Different Roads Challenge#7

Title:  Promises Made
Author: Ladyholder
Challenge #:  7
Fandom/Original:  The Avengers(2012)
Genre (slash/het/gen/etc):  Slash
Warnings:  None
Concrit (yes/no): No  


Part One

They had been dating for four months and Tony was so sexually frustrated that he wanted to scream. If he didn’t know the old joke about overdeveloped forearms was mostly a myth, he might worry about having to retrofit the suit. Rosy Palm and her sister were no longer interesting playmates for his dick. Maybe something else?


Tony cut off the chain of thought before he made a mess of himself. Again.


Wrenching his thoughts away from his dick, Tony tried to pay attention to the paperwork Pepper had given him. As CEO of his company, she was the gatekeeper for all the crap that people tried to throw his way and he had finally grown up enough to realize it. While he loved Pepper and she loved him, neither emotion had been enough to blunt the sharp edges of his personality in ways that allowed them to stay together as lovers. Friends, yes. Lovers, no. He was much better off with Steve in that respect.


Paperwork. Tony focused in on the words before him. Reading quickly, Tony tried to make sense of what he was seeing. The double and triple speak was folding back in on itself in ways that were making his hackles rise. He pulled out of the mess and took another look at the coversheet Pepper had included. The mess he was reading was from his Board of Directors and it was an apparent attempt by that body to keep him in his lab and out of the Iron Man suit. If he had signed it, he would have lost the company the first time he climbed into the suit.


Like. Hell.


Tony quickly exited out of the electronic leg trap and fired off an email to Pepper about buying those fuckers out. If he was going to keep doing the super hero gig, it looked like he would need to have full control of his company to do so. Meanwhile he could let Pepper make their lives miserable in any way that she liked, so long as it was legal. And if she did anything illegal (or got anyone else to help her), he was going to claim that he knew nothing.


The scent of clean male sweat, metal, leather and of all things, Ivory soap reached his nose. Breathing deeply, Tony smiled. Steve was done with his workout and headed towards the main room. When a kiss was dropped on his head, he smiled and kept working, even as Steve ran a hand through his hair.


Since any touch from Steve got a reaction out of him, Tony willed away his erection and concentrated on his work. He was almost done and when he finished, he had the rest of the day to spend with Steve. The last signature was signed with a flourish and Tony looked up to find his boyfriend sketching him on one of the many paper pads that had found their way into his suite.


Tony cleared his throat softly, trying not to startle Steve and make him ruin his drawing, “Hey, I got everything that I need to get done, done. Wanna go somewhere and play hooky?”


Steve looked up and raised an eyebrow at the question. “Hooky? Would this mean leaving work here and making ourselves scarce somewhere else?”


Tony chuckled darkly and moved over to the seat Steve was sitting on, deftly throwing one leg over his lap to settle in. There were times when the Alpha part of his personality raged against the size differences between the two of them, raged that his mate was so much larger than himself. But most of the time it was nice, he had no problems crawling all over Steve, trusting that the other man would tell him when it got to be too much. So far, all Steve had done was pull him closer.


“What do you say about going out to some land that I own, out in upstate New York that is mostly wilderness, doing a bit of running and then spend some time in the cabin I have out there?” Tony asked before leaning forward to kiss Steve. He wanted to stretch his legs and maybe spend some time getting some heavy petting in. Because his balls were indeed smurf blue and he wanted Steve.


Tony watched as Steve looked out the window and he could feel the shiver the other man was trying to suppress. “I promise, the cabin is warm, there’s a fireplace, a very nice bed and enough wood to keep the fire fed all winter long.” Cryophobia, or the fear of cold was something that Steve is having a hit or miss time dealing with. Running around the city, he was mostly fine… The first time they’d had to assemble somewhere icy… Well. He had done what was necessary, but no one had missed how uncomfortable he had been.


When they have gotten back to the Tower, Tony had bundled Steve into his shower and directed JARVIS to make sure it was good and hot. His suit had kept most of the cold out, but well. He wore a metal suit. He was damn cold and Cap had to be far worse in his skintight outfit. Thirty minutes worth of hot water later and they were both feeling more human. Thick socks, sweats and JARVIS raising the temperature in the penthouse brought human up to comfortable.


The rest of the team had gathered in the main living room dressed in the warmest clothes they had. Bruce was in his usual chair, wrapped in a quilt and from the smell, sipping one of his many teas. Thor and Natasha had looked mostly okay, just tired, but Barton had looked as miserable as Steve and Tony had known why. The archer had been stationed on high like normal, only ‘on high’ this time had been gifted with freezing winds and intermittent snow squalls. When they’d gotten back to the Quinjet Clint had been soaked and shivering and Coulson had twittered over him like a hen with only one chick.


