Evil Author Day: Loki’s Favor

Title: Loki’s Favor

Pairing: John/Claudia Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf, Avengers

Warning: None

Word Total: 768



“Honey? Is there something you want to tell me about that book you gave Stiles?” John Stilinski asked his wife.

“No?” she called back.

“Really? You might want to come out here,” John told her, voice firm.

His lovely wife made a vague assenting noise before walking out of the kitchen. Their only child was sitting on the couch, reading the book she had given him to Loki, god of mischief. “Huh.”

“Yup. ‘Huh’ sounds about right,” John told her, voice dry.

“I guess Stiles fits the requirements,” Claudia mummed. “Intelligence, mischief, innocence, and vengeance along with a generous heart.”

Loki took that moment to glance at them and nodded. Stiles was chattering at the Norse God, utterly thrilled he had managed to get his attention. John was quietly freaking out and Claudia just seemed happy.

“Well then,” Claudia announced, voice soft. “I need to welcome him to our home. Be right back.”

John looked over at his wife as she headed for the pantry. He was sure she was going to put together a hosting platter. He had no idea if it was luck or planning that they had the ingredients for one on hand, knowing his wife, it was a bit of both.

“So honey, mead, bread, salt, cheese and an apple along with some sliced rare beef. Does it look good to you?” she asked several minutes later.

“Yes,” John told her after a glance at the tray. “Our guest is very amused with our son.”

“From legend, he’s always been good with children,” Claudia told him before walking out to slide the tray between the two figures. “Stiles, we are offering Hospitality to Lord Loki.”

“Oooh! Okay, mommy,” her son smiled at her before turning it on the elder god. “Welcome to my home, sir. May the drink warm you and the food fill you. You are safe within our walls. So mote it be.”

The smile that graced Loki’s face was warm. “Thank you, young man, I feel very welcome.”

“Oh, goodie!” Stiles wriggled in his seat as he reached out towards the tray between them. “Can I pour mommy?”

“Sure,” Claudia told him.

She watched as Stiles carefully poured the mead into the glass she handed him. Loki was watching the process closely and smiled as Stiles carefully completed the pour. “Here sir. Mommy likes this one a lot.”

Loki picked up the glass and took a cautious sip before indulging in a longer drink. “Your mother has good taste, young mage,” he said after swallowing,

“I’m not a mage, I’m a Stiles,” John heard his little boy say.

“Ah, my mistake,” Loki said with a smile before looking at Claudia. “And you my dear woman, need to find Fenrir’s children and accept the gift they will offer you, else you will not be here in another turn of the seasons.”

John blinked at that and then felt the blood leave his face. Fenrir. Chosen? Did the God of Mischief mean werewolves? And his son was a mage?

“I am more than just the god of Mischief, lögmaðr,” Loki informed him after a drink of his mead. “I see far more than many are comfortable with. Heed my words or not, but they are as true as the power running through your son.”

Claudia placed one hand on his wrist and he looked down at her. Her eyes were clear and she nodded once at his raised eyebrow. Well, then. “I thank you for your kind words Lord Loki, and we will take them to heart.”

“Good,” Loki said before dipping a slice of the apple into the honey. He hummed at the taste, apparently pleased from the smile that graced his face. “Do not let the Druid who lives here teach your child. He has fallen off the way and will do more harm than good.”

John could only nod at that piece of advice and then watched as the Norse God finished the food they had offered him. All the while, he talked to Stiles and his son soaked up the attention. When he finished the platter he stood and rested his hand on Stiles’ head. The words he spoke sounded like a benediction and his son glowed briefly at the end.

“He will be safe, lögmaðr. But very curious, brave and fascinated with knowledge. I thank you for your Hospitality and I bid you a good day,” Loki told them with a small bow.

Between one blink of the eye and the next, the god was gone. John let out a sigh of relief. Well, that hadn’t been too bad.


  1. A Stiles who has the favor of Loki. Love it.

  2. Damn near swallowed my tongue when the page pulled up. Warn a woman when you have such eye-candy displayed. *smirk*

    Love this, TW and any crossover that features Loki is right up my alley. Very interesting premise, would love to see where this goes.

  3. This is utterly brilliant, and charming. Smirks, that druid sure has fallen off the way, or he wouldn’t have failed the Hales so utterly. I always wonder why no one pointed that out, in cannon. Loki is sh*t here, and gives awesome advice. Love this. 😀

  4. Oh dear, that makes so much sense. :-p Love this, it’s fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I am comeplely intrigued by this, perhaps more than all of the EAD offerings I have read.

  6. Awesome

  7. I really can see Loki and Stiles being kind of the same… 😀

  8. Very interesting start

  9. Oh my Loki!!! I did a happy puppy wiggle when I read this! Thank you!!!

  10. Utterly awesome! I can so see Stiles being blessed by Loki.

  11. i love stiles

  12. John probably cursed himself to more Interesting Times and future visits with that last line. LOL. Deaton getting dissed by Lord Loki is fabulous.

  13. Oil! Loved this.

  14. *happy sigh*

    Loki and Stiles… I still adore this.

  15. Yes, yes, I’m re-reading…again!

    This remains one of my all time favourites.

  16. Ooooh. This is wonderful!

  17. I love stories with Loki and Stiles.

  18. Loki and Stiles. That could go either way. Really amazingly awesome OR terribly horribly bad. Whichever it will be a helluva ride.

  19. Of course I had to re-read the entire series. It’s as lovely as at the first time I read it. The glimpses into Bilbo’s life are full of powerful images. I adore these stories, I especially liked the resolution about the One Ring. I love the idea of Bilbo’s children playing with Tauriel’s daughter.
    Thank you for sharing!

  20. This is such a neat idea! I love it! And were you thinking they’d be able to keep his Mom alive?! ❤

  21. I’ve never been pulled into either MCU or Teen Wolf. The artwork for this story almost gave me a coronary! Dang! :::pant, pant, pant::: Geez, talk about hot!

    So, before I get completely sucked in, can someone tell me who this is supposed to be?

    Ladyholder, consider this TWO cherries popped!


  22. Whoa. This is an awesome idea and would be a fabulous crossover. In one meeting Loki provides the means to save Claudia and the Hales, prevent Deaton’s cryptic and dark manipulations, and insure Stiles has the ability to develop his magic in a protected space – with his mom! Don’t know how I didn’t see this before now, but it’s is a really lovely idea. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Well found this and boy did it grab my heart with both hands. Absolutely love it.

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