2019 – Shields are Damn Useful

So, since the other two wrote a yearly update, I decided, in the eleventh hour no less, to write my own…


2019 sucked folks. Let’s be real. It started mostly okay, but midyear, the whole damn shooting match fell apart. My father died in June. It’s still fucking with me and I’m not going to lie and say that things are fully better. They aren’t. Grief hits in weird and horrible waves and I can’t predict it all.

I took the year off to get my head together and write. I was trying my best but see above. I did manage to get things organized, but I’m not going to lie, 2019 was less successful on the catching up on the writing front than I wanted.

I did get some writing done though. Plus, I did pull an old Rough Trade out of mothballs to add to the site. I turned my hands to several projects, including the Quantum Bang and the Feeding Frenzy. Both were fun, and I’m totally willing to do them again.

  • For 2019, I published 170,182 words of fanfiction to my site. I didn’t write all twelve months of the year, but I did get some in for most of the year. It helped.
  • I tried my hand at the Quantum Bang and had a damn good time.
  • The Feeding Frenzy was fun to do, and I’ll be honest… I’ll do that again in a heartbeat. It was an amazingly fun ride.
  • I joined MeWe, Discord, InsaneJournal, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m pretty sure that I’m missing something, but I’ve got enough social media and I’m fairly certain I’m done on that front.
  • I did publish two professional works this year. The first was Crave with Ardith Bale and the second was The Triad Bond, which is the third in the O’Faoláin series.
  • I attempted to complete the November Rough Trade challenge. While I didn’t make it, it reminded me of how much work it is to get done.


So, that was my year. I’m posting my list of fics for 2019 below


Looking into 2020


I’m going to be trying my hand at the Quantum Bang again this year. I won’t say what I’m writing, but it should be fun.

I’ve already been dared to join the whole Year of the Sentinel so I need to work on those. No, I don’t really know what I’m going to do, but I do know that there will be SGA. Likely a lot of SGA since I do write in that easily.

I’ve already put myself on the line to write 500 words a day. This is going to push me a lot since I fell out of the habit of writing at times. I’ve already done the math and I know; I know that’s a massive number of words. I’m not going to think about how many.

I’ve also been informed that I will be doing another profic, so that’s something that I need to get done, ASAP. I’m looking forward to EAD, the QB and maybe, if we’re lucky, a new Feeding Frenzy.


Thank you!

Thank you to Keira, Jilly, Azure, and Cinna, my darling childe. Thank you also to Barbara and Emily. All of you have been amazing. Thank you


Have a good year everyone




  1. May 2020 be kind to you & yours

  2. My condolences to you about your father. My father also died in September, but he was 95 and wanting “the Lord to take him home” so it’s not so traumatic for me.

    I enjoy reading all your works, even in the fandoms I don’t follow.

  3. I think you got a lot accomplished especially for the kind of year you’ve had! Maybe not as much as you’d hoped but you kept moving forward. I agree this year was cruddy. I understand your grief and you’re right you’ll be doing okay and some little something will remind you, a song, a picture or even something you see that you wish you could share with them. It comes out of left field and hits you like a baseball bat. It does get better but it takes a long time. Not that you don’t remember bu the memories make you smile. I’m wishing you peace in this new year.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. It is different for each person, but I will say that after I lost a loved parent, the first year was the worst. Each time a holiday & event occurs without a loved one, it brings the loss back sharply to heart. I know that for me, it wasn’t that I missed the loved one less or forgot them after the first turn of the seasons, maybe it is that the immediacy fades and, gradually, I was able to remember tha good memories and not just the loss. I hope that you find that healing, peace and comfort grows within you in the coming years.

    • So sorry for your loss. Also very sorry to say from personal experience that those moments of grief will continue to come in unexpectedly. Grief is very like waves, it surges, then ebbs, but with time,it seems to come less frequently. Only way I could get through was to take in that moment and acknowledge it. I also wanted to reach out and thank you for your wonderful stories. Love your writing, it has entertained and helped me escape in different times of my own. May 2020 be a better year for you. Onwards and upwards!

  5. You are so right about the grief. My dad died 3 years in Nov. This year I walked into a gas station and they had his favourite chocolate covered cappachino. I spent 10 minutes in the bathroom crying. You feel what you feel.

  6. 2019 was hell on wheels, wasn’t it? Every day, I’m grateful you’re a part of my life. Thanks for helping prop up my shield this year. May 2020 be kinder to us all.

  7. Aw, sweetheart. I lost my ad in 2017 and it still hurts, it just hurts. Grief is strange, period. People do it differently, so I have no advice.

  8. I’ve loved your 2019 work. You can engage my mind and take me out of my head, an invaluable thing.

  9. You done good under trying circumstances.

    I grieve with thee the loss of thy parent: I know that grief even when the parent in question is like unto DiNozzo Sr, and no doubt it is even more searing when the parent is well-beloved.

    The body of work you produced even so is magnificent.

    My best wishes for the year we have ahead of us.

  10. I came across this and it was intresting to see the hope for a great 2020 in the beginning of the year. I hope the year has been tolerable and that 2021 will be better for everyone.

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