Different Roads Challenges #9

Title:  Attack of the Killer Zombies
Author: Ladyholder
Challenge #:  9
Fandom/Original:  The Avengers 2012
Genre (slash/het/gen/etc):  Slash(ish?)
Warnings:  None
Concrit (yes/no):  Nope



“You know… When you said ‘Let’s go to Universal Studios! It’ll be fun!’ I should have had a clue that our vacation would be like this,” Phil Coulson commented as he quickly reloaded his shotgun.


Laughing lightly, his partner moved to cover him, firing his own shotgun at the horde shambling their way toward them. “Admit it, Phil, this is the closest we’ve had to good clean fun in years!”


Shotgun loaded, Phil took over keeping the horde at bay, “Your idea of fun is… skewed Barton.”


Barton didn’t take his eyes off the enemy moving towards them. “I hang out with Stark and Darcy most days, Phil. Skewed is the least of it.”


Picking his targets was ridiculously easy and Phil started taking them out at the knees and then their heads to start forming a wall of horde. Face calm and voice showing how happy he was with what they were doing, Coulson made a sound of agreement and said calmly, “You have a point. Still, why here?”


“Because who in the hell is gonna look for us,” Barton paused as he took a shot and grunted in satisfaction at the perfect head shot. “Here?” he continued.


Wall completed, Phil started taking head shots only. He wanted away from this insanity. The kill count was becoming excessive even by his jaded sensibilities. Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed the last shells for his shotgun, “Last reload, Clint. And no. There is no way that anyone who knows us would think that we would come here.”


“But you’ve had fun here!” Clint said with a chortle as he moved to cover a new direction as they headed towards their target. “You enjoyed the roller coasters we went on a lot. The food has been good, the crowds have been light and we found parking close to the entrance.”


“All true,” Coulson said as he stepped around Clint again, staying out of his line of sight, The coasters have been worth the cost of this trip alone. And the lines have been light. “But this is not how I wanted to finish my stay in  a theme park.”


Clint’s shotgun clicked dry as they reached their destination, Coulson still had a few rounds so he managed to finish the last few of the horde within range to cause them problems. Then they ducked into the designated ‘safe area’. The while place was brightly lit in comparison to the area they had just been in and there were people who quickly too their guns from them before ushering them to the exit.


On the other side of the door, they found the normal foot traffic of any big time amusement park in the US and Clint turned around to stare up at the building they had just come out of. The name was lit in lurid lights and seeing it brought a bright grin to the archers face.


“So you gonna tell Stark that we played his new game?” Clint asked Coulson.


Phil looked at the sign and then back to his archer, “Do you think I want Stark to know I played his ‘zombie’ game?”


Clint bounced on his toes before nodding. “No, I don’t think that you do want to let him know. But, damn. We got the best score! Let’s do it again.”


Sighing Phil gazed back at the game in irritation. It looked like they were going to be redoing ‘Attack of the Killer Zombies’ until Clint got tired of it. But then again… Phil grinned at Clint and nodded. When Stark found out that they had beaten the score of ‘AES’ on the first try… That might actually make it worth it. “Let’s go then.” After all, one must have goals in life.


  1. LMAO! That’s so very them – good one. 😀

  2. I can so see this. Sorry, but I gotta ask, who is this Darcy person? Is she an OC or a Mary Sue?

  3. I can totally see this 🙂

  4. bwaaa hahahaha WIN!

  5. made me giggle, wonderful

  6. Wow! I loved this. I hadn’t read it before but the new site design tempted me to explore. Now, I’m off to explore some more…

  7. I’m with Geep10, I’ve been to your site many, many times but had never seen this story. And several others. Yay! New thank me fic.
    Thank you for crazy bit of joy.

  8. Once Tony finds out that Agent and Barton have beaten him, it will be war! Good one, per usual. I do love how well you grasp the characters, even in the shorter stories.

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