“Barton? If you are still cold, JARVIS can up the heat in your suite. And we have a sauna in the gym if you need more.” Tony had said quietly. Clint mostly ignored him, more interested in getting the hot coffee in his hands down his throat. Coulson on the other hand had nodded gratefully and Tony was certain that the sauna was going to be busy later.


Since he had at least come out of the battle warm enough to function, Tony drafted Thor and started getting some form of dinner on the table. The motions of taking care of his team, his pack had warmed something in him that been cold since his mother had died. It had been her death that it truly fucked him up, not Howard’s. Pack was pack and she had been his, teaching him all that there was to be a Were.


Now thanks to his new team, the feeling was back and growing. Tony was satisfied to let it. But right this instant, he wanted time with the man who had become more of a mate than Pepper had ever been. Somewhere his nosy pack mates wouldn’t be able interrupt or interfere.




They’d spent the afternoon running around the estate he had tucked away in upstate New York. Sixty acres, totally fenced off and well stocked with everything he could need to stay in shape. Steve, once he found the various parts of the obstacle course had started to run it himself. Tony ran alongside of him in his fur and they had had a blast. Even when the good Captain found the racquetball trap and scooped up a few for later use as distractions.


Tony had kept a weather eye on his partner and as soon as Steve looked chilled, had moved them to the cabin he had stashed in the center of the wooded property. One quick shift later and he was climbing back into his clothes as Steve built up the fire. Once he had clothes on, Tony broke out the food he’d stored on a previous trip for just this occasion. The meal wouldn’t be totally fresh, but it would be good.


Dinner was over and they were settled comfortably before the fire when Steve spoke up. “I… Have some questions if that’s okay?” Steve asked. Tony could see that he was genuinely curious, but also cautious. “I mean, some of them are pretty rude, now that I think about it. And I don’t want to make you uncomfortable…”


Finally. “Steve, you can ask me whatever you want. Doesn’t mean I can answer everything you ask,” Tony admitted dryly. “But I can try.”


Tony watched as Steve sent silent for a moment and then the other man took a deep breath and started asking questions. “Why are you a Were and your parents, or at least Howard, wasn’t? How much of you is present when you’re in your fur? How big are you? What happens when you shift? Why do you have the arc reactor when you are in your fur? Does every Were turn into something as big as they are when they’re human? If a person gets bit by a Were, do they get infected?” Steve was silent for beat, and then asked quietly, “Will you age?”


Laughing lightly Tony walked over and sat down in his favorite seat, Steve’s lap. He made certain to be facing him so he could watch his reactions as he gave him the information he wanted. He didn’t even mind the question about his father because it was actually pertinent to the discussion that they were going to have. “Howard carried a single copy of the genetic markers needed to be a Were. You have to have both copies to be able to shift, so anyone I bite, just gets bit. Without both copies, you have a few distinct advantages, but you aren’t going to grow fur. Mom was a Were, a wolf, just like me. Howard had so little to do with me that he never noticed when I shifted for the first time. Mom taught me everything I know about Were culture.”


Steve thought about it for a moment, Tony could tell. Captain America was a smart man, and he was certain he had caught the clue. “Barton. He has this.”


“Without testing his DNA, I would have to say that yes, he is a descendent of a Were. His eyes and reaction times are just a bit better than a human of his fitness levels should be. Even with his training. Plus he heals faster than the human norm,” Tony agreed. “As for how much of me is still in there when I wear my fur? My outlook changes a bit when I’m furry, but I’m still me. Although if you keep throwing balls at me to distract me while I hunt, I’m going to shave you bald.” Tony continued his explanation with a sweet smile.


“Uhm… Losing my hair won’t bother me Tony. I got buzzed in Basic.” Steve looked up at his boyfriend with a puzzled look that clearly stated he should know that fact.


Dropping a kiss on Steve’s lips, Tony took a moment to savor the taste of the other man before pulling back. “Not the hair on your head, Rogers.”


Steve blushed lightly and Tony could feel him shifting under his thighs at the thought. If he was that intrigued by the thought, Tony mussed, they would have to try it later. “Anyway how big am I? Well, in my fur I am a bit over five feet long and weigh in at over 180 pounds normally.” Tony said wryly. “Since it’s been a while since I’ve eaten with anything like regularity, let alone gluttony, I’m betting I weigh less. And I’m taller than you when I stand on my hind feet.”


