounce blocks. Anyway, the reloading thing might be dodgy, sir. I mean, we use a ton of ammo on a normal day, so I can see us reloading for the practice ammo. For when we head through the gate, I’m not sure if I could trust reloaded ammo.”

John is busy flipping forward to where the plastic explosives are listed on the inventory and waited to respond until Ford is done. As soon as the younger man wound down he set the tablet on a pallet and looked him in the eye. “The reloads could be a great way to stretch our supplies and I put in for a number of supplies for it. We’ll use it like you said, reloaded our munitions for practice rounds and use fresh, mil spec loads for combat ops.”

“Sounds good sir. What else did you include?”

“Oh, just about everything I’ve heard a team or scientist bitching for. Including a metric ton of disposable neoprene gloves for handling Wraith tech,” John finished dryly. His own Guide had been one of those asking for the gloves. And face shields. John just wanted nose plugs. Even when he dialed down, the smell still made it through. “I also put in a request to get ten times our original Table of Equipement. Because what we have just isn’t enough.”

Adrian just grunted and started calling out another row of ammo.



“So I am hoping that the wish lists actually went out, but I have to wonder if O’Neill will fill them,” Rodney muttered as he ran diagnostics on the power relays.

“General is a good man. He will see reason for our requests,” Radek pointed out reasonably.

Sighing, Rodney nodded. “I sure hope so.”

The Czech hummed and reached for another scanner. “I am more worried about what Dr. Weir will be saying. She did not leave here in a good mood.”

“Well, I can’t see how getting shoved through a wormhole in handcuffs can be fun for the person in the cuffs,” Rodney said with a satisfied smile.

“Some people are odd,” Radek offered.

“Not that odd.”

“True. But all our reports went with her. And General and Dr. Jackson are not fools,” Radek tried to reassure his friend.

“Point. And the emotional mess that she is will be very obvious.” the Guide mussed.


Jack O’Neill was not a happy Sentinel.

Actually, he wasn’t sure he qualified as a happy human being at that point. The people he had sent on a mission to the Pegasus galaxy were under pressures that no one could have expected. They were facing dangers from their home, from the peoples they were meeting and an enemy who considered them food. There was no way to fully prepare anyone for something like that.

So, despite his efforts at imagining everything that was a possibility, he had still sent his people out completely unprepared for what they had found. Jack had tried to equip the Expedition with everything he could think of that they might need, using his years at the SGC as a starting point. Food, supplies, ordnance and skill sets, all of those options had been agonized over in meetings in the months leading up to their leaving. And they still had problems.

Weir was a huge problem that the Expeditions S&G Pair had kicked back to him to deal with. Not that they he blamed them.

She was too hot of a political potato for them to deal with and sniping her in theater would have lead to more fallout than could be easily navigated. But she was his problem now and Jack O’Neill liked the bigger hammer approach.

He was currently working on getting each and every reasonable, and some not so reasonable, request on the various wish lists approved. Sheppard’s requests for a deeper armory had been signed off on without a problem, and Jack had added to the lists with everything he could conceivably add without stripping the Mountain bare. Fuck if he was going to leave anyone under defended.

He had left the requests from medical to Catherine Lam and she had come through like a trooper. The amount of stuff arriving at the Mountain was insane and getting worse. Carter was doing the same for the sciences and his own Guide had more stuff on order than the other two. If he didn’t know better, he would think there was a competition going on, winner determined by the number of tons of stuff to be shipped to Atlantis.


Opening his eyes, the Sentinel looked out into the conference room off his office. His Guide was standing right outside, looking into the darkened room for his partner.

“Hey Danny,” O’Neill greeted him as he got up to flip on his light. The change in the light levels was a passing ache that he was used to feeling behind his eyes, and thus, easily dismissed. “What can I do for you today?”

The look his Guide gave him was speaking. Mainly of fond exasperation, but it was speaking. “Dr. Weir is in with McKenzie. I expect that he will be calling for a meeting soon, given the emotional soup I sensed when I passed by.”

Amused Jack stared at his very unsneaky Guide. Daniel was not subtle about how much he loathed Weir and was waiting to deal with her on his own terms. As the most senior Guide in the SGC program, his word carried a lot of weight. As the senior civilian scientist in the mountain, he carried even more. Needless to say, very few people crossed him.

”Haunting the hallways so you can get a leg up on the gossip is unbecoming, Dr. Jackson,” Jack said with a wink and a smile. Not that he really cared what the other man did, so long as it didn’t reflect badly on the SGC.

“She is a problem Jack. For the Program and for our Pairs. I’m not comfortable with her being in the Mountain,” Danny argued quietly. “I put Lorne on her to keep watch while he’s still here.”

“And it means that the major has some idea of what the people on Atlantis have been going through for the last year. Very sneaky Dr. Jackson,” Jack approved of the trick.


  1. Fantastic glimpse into what’s to come 😀 I cant wait to see whats done with Weir, and whether Atlantis gets *all* the supplies they requested!

  2. We’er goin on a Weir hunt…gonna catch a big one…but we’re not scared…….laughssssssss…great one sweetie.

  3. awesome-sauce 🙂

  4. When you strike, you strike good, in my heart ! Well done. ♥♥♥

  5. Glad this was included in EAD. Looking forward to more!

  6. Excellent start to this next installment. I remember how much I loved this series and now I have to go back to re-read so I can remember why they sent Weir back in the first place. LOL. I love EAD

  7. Oh this sounds to intriguing. Now I have to go back and do some re-reading. *hand on forehead* Oh the hardship!

  8. Such a treat to find this after finishing up Unlikely and Unwilling. Do you happen to have Master posts for your different series? I keep running into tasty surprises in the Evil Author bins, but am not sure if I’m overlooking anything. 🙂

    • The Master Posts are listed under each heading. If something from EAD gets finished, however, I don’t pull it. I suppose I could mark something done though…


  9. Seeing more of the The Unlikely and Unwilling was a great treat! I love that fic and am looking forward to seeing Weir’s fate.

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