A Fabulous First Date

Title: A Fabulous First Date
Fandom: NCIS, Numb3rs
Pairings: Ian/Tony
Prompt: First Date
Warnings: None
Words: 1260


“You know, when you asked me out on a date, this wasn’t where I expected it to be,” Tony commented as he settled into the prone shooter’s stance Ian had shown him. Their hearing protection allowed voices to get through, which was good because shouting would have been a pain in the ass.

“Shooting for me is relaxing. And we both need more range time,” Ian murmured into his ear. His hands were moving Tony where he wanted him to go. “And you’re the one who wanted lessons on shooting a sniper rifle.”

“I’m sure teaching me this way is against the rules,” Tony said as he shifted his stance in response to Ian’s touch.

“Maybe,” Ian said. His voice was soft and intent. “But it is effective. Shoot when you feel ready.”

Tony could feel the heat of Ian’s body against his and his cock stirred. He ignored his libido and concentrated on the target. It was the standard black silhouette against a white background and he needed to hit it center of mass.

He breathed out once and took the shot.

A bright orange hole appeared where the heart would be on the target. “Good job.”

“Okay,” Tony said as he looked over the sites and gazed at his target. “I can see why you like doing this. That was very satisfying.”

“It is,” Ian agreed. “Taking out targets is what got me into sniping in the first place. Shooting, I got into to feed myself and my family.”

“I can understand that,” Tony admitted. “But then you went into the Marines and they found themselves with an unpolished Olympic-class sniper on their hands.”

“Right,” Ian snuggled into Tony’s back and poked him in the side. “Let’s try this again.”

Tony settled into place; eyes trained over the sites to train on his target. “So, what shot do you want me to try for now?”

“Headshot,” Ian murmured into his ear.

Tony listened as Ian directed him in how to line up his shot. He was utterly certain that he would never be able to shoot another gun without feeling the ghost of Ian’s body against his. They were laid out on the ground, pressed together from shoulder to ankle with Ian pressed up against his back.

The pattern of breathing that Ian was leading him into felt like meditation. The shot he had taken earlier felt almost like a fluke as he felt his body slow down and smooth out. When Ian directed him to take the shot, his heartbeat didn’t elevate a bit.

His shot took out the silhouettes head. The boom of the rifle shot was muffled by his hearing protection, but the blowback of the exhausting gasses blew over him without a pause. He didn’t blink behind his glasses, but his eyes narrowed as he took a second shot, adjusting his elevation by a hair. That shot took out the neck of the silhouette.

“Good,” Ian murmured. “You’ve got the eye.”

He could barely hear him through the hearing protection, but with Ian being tucked in so close to him, the words got through. “The quality of the teacher is a factor too.”

“Teachers are good up to a point. But if you don’t have the talent, all the teachers in the world are useless. So,” Ian ran a hand up and over Tony’s ribs to tap the butt of the rifle. “Do you want to go further? Or should I take you to dinner?”

“I’ll take another set of shots,” Tony decided. He wriggled slightly as he settled back into place behind the rifle. He quickly ejected the spent magazine and loaded a new one. “But I’ll need a new target.”

“Back away from the gun then,” Ian said before he kissed the back of Tony’s neck. Standing he reached down and patted him on the ass as he rolled away from the gun. “Stay put.”

“Seriously, do you get off on ordering me around?” Tony asked as he settled on his back. He kept an eye on Ian as he drew the target back to them and set aside. From the shaking of the other man’s shoulders, he was laughing at something. “What?”

Ian’s laughter broke free and he leaned against the wall as he laughed with abandon. “Tony, I get off by watching you breathe. Having you actually obey any orders I give you is an unexpected bonus.”

“Huh,” Tony hadn’t expected that. He was well aware of how attractive he was. He used it after all, in his job. Playing the mimbo or hot jock was useful camouflage to hide the brains that he needed to solve crimes. “Learn something new every day.”

“Yeah, I think you’re pretty,” Ian said as he snapped a target into place. “But I know that the turn of your face isn’t all that you are. It’s a tool that you’ve used for as long as I’ve known you to make everyone around you underestimate you. The physical package is great, but it’s your brain that makes me hot and bothered. It’s your willingness to learn a skill I can teach you that makes my dick stand up and take notice. And if you are willing to obey orders I might give you in situations outside of work? Hot damn.”

Tony rubbed one hand against the fluttering of his gut. To find out how he affected Ian was insane. “You make me hungry,” he admitted. “Your touch gets me going so hot that I want to kiss you with everything in me. And I don’t know why I just said that out loud.”

He closed his eyes as Ian sent the target downrange. He needed to figure out if he was going to try to retreat or brazen it out. Talking about his emotions damn near gave him hives, but… He had decided when he had accepted the date with Ian that he wasn’t going to hide any longer.

When Ian nudged his hip, he rolled over to snug back up to the rifle. When Ian took his place at his back, he closed his eyes and savored the warmth. Opening his eyes, he shifted slightly to get a view over the sites. His hips nudged Ian’s and he froze.

“Yeah, I’m hard,” Ian admitted. His lips were pressed against Tony’s ear and Ian slid one arm over his waist. “Seriously, you do it for me.”

Tony let his head rest against the rifle butt and drew in a deep breath. “I am not going to do anything sexy while we’re at the range. You can keep that warm for me. I’ll be looking for it after we leave here and head to my place.”

“I can do that,” Ian confirmed. “But I thought you wanted to go out to dinner?”

“I did. But then you produced that and I’m not willing to try to eat dinner while thinking about you, my bed and sex,” Tony said. “I’ve got really good food there, I’m willing to share and there’s also condoms, lube, and a shower.”

“Sold,” Ian confirmed. “Take your shots, Tony and we’ll head out.”

“Deal,” Tony breathed out. He opened his eyes, focused on the target and found that center of silence Ian had directed him towards. Once there, he took the three shots in the magazine. All three hit the center of mass. Opening the breech, he confirmed it was empty before he ejected the magazine. Turning his head, he kissed Ian firmly. “This has been a fabulous first date. Let’s go.”




  1. This really is the perfect first date (and a lovely proposed ending).

  2. I love Tony and Ian together. Great first date. Thank you for sharing!

  3. <3 Ahh… Ian and Tony XD Thanks for writing and sharing!

  4. I love all of the new goodies but there is just something about Tony/Ian… Thank you, WW.

  5. I love the feeling of Ian seeing through all the masks and bullshit yet not discounting or denigrating Tony’s need for them and their usefulness. They aren’t in his way, or a challenge, he just ultimately doesn’t want Tony to feel a need to use them on him. And Tony maybe finds that terrifying and awesome but something about Ian gives him courage, and I adore seeing him respond to that honest appreciation.

  6. Greywolf the Wanderer

    lovely! and I like the interaction around learning to shoot as snipers do. it’s a whole other kind of skill, and I haven’t the eyes or the hands for it. but my brother-in-law was a sniper. much respect.

  7. Hot times ahead for two deadly men.

  8. This is a pretty new pairing for me, but I like it. This was a vivid and insightful vignette.

  9. #snipership. Ian & Tony is a gold! I love the idea of Ian teaching Tony new techniques and weapons. perfect way to clear my brain.

  10. Wow that was amazing! Just the idea of all the fun they get up to is too hot to handle!

  11. I used to enjoy spending time at the range, and I too found it relaxing. Handguns only, but then I never had an instructor like Ian to encourage me to try other weapons, much less a sniper rifle. But you do paint a very vivid picture of what the experience might be like. Thank you

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