Steve look fascinated as he listened to the rundown and Tony wondered what the other man was thinking. “As for how I shift? I’ve worn several hundred sensors at various times in the last twenty years in an effort to figure that out. So far, all I end up doing is breaking a lot of sensitive electronics in some spectacular, and expensive ways. The feeling of it is of some pushing and pulling of my muscles as they’re moved into new positions. The worst part isn’t the part where my bones move, it’s when my fur sprouts. It is the absolutely most ticklish feeling ever and there is no way to laugh or even scratch. The Arc Reactor stays because I still have the shrapnel from Afghanistan. I have no idea what the metal composites are, but the only way they stay away from my heart is the Reactor so it stays.


“The size or type of Were you turn into is a function of who you are. If I hadn’t had such a big and hearty personality, my fur form would reflect that lack. I have met bodybuilders, big burly men where they stand head and shoulders above me, who when they pull their fur on, are little itsy, bitsy rabbits. Or something equally small and harmless. I’ve never figured out how a Were form is chosen or if it is genetic. If I had, I think I would’ve chosen something flasher then the dire wolf, even if Mom had been a wolf as well. Maybe a saber-toothed tiger or something…


“As for how long I will live? I’m going to look at this age for a very long time. I might get more laugh lines, and crows feet, but that’s about it. Right now the only thing that can kill me as if somebody injures me more than I could conceivably heal. Basically that means taking my heart, or my head. There are a lot of reasons I built the suit, Steve. One of the biggest is to give me an extra layer of protection for when I go out to play hero.” Tony shrugged and admitted softly, “And so I can fly.”


Steve pushed up lightly and kissed Tony, laying claim to him in a way that tripped all his Alpha triggers. Tony leaned into the kiss, giving as good as he was getting. When they finally broke for air, he stared down at Steve and grinned slightly at the sight. Rogers was flush with desire, lips swollen from the rough kisses and he was as hard as nails, judging by the cock that was lying under him. He had one more question answer before they could get to the really interesting discussions. And he meant sex, he was done talking.


Panting lightly at how his libido was reacting to the sight before him, Tony swallowed. They were alone, JARVIS was monitoring the surrounding area and he wanted to do really filthy things to his boyfriend. From the scent of lust on the air, Steve is happy with what they were doing. “So. Wanna get naked and see what happens next?”


Steve smile changed from hazy enjoyment to something a bit more predatory and Tony felt his own change to match it. His supersoldier was just as Alpha as he himself was, but Tony knew he had learned to conceal it far better than the Were had ever bothered too. “Yeah. Let’s,” he agreed, voice husky.


Tony leaned forward, determined to taste every bit of Steve he could with kisses that were wet and filthy in all the best ways. The man was far too sure of himself in this arena and he badly wanted to see him let go. Tony pulled his mouth off Steve’s and took a deep breath before sliding off his lap. They hadn’t quite gotten to BJ’s in their previous make out sessions and he really wanted to correct that. Feeling Steve’s cock through layers of fabric was maddening. Dropping to his knees Tony moved between Steve’s thighs and ignored the harsh gasp as the other man looked down at him. Since he had experience at what someone looked like at that angle, Tony was well aware that he was a very… Stirring sight.


His hands were rock steady as he slowly unzipped Steve’s fly, making certain not to catch the other man in the tines. Steve’s cock was just like him. Thick standing straight and tall and just a bit bigger than average. Tony was firmly convinced that once he has shown Steve the ropes of male on male sex, his boyfriend would take to it like it was his business. Releasing the button holding his fly together, Tony spread the fabric out and carefully drew Steve’s cock and balls out through his briefs y-front.


He licked a wet stripe from Steve’s balls to the tip of his cock, swirling his tongue around the head before sucking it in to his mouth. When he lifted his mouth from the plump head, Steve’s hips lifted trying to follow. Tony took a deep breath and leaned forward, carefully guiding his mouth and throat down the length of Steve’s cock and started to suck. Steve’s shout of enjoyment was as complementary as the thrust of his hips and Tony hummed the feel.


The smell of his mate was strongest where his nose rested against the crinkly blonde curls surrounding Steve’s cock. Tony breathed deeply of the scent and proceeded to blow his Captain’s mind. When Steve finally came, Tony had to pull back enough to taste. Salt, musk, sweetness and Steve, the taste exploded across his tongue and he promised himself that he was going to taste it as often as possible.


Tony continued to gently suckle at the cock in his mouth until it went soft, and only then did he let it slide out. Dropping his head to Steve’s thigh, he rubbed his cheek against the cloth covered surface and just breathed, trying to control the urge to come in his clothes like a teenager. What they did next would be up to Cap, but Tony knew what he was voting for.


When a hand started running through his hair, Tony leaned into the caress, enjoying the way that the short nails scratched at his scalp. They stayed just liked that for several minutes before Steve cleared his throat and blurted, “Just so you know, I looked up a lot of information on the internet while researching Were’s. Including gay sex. So if you want to introduce me to things like my prostate and anal sex, I wouldn’t be adverse to it.”


Tony looked up at Steve’s face from his position resting against his thigh. The other man had a blush to end all blushes staining his face red, but his eyes were steady and certain. Pressing a kiss against the muscle along his cheek, Tony took a deep breath before tucking Steve’s cock and balls away and then stood up. Holding out a hand, he pulled the other man up and walked them towards the bedroom.


Tony stopped moving once they got in the room and turned to face Steve. Pulling the other man’s head down, he kissed his Captain firmly, enjoying the way that his mouth softened under his. From the renewed surges of lust reaching his nose, Tony was certain that his partner was. When they broke apart, each of them took a step back and started to undress.



Most of his attention stayed on Steve as Tony quickly shed his clothes. With every inch of skin displayed, he was more and more determined to lick every inch that he could before they were done. When the last of his clothes hit the floor, Tony took a deep breath and headed over to the ensuite to make certain that they had all the supplies needed. Grabbing a decorative basket on the counter, he dumped its contents into the sink and started filling it with lube, condoms, personal wipes and some massage oils. Since this was his cabin, the supplies for sex were… extensive. And far more than he was willing to show Steve.


Just as Tony dropped the last condom (ribbed and flavored!) into the basket, Steve walked in, gloriously naked and his brain just stopped. “Tony.”


“Uhm… Yeah?” Tony blinked at the sight before him and then shook his head.


“Is there anything I need to do before we go any further?” Steve asked. “I mean…”


“Nope! We’re good,” Tony croaked out, waving the basket of supplies. Geeze. He was thirty-eight years old and almost ready to come at the sight of his very naked boyfriend.


“Good. Now come on. I want you to make love to me.” Steve said firmly before taking the basket out of Tony’s hand and walking back into the bedroom.


Tony stared at the perfect, perfect ass walking away from him and rubbed the skin over his heart. Damn.




That was all it took to get him moving. By the time he got into the bedroom, Steve was lying on the bed, legs spread and a pillow under his (perfect!) ass. Tony sucked in a startled breath and clamped down on his control. Even if Steve had mentioned anal sex, he hadn’t really thought the other man would possibly be ready for it tonight.


Damn he was glad to be wrong.


It took a moment to convince his legs to move and he wasn’t really graceful as he climbed up the foot of the bed, but he wasn’t trying to be. Tony slid between Steve’s legs and gently kissed the inside of each knee. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and savored the information his senses were telling him. Lust, surrender, more lust and the clean scent of a man who worked his body hard. When he opened his eyes, he saw Steve looking down the length of his body at him, his eyes fond. Tony kissed the knee beside him again, and then moved up the length of the other man’s body, taking the time to taste the skin of his Captain’s inner thighs.


Moving further up, Tony ignored the cock he had been playing with before and started exploring the skin before him. Each and every inch got tasted and he memorized all the places where Steve tensed and hissed, hips moving against the press of his chest and belly against his cock. It was only when he tuned into the hands tugging at his hair that he looked at his partner. The other man’s eyes were blown so far open by arousal that their natural blue color was almost hidden by the black of his pupils and his lips were red from the teeth biting at them.


Tony surged up and met those lips with his own. The kiss wasn’t nearly long enough, but he could feel the way Steve’s hips were moving, dragging the wet head of the other man’s cock against the skin of his stomach. When they broke for air, Tony kissed his way over to Steve’s ear and started to suckle on that while searching with one hand for the supplies he would be needing to make certain that his Captain had a damn good time.


His questing hand quickly found the distinctive shape of a line of condoms and a bottle of lube. Sitting up, Tony pulled both items closer and pressed another kiss against Steve’s lips. “Steve, darling. I need you to look at me for a second.”


Hazy blue eyes opened and Tony swallowed. God. Steve looked wrecked and he wanted to be the one to put that look on his face forever. He watched as the haze cleared for a moment and smiled when Steve looked at the stuff in his hands. “Those had better be used for me. I want to know what the fuss about my prostate is.”


“I can introduce you to that organ, not a problem.” Tony confirmed with an earnest nod. He sat up and moved back between Steve’s legs. “I just need to know that this is what you want.”


It wasn’t often that Steve gave him what everyone called his ‘Dumbass’ look, but he was giving him that look now. Instead of pushing the issue, Tony turned his attention to the supplies. The lube was new and he quickly removed the safety seals to wet his fingers with the viscous stuff before gently, carefully starting to stretch Steve for the first time.


Each and every finger was added slowly, and he took his time trying to make certain that Steve experienced no pain during the whole process. As soon as he managed to slip a second finger into Steve’s ass, Tony spread them slightly, working the muscles inside and out to allow them to relax and accept what was coming. Then he hooked his fingers up in a curl and went looking for Steve’s prostate. As soon as he found the little nub, hr rubbed at it firmly and from the way that his Captain jackknifed off the bed, he was enjoying the sensation.


“Oh, my god,” Steve panted as Tony continued to stretch and tease his ass. “Whatever you are doing, we are going to do it again.”


Tony smirked as he watched his fingers slide in and out of the ass in front of him. The feel of what he was doing was intense and he agreed with Steve. They would be doing this again, as often as he could talk the other man into it. Adding a third finger and more lube, he carefully spread them out and then hooked tem up again to brush against that super sensitive nub inside Steve. From the moans falling like water from his mouth, he was enjoying himself.


“I’m good. Tony please. I’m good!” Tony heard as he kept stretching and lubing the ass in front of him.


“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you,” He said as he kissed the area where hip and leg met.




Tony gently pulled his fingers out and sat back on his heels. The condoms and lube were right where he had dropped them and he quickly donned a condom with practiced fingers before carefully popping the top of the lube open to pour some on his cock. Hissing at the sensation, he used his already slick hand to spread the fluid evenly before clamping it around the base of his cock in an effort not to come. He had been holding back for so long now that even the thought of sliding into Steve’s body was enough to send him over the edge if he wasn’t careful.


The feel of his cock against the furled bud of his Captain’s anus wasn’t a distraction, it just added to the fire that was burning at the base of his spine and Tony clamped down even harder on the base of his dick as he slowly, carefully slid into Steve’s body. Only when he was fully seated did he look up at the other man’s face and take in the bliss that was painted across it.


Steve didn’t even open his eyes, just flexed his hands around the masses of the sheets he had clenched them around before wrapping his legs around Tony’s waist. “You better not be stopping, Stark. Show me what you’ve got.”


The control that Tony had kept himself under broke at that and he fell forward, propping himself up on his hands and started moving. In and out, fast and slow, deep and shallow, he varied his thrusts in an effort to learn everything that the other liked. The part of his brain that was always running calculations was focused solely on Steve, watching every reaction and adding them to the file he had on what worked and didn’t work. Hard, deep and fast seemed to get the best reactions, along with constant nudges to his prostate so that is what he went with.


With every pass of his cock in and out of Steve’s ass the other man had moaned and Tony loved it. Loved that he could make his lover fall apart that far, that he could be free to relax his control and allow himself just to feel what was happening to him. Loved that he got to be the one to introduce him to these pleasures.


The pace that he kept would have been impossible without his heritage, and he kept it up far longer than he expected he would be able to. But eventually the tension, the need, overwhelmed control and he could feel Steve’s muscles tensing against his waist and forearms. Balancing on one hand, Tony reached down and wrapped the other against Steve’s cock, stroking it in time to the thrusts of his cock. It took only one firm clench of other man’s ass to tip him over.


The burn of orgasm against his spine went from a nagging ache to a forest fire in the space of a heartbeat and Tony cried out as he came. Steve was coming right beside him and the feel of his inner muscles caressing the oversensitive head of his cock was too much and Tony felt his balls draw up for another orgasm. Dry though it was, his second one knocked the breath out of him and he collapsed on top of his partner, senses spinning.


When he came back to himself, he found that Steve had cleaned them up and moved them to a dryer spot on the bed. “Hey, I think I was supposed to do that,” he murmured.


“Super stamina has to be good for something. Thank you for making it as good as you did.” Steve said softly as he ran one hand up and down Tony’s back.


Tony arched into the petting and wondered if he had gotten his own dose of super stamina. The fire that he thought had been quenched in Steve’s body was starting to burn again with every pass of the other man’s hand on his body. “I would love to say that it was just my pleasure, but well… I enjoyed your pleasure as much as I enjoyed mine. Thank you.”


Steve hummed at that and ran his hands over more of Tony’s skin. “It was still more than I thought it would be and I fully understand why the prostate is such a wonderful thing.”


Tony nodded into Steve’s neck at that observation. Taking a deep breath, he made a decision. This man was his mate. The one who, barring Dr. Doom or Loki sticking their oars into it, would be with him for the rest of his very long life. So…. “It is. Wanna play with mine?”


The world spinning on an axis that he wasn’t controlling and Steve’s face grinning down at him was the only answer he got before his supersoldier blew his mind. Thank you god for stamina!


Part Three


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